Help for defense team

Hello guys, Im playing the game for several months now and I was lucky enough to pull some 5* heroes.


I have also three other vela, one Isarnia and horghall. Can you help me which heroes should I use to build my defense team?

Thank you on advance for your suggestions

Hiya @Niku,

First off congrats on what looks to be some lucky pulls!

Second thing. A cursory look shows that yes, you have some nice 5* heroes but have no depth… What I mean is that you have spent a fair but of materials and time on low-return strategy. My advice is to FOCUS ON THE 4-STAR HEROES

What that means:

Back to OP request:

I would suggest running the following defence:

Kingston -> Vela -> Ursena -> Vivica (replace with Onatel when maxed) -> Marjana

Levelling advice

If you provide your full roster, I can make some suggestions about who to focus on in terms of levelling priorities.

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Thank you for your reply Guvnor. I read a lot about game strategy and I usually watch several videos on youtube on gameplay and I can say that I know how the game works. It is true what you say about leveling first 4* herors, and I try to level several heroes in the same time, depending who is the mos necessary one and for who I got AsMats, but I don’t undestand quite sure which one of the 5* should I use as defense team… like… BossWolf or Ursena, Onatel or Vivica, Grazul (I really dont like her) or Marjana or Elena, etc.

That beng said, Im also focusing on leveling other top 4* heroes like Jackal, Falkon, Proteus, Wilbour (I got him last Atlantis), Sabina, Cheshire Cat, Hansel, etc. This is my full roaster, as below

Thank you in advance

So you’re doing the right thing in terms of focus feeding one of each colour.

My advice in terms of who to focus on:

Finish Marjana to 3-70 seeing as you spent the materials on her…
Then finish Sumitomo to 4-70 for the same reason

Next I would prioritise Guardian Falcon then Wilbur then Boldtusk (then BT Costume)

Guardian Falcon will work nicely with both Marjana & Sumitomo. Plus is great for titans. Wilbur is an all round star & BT is one of the best healer options around (only red one other than 5* event heroes…)

Pause Vela. Leave her be for the now… can come back to her later…
You got Grimm & Boril & Kiril ascended which is a good start.
Next would be Sonya (and costume) then Triton.

Then come back round and work on Vela. Definitly Vela over Perseus in terms of the first Blue 5*

Finish Hansel… He’s so close & you spent the mats (GREAT HERO!!!)

Same with gobbler… not great but you spent the mats so finish him to 4-70

Then I suggest Caedmon then Melendor (and costume) and finally Gaderius.

Your only other 5* green option is Horghall who isn’t fantastic… I wouldn’t bother levelling him until you got 11 Tonics waiting and no other 5* options… In the meantime just keep going with 4* heroes (Little John, Caedmon #2, Skittles (and costume) etc…

Wu Kong is maxed which is awesome!

You’ve spent some mats on Onatel so finish her to 3-70

Then work on the 4* heroes. Jackal first then Li Xiu & Costume then Chao.

Then come back round and finish Onatel. Then back to 4* heroes :stuck_out_tongue:

Ursena is a great 5* hero… Probably don’t need Boss-Wolf as he’s mainly a tank hero (who Ursena can quite capably be too.)

But you’ve spent some Trap Tools on Boss so finish him to 3-70. then onto 4* heroes

in the 4* region, I would suggest Proteus as the first priority. Hes a gun in events and map stages!

Next I would probably Suggest Cheshire Cat (for defence down against holy titans) and then proabbly a second proteus & Rigard.

With Boss Wolf, I probably wouldn’t max him unless you got 11 tabards sitting around & no other option there.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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