Yearly FREE 4*/3* Ascension Material

Update: 6/5/21

Start off, thanks to everyone who spent time posting guides and information. Compiled from local sources…

NOTE: free material for completion of standard game play for no money spent. plenty of other options available for gathering more free materials. Other options youtube:Video

  • will update list as needed.

5 Blades,5 tomes,6 rings,6 tonics,7 tabards, 7 darts,6 scopes

9 Compass,11 gloves,11 daggers,18 shields, 20 traps, 12 orbs,13 capes

POV: +1 3*/+1 4*(varies, free side)

Fp-blade/comp, tome/gloves (x5/x5)
Mu- rings/hblade (x5)
Sw- tonic/2shields (x5)
Mv- tabard/2traps (x6)
Sd- darts/2orbs (x6)
Fm- cape/scope (x5)

Winter- hblade, scope, cape, rings Guide
Spring- 2shields, tonic Guide
Halloween- tabard, 2traps Guide
SummerSands- 2orbs, darts Guide

Villians- compass, 2glove, trap, shield, hblade
Knights- compass, 2glove, shield, trap, cape
Wonderland- 2shields, 2orbs, cape
Guardian- 2capes, 2hblade, orb, trap
Grimforest- hblade, cape, trap, compass, shield, orb
Pirates- compass, 2gloves, trap, shield, hblade
Events Guide
Starfall- 2hblade, 2cloak, orb, trap Guide

  • All info should be from 2020 or newer…

Missing Knights of Avalon & League of Villains.

Thanks @DGERic. Unfortunately they all 3* material. Updated

@Ultra something wrong with original title? Don’t think “suggesting” is part of the title unless your just saying, Yearly FREE materials…

Don’t know how message ya lol

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Sorry about that. In most cases, a thread becomes a master thread if there are multiple threads bearing the same subject and are consistently and regularly being requested as a new feature or requested to be resolved throughout the course of time. In this case, however, I only find this thread with having the same topic and with only one other forum user interacting to the idea. Once there are several different threads bearing the same subject and probably merged by the moderators/SG staff can the thread be categorically called a master thread. Further, if mods see other old threads bearing the same subject, this may be merged to that older thread, which may be categorized as a master thread.

I originally was thinking that the thread title was a request for a new feature of providing a free yearly ascension mats, hence the term “suggesting”. Reading and thinking more clearly, I was in error placing the term in question. It shouldn’t be.


Thanks. I assumed players made master topics and not mods.

Well, all of us here are (or were, at one point of time) players in the game. We just happened to be forum users as well. Moderators are really the ones identifying the threads as masters after merging a lot of threads of the same subject into one. Not that it prohibits players really to place them in the thread title though.

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This put the game in another perspective for me. I can only ascend 1 5* per year

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No, you are guaranteed to be able to ascend 1 5* of each color per year.

That excludes random loot drops of ascension materials. Which do happen, however rarely.


Need point out that the season events give out 4* material on the last hardest stage. You need have some good formations, lots of items and luck on your side unless your TP level is around 4600ish…

Is there absolutely nothing from the summer event as 3* or 4* mats?


FWIW, you and the forum users may also be interested on this video:

Also, please be advised that free ascension mats may also emanate from the Path of Valor. 3* and 4* ascension mats are not guaranteed from any chests, rewards and rankings. I also noticed that the seasonal Sand Empire is missing from the OP.

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4600? Some exaggeration, surely. I’ve been finishing challenge events for the last 2 years and I can’t put together a team of 4500 yet. I’m not even a good player - usually finish one tier from bottom in challenge events. If you’re talking about placing in the top ranks that’s another matter. But just to qualify for the basic rewards, a decent team of well-emblem’d 4* will cut it.


Just as @Gorann said, that number doesn’t mean anything. I’ve also beaten the Spring seasonal event with team of 3800-3900 and some items. Team composition and item usage is much more important than raw team power. You can have a team of 4600 and still not be able to pass that challenge, but that is not due to the team’s fault… Luck was also not a factor.


Suggested TP for rare quest hardest stage is 3250 so that should be able to clear with maxed 4* team.

The hardest stage with suggested TP 4000 is emblem quest, but able to clear by using bomb and dragon battle item if TP is below 4000.

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Thanks for this video link. Naturally I want to write it all out in a list now. :grin:

As regards “Master” threads: Per forum rules, there should not be duplicate threads on the same topic, so naturally dupes are often merged. When a topic turns out to be popular (i.e., does not die), and dupes keep being made, usually the oldest and/or largest/most informative thread is made the master, depending.


I was thinking this was an idea thread to get one free 4* item of your choice each year…bad luck on getting scopes, you at least get to choose one once a year! Wishful thinking.

I didnt know what stage tp level was so i just threw a number out there lol. Ile look for season sand empire information. Most likely will be additional 3* material. That video was useful thanks. Can never have too many linked topics.

I will add pov in a way, but doesn’t rewards change each pov?

List updated. Sand is seasonal does have a 4* item.

Will add PIGS IN SPACE… lol just wanted say it… starfall when it’s here…



Now back to your regularly scheduled thread! :grin:

(Pity the pic is so large…) :pleading_face:


There are quite detailed info in this game page on Fandom, chose general > quest > rare quest, take a look if interesting on that. :wink:

BTW suggested TP of emblem quest hardest stage used to be 4500 but its seem revised to 4000 on recent game update, info on Fandom is not updated yet.

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