🧭 Rare Quest - Frostmarch (Cape/Scope) [Master] - Latest 01/03/2020

Hello everyone!

Frostmarch is a rare quest where you can obtain a warm cape and a farsighted telescope. These are essential ascension mats for 4* and 5* blue heroes.

To the new(er) players: complete as much as you can, it is okay if the last stage is too much.

To the advanced players: gets those mats!

The bosses are Ice Burrowers: one of them does a special skill Furious Bite which deals 235% damage to a single enemy and the other does a special skill Blizzard which deals 92% damage to all enemies and all enemies get -18% defense for 6 turns; and an Epic Rock Elemental who’s special skill is also Blizzard with the same damage and ailment.

You can find out about the rare quests here: 💫 Memento Rare Quests @Mariamne does a fantastic job.

Strongly suggest bringing a lot of green heroes. Berden, Brienne in the 3* tier would be examples. Caedmon and Melendor would be 4* examples.

@General_Confusion made a great point about the last rare quest that antidotes would be a good idea to bring and that would apply to this quest too. Just to get rid of that pesky -18% defense. Hope everyone completes all stages!


Everyone has me to thank for this rare quest popping up today. I was farming 5-8 and used up all my WE; therefore it was expected to spawn, as they only appear when my WE is zero. :wink:


Usually happens to me too :nerd_face:


Ok: Thank you! @Orichalcum-Aife

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