4* vs 5* Heroes

Begin Rant I’m frustrated because I spent so much time leveling what I feel is a great set of 5 star heroes, only to realize that not only taking them to 4th ascension, but also maxing and then considering emblems for them is HARD work. As a result, they are too squishy for heavy battles but my 4 star heroes are too weak for most battles. So I’m gonna just keep my current 5 star team that’s on 3rd ascension to their max (3.70), and after that I’m strictly leveling 4 star heroes to max until I have at least 3 teams of maxed 4 stars then I will go back to leveling other 5 star heroes. Big sigh End Rant

I know some of you gave me great advice when I asked about leveling, which I’m following. This is just one of those moments when I need to choose a team and I realize how leveled but not strong enough the heroes I put into leveling are, yet how weak the other heroes are so I feel like I’m at plateau and all I can do is take time to level and don’t play except for challenges/quests/titans


I disagree

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Me too… disagree…
Both *4 and *5 have glass canon and tanky category…
Example: Kiril, BT, Rigard is not weak VS *5.

Edit: I mean I agree with your current planing to work priority base *4 1st (at least the best one which is for long term).


You shouldnt quit playing or give up on certain aspects due to lack of firepower in your roster

I mean sure if you didnt have the depth you have, I’d understand

But if you Line me, i can probly put together some combos of heros you have that will get you through some of the things you’re struggling with


Maybe my set of 5* I choose are glass canons then?


I don’t feel like Mit and Ses are glass canons at all I just believe it’s because they aren’t leveled up fully they aren’t as strong as they could be hence me saying the amount of time I took to level them up that far to still not be able to finish them now yet have no 4 stars leveled really is frustrating. So I wish I leveled 4 stars first instead.

Lianna I’m sure she’s a glass not sure about Joon and I know Isarnia is kinda squishy. But if they were at 3.70 or beyond they would still be better.

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Yea developing 4* depths is pretty important

Cant be stressed enough to new players


@jinbatsu gave me a great leveling plan which I’m following completely, in the meantime @Rigs yes I would love to take you up on your offer to get through my current stages until I’m a bit more leveled. But what’s Line? Lol

Oh and FYI…I’m frustrated, but I’m NEVER quitting this game LOL!


Now that I’ve spent hours reading this forum and asking tons of questions and such, my process is completely different. I was just playing with no guidance because I didn’t know this forum existed previously.


Line is a chat app a lot of players use to communicate 1on1 and in big groups

More advanced than the prehistoric in game chat and easier to use than forum since no mods, or devs or idiots to ruin a 1on1 convo


Is this it?

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Pretty awesome resource to have

Once you download it, you’ll make a display name and a line ID

display name is what people see in chat with u

LineID is how people find you. Once you make an id, let me know I’ll find you in the app


Downloading now @Rigs


The 5* heros generally don’t really get useful until that final 4th tier. While the 4* hero’s are also generally better than a 5* at 3.70, you will really love the 5* at max and with emblems. It is a chore to get them there but well worth it. It used to be okay to even leave them at 4.70 as the last 10 levels didn’t give much return but now you need to max them to put emblems on them.
I do understand your problem but hopefully you will change your mind. You should have a team of 4* heros but if you also have a rainbow team of 5* then you can max them as well.
I also disagree with needing 3 teams of maxed 4* before you go at the 5* team. Why prolong what you will need anyhow and seem to need it now. You say the 4* team you have now is too weak so why continue pushing them? It also depends on who you are fighting. There are certain things that you really need the 5* hero’s for but others where the 4* shine.
One example is season 2 on hard, the final battle where I thought it had to be beaten with yellows or a team of mostly 5* heros. I tried a few times and lost. FInally I did beat it on hard with Kiril, BT, Magni, Vivica and Joon. Vivica is only 3.55 and BT is max now but he was only 4.3x when I did it. I really meant to take Melendor instead of Joon for the debuff but it worked out as long as I was careful with my attacks.
Perhaps it would be helpful if you listed the hero’s you want to level in the 4* and 5* tier and people can suggest a better order instead of all 4 or all 5. SOmetimes it is better to max a hero like Kiril, BT, Proteus, Wilbur, etc. before you start pushing a 5* unless it is one that will make a huge difference like if you don’t have a great sniper and want to max Joon, Magni, Lianna, etc…


@Rigs I’m up and running… thechosenline

@Obsidian I moreso mean 15 heroes vs 3 teams…

So I only have 6 5* heroes leveled past 1st Ascension, and 5 4* approaching max, against a bench of over 80…that’s terrible lol

I would guess by this ratio that you started spending right away and you got 4 and 5* heroes but don’t have the mats to level them?


