List of methods for acquiring unfarmable ascension materials via playing / Where to earn nonfarmable ascension materials through gameplay

I wanted to make a list of methods for acquiring unfarmable ascension materials via playing (doesn’t include purchase options). I thought I would share with all.

Thanks to the following people for helping me with this, any mistakes or bad assumptions are mine alone and not theirs: EvilSmoothie, Aquaginera, Kikyo, Witch, Jendon

We make the following assumptions, which may or may not be true for any specific player:

  1. You have a team strong enough to finish the quest/event mentioned (challenge events on legendary, Seasonal on advanced mode), but aren’t spending the battle items needed to do more than complete them (as opposed to placing in the top ranks).
  2. You fill two monster chests and one hero chest daily.
  3. You fill a titan chest every 7 days ( 2 escapes a week)
  4. You are getting loot tier 9 – 13 (three rolls for ascension items) for kills and 5 for escapes
  5. You fill a war chest every 4.5 weeks (slightly better than 50% win rate)
  6. You watch Mystic Vision every day
  7. You clear each section of S2 as it opens

Ways to get mats:
Rare Quests: Approx every 1.5 weeks. One 3* and one 4* guaranteed. (Info on Rare Quests)

Challenge events: Once a month typically three 3* guaranteed for legendary and two 3* guaranteed for epic (Info on Challenge Events)

Seasonal Events: Once a quarter typically a 3* and 4* guaranteed (Info on Seasonal Events)

Hero and Monster chest: Three a day (2 Monster, 1 Hero). x% (small) chance of 3* or 4*

Elemental (rare) chests: Approx every two week. Two chances of x% (good) of 3* or 4*

Titan Loot: 5 days a week killed. If killed: 3 shots and if escaped: 2 shots at x% (small) chance of 3* or 4*

Titan Chest: Once a week. x% (small) chance of 3* or 4*

Alliance Wars: Once a week. If a win: x% (small) chance for 3* or 4*, if loss %x chance (very small) for 3* and 4*

Alliance War chest: Once every 4.5 weeks. Two chances at x% (good) of 3* or 4*

Atlantis (ascension) Chests: Once every 3 months. Guaranteed 3* or 4*

Mystic Vision: Every Day. x% (very small) chance for 3 or 4 star

added by @zephyr1, h/t to @NPNKY for noting these additional sources added to the game since this post was created
Path of Valor: Once ever 2 months. Guaranteed 3* and 4*, with additional 3* and 4* available for purchasers of Valor Pass.

Season 2 Completion Rewards: Gives a full set of each nonfarmable material between Normal and Hard modes. Note: you have to complete all provinces and defeat the final boss to get the rewards for completion for each mode. Available only once, upon first completion. (Info on Season 2 Completion Rewards)

Raid Tournaments: Once each week. x% (small) chance of 3* or 4*. (Info on Raid Tournaments)

Note from @Guvnor: Below video has been made, showcasing the various spots one could potentially gather 4* AM’s. Credit to @JekylandHyde for the content.

NOTE from @zephyr1: This section below has not been updated to add additional new sources of Ascension Materials.

I believe this hypothetical player maybe seeing slightly lower chances than the average player who has been active for at least 6 months – I’m trying to understate rather than overstate the opportunities. Here is what it would look like over 1 year:

Guaranteed mats: total (38) 4 star and (98) 3 star mats + 4 chances of 3* or 4*

  • Rare quests: (34) 3* and (34) 4* mats (just one blade or tomb shy of a 5 star rainbow at 4th)
  • Challenge events: (60) 3* mats
  • Seasonal events: (4) 3* and (4) 4* mats
  • Atlantis (ascension) Chests: (4) with a guaranteed 3* or 4* mats

Chances at Mats with “good” probability: total: (48) chances of 3* or 4*

  • Elemental (rare) chests: (26) chances at 3* or 4* mats
  • Alliance War chest: (22) chances at 3* or 4* mats

Chances at Mats with “small” probability: total: (1,433) chances of 3* or 4* mats

  • Hero and Monster chest: (1,069) chances of 3* or 4* mats
  • Titan Loot (kills): (260) chances of 3* or 4* mats
  • Titan Chest: (52) chances of 3* or 4* mats
  • Alliance wars (wins): (52) chances of 3* or 4* mats

