I lost track... Morlovia?

Is Hallowe’en Jr. our next rare quest? I lost track.

FANGS you very much!

Frostmarch next I believe

I think its Frostmarch!!

Definitely Frostmarch, then the Farholme with the gloves, then Shiloh and then Morlovia. Don’t skip my Shiloh. Just two more darts to take my first five-star to final ascension. Please don’t skip Shiloh! LOL


Thaaaaaat’s right…
My Mama North just got her last Tonic!
My Azlar is getting tired of looking for his last hidden blade! Why are they hidden sooo good?! (Oh wait! I see one in Avalon loot!)


Mariamne tracks the rotation and the last rare quest here:


All of her stuff is GREAT! And I am super grateful for the work she puts in, (@Mariamne THANK YOU) I just got thrown off the rare quest Hamster wheel. Bring on the Capes and Scopes!!


I lose track too. I re-orient by checking the last quest then looking at the rotation picture. Super helpful stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m guessing frostmarch isnt coming till Sunday. After Avalon ends.

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That’s a 10 4 good buddy, rare quests don’t spawn during challenge events, I’d expect a gems 2 quest to pop sat, followed by frostmarch upon its timer running out


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