2020 JULY Calendar (Sand Empire, Events, Trials, Rare Quests, Tavern of Legends, Masquerade, Atlantis, & Valhalla) Tentative

Thank you for the calendars. I’m a bit old school and the plain text English calendar is right up my ally. Thx again, Happy 4th.


2 days of rest now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::palm_tree::parasol_on_ground:

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Not quite… Shiloh is here!

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Wait, was costume chamber always after Tavern of Legends? For some reason I remember it always being before Tavern…also don’t remember this being mentioned in the Event Schedule Changes for V.30…

It’s not so much an “order” but a specific day of the month.

Costumes is the 3rd Monday of the month. ToL is the 3rd Thursday of the Month.


Hi @Archaeo80, I notice there are some significant deviation between the predicted date of rare quests compared to the actual date. The Shiloh Desert was predicted to be at 22th July but eventually ended up at 13th July. Could it be that in your calculation, the distance between each rare quest is around 10-11 days?

I have done some calculation which conclude in rare quests appear around every 9 days:

The cycle length from Shiloh to Shiloh is around 61.6 days. As there are 7 different rare quests, it means rare quest appear around each 9 days.

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The rare quest dates are approximations. I believe most people just use 10 days for simplicity from the last one.

I’ll trust you that tour math shows OTS closer to 9, but 10 would still be a decent approximation.

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I previously believe it was 10. But upon looking at historical data, it is actually slightly less than 9 (8.8 to be precise).

True that it is approximation, but still, using 9 would be more accurate.

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LOL (20 characters)



+/- 2 days should still be a fair approximation

Finally with Shiloh giving me my 6th Dart, I have ascended my White Rabbit!! woohooo

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The current version of the calendar I have posted is version 7, and I believe Shiloh hasn’t been listed on the 22nd since version 4 of my calendar. Even if I placed the rare quests on the calendar every 9 days based on the average you are getting, it still would have been two days off. I do update calendars in this post as soon as I am able to correct any date discrepancies.

While I appreciate you doing the math, I fail to see what more you expect from me.

There is a comment at the bottom of the calendar that states rare quests occur every 7 to 11 days, and it is noted in the original post.


We do know that the devs hold the aces when it comes to the schedule and the release dates, keep on with the good work👍🏼, they are all appreciated🙏🏼.


2 days off is still better than 8 days off.

I hope you can use 9 days to predict the future calendar.

I know that you updated the calendar regularly, but out there, the outdated calendar is still circulating. So it will be better if the prediction using 9 days as it will be closer even in outdated calendar.

@Archaeo80 please understand that I am not here to criticize your good work.

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It is true that from the latest version, it only deviate 2 days. But when predicting a 30 days long calendar with 3-4 rare quests in it, the deviation can accumulate into 8 days. Just like how in the 1st version, Shiloh still 8 days from now.

I will make the calendar for August with the quests 9 days apart, and I agree that is a better estimate; however it will still be wrong for most of the events (which is why I post the revised versions).

If anyone is aware of someone using an outdated version of the calendar, please direct them to the newest version at the top of the post. Thanks!


Guys let’s bury the hatchet on this, we all know this thing is subject to variations, as they are mostly approximations for the quests dates, those calendars are guides and as such any variation from the actual should be aceptable and used for future improvements & updates.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t worry, there is no quarrel to begin with.

‘Bury hatchet’ - English idiom… Reconcile, settle difference, have an accord, settle conflicts, make peace…etc

I know :upside_down_face:

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