Newish player looking for help

Hello I have currently came across a few 5 star hero’s, rather early on. Wondering if you guys can guide me on who to level and good team setup. My main question is do I rank up ranvir and Mitsuko to 3.70 or sumitomo and li xu to 4.70. Thanks everyone!


You have some amazing heroes. That said, 5* take a long, long time to max. The usual advice for new players; two maxed teams of 3* heroes, then work on 4s. Only then should you go to 5. You can max two 4* heroes before a 5*. This will help in wars, color stacking, etc. I know it stinks having a great hero and needing to wait, but you are better off expanding your bench. A deep bench is the key to victory.

Edit: Also, a 4* at 4/70 is almost always better than a 5* at 3/70

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Thanks for the reply. Sorry I did t include my three stars I have about 13 fully leveled at this point. So I should bench ranvir and mitsuko and ascend sumitomo and li xu now I have all the mats needed. To bring to final ascension or 3rd on the 5 stars.

Oh, sorry. I thought that was your entire roster. :slight_smile: Yeah, you are set with 3s. I’d focus on maxing 4*s. While you are doing that, you will be stockpiling mats for your 5s

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