Can't get Sturdy Shields or other Ascension items?

I’ve been playing since 2017. I’ve paid more than I’d like to admit but that wouldn’t bother me a bit if I could ascend (2 Sturdy Sheilds) my first HOTM and 1 of only 3 5 * Heroes I have…I have 25 4 * and 7 3* on fully leveled map…I’ve been trying to get ahold of 2 Sturdy Sheilds since December…NO CHANCE …I’m giving it till end of February or quitting this game. Can’t even pay … meanwhile people just starting have 4000 teams…my strongest is 3730 SMH.

Well if nothing else, since we just had the Farholme Pass with a Compass and Damascus Blade, Shrikewood will be up in 2-3 weeks with a guaranteed Sturdy Shield.

We don’t know the completion loot for Wonderland yet, but it’s very possible the Epic or Legendary tiers will have a Sturdy Shield too. If not, Grimmforest in March definitely will.

I hope you get lucky and get them sooner from loot, but at least guaranteed sources for Shields are within sight. :slight_smile:

So hold on a little longer, the end of February might not quite do it, but by mid March you’ll be good.

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It’s crazy, always Sheilds …I have boatloads of everything else…Hidden blades are another one. My first 4 * team took me forever bc I couldn’t get 4th Sheild for melendor …5* nature u need 8 Sheilds …I have 25 of everything else

That seems to happen often to people. For me, it’s Gloves. I have enough 3* mats and even 4* mats to max 8-10 heroes…except I only have 3 Gloves, even having made a point of buying several during the Christmas offers.