🧭 Rare Quest - Shrikewood (Shield/Tonic) [Master] - Latest 12/27/2019

Hello everyone!

Shrikewood is a rare quest where you can obtain a sturdy shield and a mysterious tonic. These are essential ascension mats for 4* and 5* green heroes.

To the new(er) players: complete as much as you can, it is okay if the last stage is too much.

To the advanced players: gets those mats!

The bosses are a Tyrant Triffid, which deals 95% damage to all enemies; and a Jungle Insectoid, which deals 235% damage to the target and the target receives 150/258 damage over 6 turns.

You can find out more about all the quests here:
💫 Memento Rare Quests @Mariamne does a fantastic job.

Since this quest has a boss that deals that DoT poison, it would be in your best interest to bring a healer like Vivica or Rigard. Also, red hitters would be highly beneficial. Happy gaming!!


Antidotes are a good idea - even if you are bringing a cleanser

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Wow! A happy day. My Mad Hatter finally got 6th tonic. :dancer:


Lucky you.

This is my 12th tonic and Groot is not getting any…

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At least you have Groot as an option. This was my 10th tonic, and no green legendary to use them on. When I finish Azlar (currently 4^71), I’ll have one maxed in every other color.


I have Lianna and Kadlien maxed in green.

So it isn’t pressing but I could use a new green. I need options I find myself using 2-2-1 a lot and leaving green, red, or blue out.

I am groot!!!

meh…I guess not…

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