🧭 Rare Quest - Shiloh Desert (Darts/Orb) [MASTER] - [Latest 01/20/2020]

@zephyr1 @kerridoc I was curious as to why we don’t have the same threads for this and the other rare quests like we do for the trials and raid tournaments?

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I think because they dont have a specific time to spawn and it has a fixed cycle of 7 quests (one of each color +2 farlholme pass for tome and damascus)
And there is no hero restrictions of any kind, the only restriction i think there is is the level but am not sure


@Expired nailed exactly why I’ve never chosen to make threads for Rare Quests:

  • The exact timing can’t be anticipated, so getting a thread up in advance is challenging

  • There are no restrictions, so team strategy isn’t as big of a thing

  • Most players who’ve been playing for a while breeze through Rare Quests, often on autoplay even

That said, newer players might have more interest in a more dedicated spot for guides and help.

Do you think it would be worth having one master thread for each of the 6/7 Rare Quests? (both Farholme Pass versions would probably be together to save confusion)


I believe this topic is the guide for all of them

It has the rotation, monsters on each wave, bosses and their skill

And in the 2nd post the dates they spawned

And if additional help is needed, i know that forum members love to help and give advices


That’s one of the guides to all of them, yes, but we’ve typically discouraged extensive strategy discussion within #player-guides so that wouldn’t be a great place for discussion of teams and such.

It’s also not the only Guide thread, this is also very popular: RARE Quests - Reference Thread - Check spreadsheet for more details

And there are smaller guides like the one @Radar1 made: Rare quests are too hard! (Sensible tips for new players to beat 4 level in rare quests)

I’m wondering if it would be helpful to have something like the Class Trials Guide threads for each Quest, pointing to the various resources and hosting any related discussion about teams/strategy.


+1 for that idea
20 :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Yep - I think that would be great - if you have the appetite for even more work @zephyr1 !

You could put the date in square brackets at the end as soon as you were aware of it popping, to drive it to the top of the threads. Something like:

Shiloh Desert Rare Quest (Darts/Orb) [MASTER] - [latest at Sep 25, 2019]

i.e. Keep one master thread for each Rare Quest, but just change the date when it pops.


That would be a good idea

And if i could suggest is to open a sub category inside the #player-guides is for guides only and no one can post there except for certain people (mods, content creators) where guide topics for trials, rare quests, seasonal events, season 2, and challenge quests (hope i got them all)
And there are other topics for discussions about that
It will be easier for people to go there and find what they need


Yeah, it would definitely need to be like that, so Regulars could help, and a new thread wouldn’t be needed each time.

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There are tips for last stage:

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Farmhole is featured 2 times out of the quest so I think making a mega thread for quest would be cool. :3

I like this idea :+1:, and also I put tag #rare_quest in this thread.


@originaldaveo Whoops, I’m sorry… it should be each Rare Quest in seperate thread/topic right? :man_facepalming:
I will create a new thread for Morlovia, and edit this one to stay as Shiloh.

OK done…


That seems reasonable to me. Thank you for doing that!


Excuse me what time this quest starts ?

Nobody knows for sure as rare quests appear quite randomly between every 6 and 14 days. When a Challenge Event is on, they often start only afterwards. The next rare quest should be shiloh, though.

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