@Obsidian that’s precisely it. I was C2P for summoning heroes before I found this forum. I didn’t even know we could train up a 5*

So yeah that’s how I got such a deep and weak bench lol

Someone on here gave me some great leveling advice and a nice game plan to work on in terms of leveling order and strategy. So that part is now much of a relief. It’s the current issue of now having heavy raid teams that are maxed and with emblems or like not being able to beat Ursena because my teams are all too weak.

So it’s just the frustration of it, like an interim of hell lol



Sorry you are frustrated.

I have repeatedly blamed 5* HotM advertising for convincing new players that 3* / 4* heroes are worthless and 5* heroes are always better.

I would love a 4* HotM.

4* Heroes are the backbone of Empires. 4* heroes, plus Forge Level 17, can complete all of the game.

Solo snipers

Joon and Isarnia are glass cannons. But this team is mostly solo snipers except

Mitsuko who is useful for defense teams but not as useful versus normal titans, map bosses and triple bosses. Similar to Li Xiu.

Isarnia ( who I actually like but ) suffers from Classic 5* Hero syndrome - everything that was programmed later could be better, faster, stronger.

Team heroes

I prefer team heroes.

Wu Kong teams
([Play Style] The cascade squad or Wu Kong+ two healers- New Notes 2019-Mar)

(Wu Kong grinder gang or Powerful rainbow auto play team or Wu Kong plus 4 healers)

(Proteus or Domitia first? - #13 by Gryphonknight)

(What to do with fighter emblems? - #12 by Gryphonknight)

It really sucks that the most common 5* heroes in the game are mostly solo heroes, slow heroes, or both.

Generic advice

Comparing heroes

([Math] 4* 4.70 > 5* 3.70 > 4* 3.60 > 5* 2.60 > 3* 3.50 ( base stats and special skills ) or Comparison of Partially leveled heroes by rarity [More Math])


But it depends on your roster.

I shoot for completing rare quests soonest, then class quests then Titan loot tier 9+ then Platinum/ Diamond raid arenas.

Color stacking

Color stacking is the hidden buff of Empires.

Color stacking

Hero XP

It is much faster to color stack lower rarity heroes:

5* Heroes

But eventually it does make sense to level 5* instead of more 4* heroes.



Long Comment

So now I’m leveling 5 heroes at a time, completing a rainbow of heroes. So after whichever color is done I will begin leveling the next hero in that color, and so forth.

So my 5* Rainbow is all on 3rd ascension and will be ascended to level 70 over time, they are secondary to whatever primary heroes I’m leveling until I get the materials needed for their final ascension. That rainbow is Seshat/Joon/Mitsuko/Isarnia/Lianna. I will be leveling them in between time but just not making them the focus to get to 3.70 before I get these 4* heroes to 4th ascension.

The 4* Rainbow is who I’m currently ascending to max as they are all on 4th tier so they will me my first set of maxed 4*, that should be done within the next week or two based on their current levels. That is Boldtusk 4.58/Cyprian 4.65/Li Xiu (maxed)/Grimm 4.41 and Caedmon 4.57

Kiril 2.35 Wilbur 3.46 and Hansel 3.36 are in the middle of ascension so they are next to finish, along with Proteus 2.24 and Jackal 1.8 immediately being the next holy and dark hero to level up.

Then Rigard Triton Gaderius Scarlett and Wu Kong, and also Tirbutus after Rigard because he’s. Currently on 2.24. By the time these heroes are done I feel I will have a good set of heroes combined that are leveled. I should then have some or most of the materials for the 5* ascensions while I have a very strong set of 4* heroes to fight with as well.

I have Melendor at 3.60 and Kageburado at 2.60, but for Mel I don’t have the shields and I would give them to Hansel first anyway since I will already have BT/Kiril, and Proteus is getting my trap tools before Kage.

Some 5*s to mention are Marjana, Ares, Misandra, Vivica, Drake Fong and Sartana, which I will be leveling to 3.70 after the above 4 stars are done in their respective colors. Gonna stop at 3.70 with the 5 stars until I consult with the forum for who I should/shouldn’t ascend to 4th tier.

I’d also like to max a few of my 3 stars for those raid tournaments, but that is definitely NOT a priority before getting this done.

There are more heroes on my bench, but I do believe that these are among my best and would be best to level before I look to level any of the others.

My SH is at 18, and my TCs are at 8/11/17 so I’m working on getting those up now so that I can really get maximum heroes out to feed. My 11 is currently on constant run.

It may just be a time thing, and since I started out the fast way now I’m slowed down.