Telescopes and sheilds, where the heck are they?

Hi, I’ve been waiting for several months to get telescopes and sheilds from provinces , titan chest , hero chests, war chest raid chests , and mystic visions and STILL NO telescopes or sheilds, I have several 5* heroes I can’t ascend to last level without them , so I’m stuck!! …does anybody have a clue ???

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I just got a telescope from my regular raid chest (platinum level).

Rarely happens, so a nice surprise!

Patience. You’ll see good loot and bad. We just had a telescope so, it may be a while before you see another.

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I think you mean we just had a shield (Shrikewood).

Frostmarch is coming soon for a telescope … I think that’s correct?


Oh probably. I am so aloof to what drops. I know I got a telescope from something. But, I do believe you are right with Shrikewood. After which is Frostmarch, so yay for telescopes!


Frostmarch should be around in a couple of days.
Yeah for telescope and cape.

We just had shield and tonic on May 1st.

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Shield and tonic sounds like a mixed drink. :cocktail:

Yeah I nabbed the shield on that one. Got a tele from a wanted chest. Neither one can be obtained from provinces, unfortunately.

The wait for ascension mats is real. Just get your heroes to 3/60/70 or whatever and work on the rest of your roster in the meantime. “Best” way to get more ascension mats quicker than doing quests is to join a high level alliance that kills all da 20* titans (exaggeration for effect), but most of them will expect your 5* heroes to already be leveled. Hence the irony. You need maxed 5* heroes to be “da best”, but you need to be able to finish “da best” content to get maxed 5* heroes. Kind of a Catch-22. “You get the best stuff if you join our alliance, but you can’t join our alliance unless you have the best stuff.” The rest of us take the slow route and wait months (and months, and more months) to get the stuff we need. It is what it is. It’s the journey, not the destination. :crazy_face:


Best option stay in a low pressure Alliance, build your heroes slow and steady, before you know they will be strong enough to knockout any defense, yeah any defense.

Amazingly mats come from various sources in this game, only if you track it, then you will know: once in a very long long while from MV, from wanted mission chests,-elemental chests almost guaranteed. Titan chests, monster’s and hero’s, war chest much better, now raid tourney - superb, challenged events (certain in completion rewards), loot tiers - random, S2 completion reward - fantastic and of course quests are sure and the only 100% guarantee source.

All it takes is to wait patiently and tap on those sources.
Can’t wait, then buy when available with various odds in the game’s shop or flash promo -also guaranteed :blush:


Hi, I posted about this before, still waiting to find, win, or whatever those elusive telescopes !!, haven’t got one yet, … Opened titan, war, enemy, and raid chests and visions too !!. Still NO freaking telescopes, what’s up with that ??

Are you completing Frostmarch stage 5 every time it comes around? There’s a guaranteed telescope there


Hi, yes I did and that was the only time I got. one, but still, do I have to wait until it comes around again to get just 1 telescope?? That doesn’t make sense

I’ve been waiting for 6th telescope for about 3 months. I got it from titan, shortly after that got another one from monsters chest and recently another one from titan.
There’s no pattern here, you can only wait. Keep killing titans and opening chests and a telescope will eventually pop out.


Hi, I hope so and I will just have to wait a bit longer, hope it not too much longer, thanks

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Well, you might or you might not. I wait through 5 mount umbers to collect my first set of rings. It felt like a really long time (and to be honest, it was). It’s just luck otherwise.

But like grzechol says, doing all the stuff increases your chances of loot, which in turn gives you more chances of getting what you need. Good luck!


Certainly this game can be a recommended therapy for those who couldn’t endure process of waiting.
Every phase of the game needs waiting here and there.


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