Quests & Challenges in Empires & Puzzles - Definition, timing & overview!

The recent Path of Valor has highlighted some confusion among many players about the different types of quests available and what they’re called. It may help to summarize them all together.

These are the routine basic quests that rotate through every day. Some have a I and II version.

Gather Food, Mine Iron, Scavenge Resources, Find Recruits, Find Crafting Materials, Find Battle Items, Gain Experience

These cycle through roughly every 10 days in a fixed order. They have 5 stages and drop specific nonfarmable ascension materials on stage 4 and 5.

Farholme Pass I and II, Frostmarch, Shrikewood, Mount Umber, Shiloh Desert, Morlovia

These come once a month, the second weekend of the month, in a fixed rotation. They are a competition rather than just completion, and offer nonfarmable materials for both completion and placing well. 3 tiers of 15 stages each (Rare, Epic, Legendary). They also offer a special summon portal using Challenge coins with access to event specific heroes.

Knights of Avalon, Pirates of Corellia, Fables of Grimmforest, Riddles of Wonderland, Guardians of Teltoc

Costume quest which comes around monthly, starting the Monday after the Challenge Event. It has 6 stages which offer increasing numbers of Costume Keys, which can only be used at the Costume portal.

These come around every Wednesday and Sunday in a set rotation. They are limited to heroes from 2 classes only, and offer emblems for those classes as rewards.

These come around approximately every 3 months, and generally last 2 weeks (although the Christmas event lasts the entire month of December). They have 2 difficulty levels and 20 stages on each level. These events also include a special summon portal where you can use Epic Hero Tokens to get access to limited edition heroes. These also bring an interactive update to your stronghold (Easter eggs, beach balls, jack o lanterns, and snowmen)

Springvale comes in April
Sand Empire comes in late June or early July
Return to Morlovia comes in late October
Santa’s Challenge comes in December


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