Chances with “very small” probability: total: (521) chances of 3* or 4* mats

  • Titan Loot (escapes): (104) chances of 3* or 4* mats
  • Alliance wars (losses) (52) chances of 3* or 4* mats
  • Mystic Vision: (365) chances of 3* or 4* mats

Estimates (emphasis on estimates, these could be way off, we need more data) for drop rates:
• very small = 1% or under
• small = 1.5% to 5%
• good = better than 50%


Excellent list. As I see it, these are all completely free, and all (assuming your team is strong enough to complete event/quest levels) can be done without spending any gems.

There are many ways you can improve your odds by spending gems, and some of those are cheap enough that they would be of value to free players.

Spending a few gems to accelerate a monster chest or raid chest is one of those. You don’t guarantee anything, but each time you get one of those chests there is a chance of it being an elemental chest, so doing more chests means more chances. (Plus the very small chance in the normal chest you are more likely to get)


Thanks for the input. I’ll try to chase down the alliance war and Atlantis questions, and add the other two.

Anyone else have any input?

Point 1: Confirmed - happened to me :slight_smile:
Point 2: Confirmed. You get 1 AM (either 3* or 4*) per Season 2 chest.


Well that was easy to track down ;-). Thanks!

Some of my alliance mates and I are collecting screenshots to determine some of the chest drop rate percentages for unfarmable ascension materials. There are a couple of threads in the forum that have done some of that work as well. Here are a couple:


I do 2 monester chests and 1 hero daily and I get my Elemental Chest one time per 32 days exactly.

I never get any thing from my titan loot or titan chest.
PS: please mention that small alliances has no chance to get this part about titans.
PS2: Small Alliances is fighting 1/2☆ titans and a 1 player alliance.

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In the very beginning, my alliance consisted to two people - I did see some rare ascension items from the titan and titan chest at that time… so it is possible, even fighting 1* and 2* titans…

I updated the original post with suggestions, and expanded it as well.

OK, if there are no other comments or suggestion, I will move this over to the general forum tomorrow.

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How strict is your “non-purchase” definition? I’ve been tracking my monster & raid chest yields for a couple of months now and I know that there is a way to accelerate the number of chests opened with no money being spent. i.e. gems earned through opening chests, quests and other F2P means can effectively pay for the skips. Accelerating the raid chests to 2 or 3 openings per day should show noticeable improvements to the overall AM yield. The only question is whether a player would choose to spend those F2P gems in this way.

If we consider skipping the wait times on chests as a viable non-purchase strategy, I think you should rerun the calcs assuming 30 monster/raid chests opened per week. And this also brings the elemental chest drop rate much closer to 1 / week.

I don’t disagree that most players skip chests, and those that do can achieve more mats than presented here. But as I said above, I’m trying to understate things.

I guess I could do one for another profile - more a C2P that would reflect a more aggressive stance on things like this - that that might help people tune their expectations depending on where they fall in the f2p / c2p continuum. If I have time I’ll try to put that togther.


Do you also have such weak rewards from chests. Is there any way for better rewards?

Only got a single royal tabard from monster chest today. Should have been 2 royal tabards.


Same here NeO34. I don’t have much luck with chests, even the element chests have been so bad.

I do not get anything nice to improve what the game update is more like with these rewards

Most chests suck, and it seems all is lost but then you get days like today where i have got a compass, a wooden shield, trap tools and 40 jewels. It’s just the bad days that stand out. Gets to most of us at some point :wink:


The regular wanted chests do drop good things occasionally, but titan chests are often a bit better and war chests and elemental chests much better.

The more regular wanted chests you go through, the better the odds of getting an elemental chest.

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i have been trying to ascend Boldtusk for about a month now . it seems all i need to do is get 2 more hidden daggers. where in the world are these items at. i cant seem to get them no matter what i do. are they really that rare.

@cain308 They are rare, and hard to come by at random.

But this thread has a great list of all of the places you can get Hidden Blades and other ascension materials, both guaranteed and by chance.

Take a look at the first post up top, and if you have questions about any of it, just reply here. :slight_smile: