War depth vs 5* star heroes

Hello everyone, im new and i want to share with you a tought i have.
In my alliance people is far above than me. I have a TP of 3800 thanks to emblemed 4* while they have tp of 4100, 4000, 4200 full of maxed 5* star heroes.

I have some 5* stars heroes to work in but i didnt want . Thats true that i dont have the materials needed to max all of them, maybe one or two.

Talking about 4* star heroes, i have plenty mats here, but the true is that im being redundant here duplicating colours that i already have in my rost.

For example. I have dicotomies like triton vs vela, or tiburtus vs grimble

My roster is very wide, however im missing some good blue healers.

Regarding map, missions and events. Not problem in finishing them with my maxed heroes

what do you think? when is time to start working on 5* star heroes and when is time to say enough of 4* stars ones

How many 4* heros do you have maxed?

You can never have enough 4* heroes - especially for tournaments and events :smiley: I’d start working on 5* heroes when you have 5/6 required ascension materials. You can then start bringing them to 3/70 and by the time they’re there you might have gotten your 6th ascension material. :slight_smile:


I have around 15 maxed 4* star heroes.
Some of them are very tactical like boldtusk, proteus.
Some are essential keys like rigard or grimm

I have a colen sleeping at 3/60. do you consider him a good option to depth war options?

The truth is that i really love 4* star heroes but im afraid of being stuck there for too much time
if i start burning mats then i believe it will be harder to max a 5* later

He’s decent - at least way better than e.g. Skittleskull. His major weakness is his mana speed. Slow heroes are not that great for wars imo (there are a few exceptions ofc). :confused:

I would work mainly on 4s till you have 25+. then move over to 5s.

or work and 4 4s and 1 5 just so you can start enjoying your shiney hero.

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+1, it takes way less resources for 4’s and you need depth for AW, Challenges, tournaments, etc. I have 38 max 4* and counting. If you really want to work on some 5’s it’s safe to start one and build it up alongside your 4’s, especially if you have some really powerful 5*.

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I’d say that you hardly can have enough maxed heroes. At least for Alliance wars and raid tournaments.
At minimum you need 30 heroes to field 6 AW teams. But this is with an assumption that they are rainbow. Usually it is more convenient to have stacked color teams, which means at least 12 heroes of each color to stack agains any tank.

Some heroes like Grimm, Boldtusk, Kirill, Wilbur can easily have maxed duplicates.

Speaking of 5*, I maxed one of a color as soon as I got enough materials for their full ascension. After that continued to work on 4* and 3* heroes.

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IMO, all you need for defense are five@5*. Ideally rainbow, ideally no overlapping classes so that you can emblem them all to the maximum of your ability.

Beyond that, for offense, a team of 4* is all that is needed. Especially if you emblem them all to +18 to +20.

Even killing titans, all you need are 4*. You can score large, even on 12* or higher titans using a good mix of 4*. Green titans are especially violated by Wu-Wilbur-Guardian Falcon-Boldtusk-Scarlett and some good use of mana and tornados.

Focus on your 4*. They are the backbone of the game. I have multiples of key heroes such as Rigard, Kiril, Boldtusk, Proteus, Wilbur, Wu, Tiburtus, Grimm, Gormek, Buddy, Hansel…

If you put emblems on them, they are as powerful as many 5* with no emblems (which would be most of your 5* even if you have loads of them). And often their skills and synergies are better too.

IMO, 5* are a luxury to enjoy grinding away at after you’ve got your core defense developed and after you’ve got a great set of 4* (like about 50 maxed 4*). Then worry about getting 50 maxed 5*. Don’t do it the other way around.

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Defence TP shouldn’t be a primary consideration… Almost ever.

If you have good attacking 5* hero’s and the mats to max them then go for it - you’ll find even the fairly unspectacular ones noticeably more powerful than most 4’s (but you’ll still use those a lot too!)…
There’s an argument for doing one five alongside 4 4’s, but it’s up to you how you do it - you can be efficient and keep up the colour feeding, you can dump everything into one hero at a time (or once a 5* is ascended, dump everything into that hero to reach max - it’s not as efficient, but I’ve done it a couple of times).

Vela is a really good hero, if you’ve got everything them go for it.
Grimble is okay - in his niche he’s unreal, but the rest of the time he’s underwhelming… There are better 5* darks to throw mats into, it just depends when you think you’re likely to get them.

I wouldn’t stop levelling up 4* hero’s because of worries about 3* mats - just do what makes sense at the time and if you hit the wall, go back and build your 3* deck (for events/tournaments) while you wait for more.

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I stuck with leveling my fours and left the fives to sit until I had a good war bench of 30 heroes, it was tempting but I stuck with them. Had a constant rainbow team of fours I worked on to level up and replaced them with a new one when the hero was leveled. Now I’ve added in a rainbow five leveling team, when I get training heroes or high level duplicates I use them to level the fives in between the fours. So get war depth and do the fives gradually is my suggestion, it’s a slow race this game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I made the mistake of starting 5* too soon. Now, two years in, I have 10 maxed 5* but I am still working on leveling up 4* for depth. Don’t be in a rush for the 5* until you have a solid core of 4*. AT LEAST 5 of each colour IMHO.

If I could do it over …

This is my answer I tout out allll the time:

This game, outside of AW, is built around the 4-star bench. Just about every quest and map stage can be completed using 4-star heroes, with or without emblems. You should build up a well rounded bench of 4-stars while waiting for the mats to max your 5-stars. Generally speaking a maxed 4-star will be stronger than an analogous 5-star at 3-70. So it is to your advantage to max a 4-star if you don’t have the mats to max a 5-star. That is before considering adding emblems to a maxed 4-star.

I’d take the questionable 5-stars to 3-70 and use them for a while before deciding whether they are worth your scopes, tonics, etc. In the long term the only 4-stars you really need on your bench are the tough healers (Rigard, Kiril, Boldtusk & costumed Melendor). Once you get enough 5-stars your war teams will become exclusively 5-stars with an occasional 4-star healer to fill a spot where you don’t have a 5-star healer. Or you might even go without dedicated healers if you have the right 5-stars.

The key strategic 4-stars will still be necessary for titan hits and quests (Proteus, Falcon, Jackal and maybe Wu Kong) so you wouldn’t want to eat those just to clear bench space. That said, there isn’t much reason for duplicating any of those heroes either. Du[plicate Jackals and Proteuses are pretty useful in certain tournaments though.

Setting aside all of the above, you may still want to fill out the 4-star bench even further for tournaments. Double Little Johns have been really good every 4-star Rush Attack for example.

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