Catching up to the long term players

I would slow the race and improve your barracks at least a bit before you get tc20 up and running. I’ve been playing for almost 5 months and am just now getting my tc researched. (It takes 7 days and 1313000 food in order to do so.) You’ll need all 5 of your iron storages to level 18 to get to sh20. I have my barracks at level 4 currently. It lets me have my 4* troops at level 6 max.

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I would think top 10,000 in 6 months would be a tremendous accomplishment. Your first thoughts about the difficulty of catching up to long term players were correct, but this SG-owned forum presents a rosy version of what is essentially a boring P2W game (your less-than-a-few-hundred-bucks will get you farther than free play, but is not enough to get you to the top fast).

But do play the game for the chat/community, by all means.


Well, if I’d have to start all over again I’d definately would race for SH20 (but I’m an “Game starts at max level…” enthusiast^^), especially if you have two building slots.

Problem with TC20, if you go straight for it: You can’t start pumping out 5* heroes, because you need to level up as well housing (to store 100 pop) and farms/storage space (300k). Racing for SH20 has the advantage that you have to level up mines and iron storage for it, so that you have a huge iron overflow when hitting SH20, because… after SH20 you don’t really need that much for anything anymore and I got more iron than I could spend (with 1 build order).
So that went after SH20 straight to leveling up houses, farms and TCs to keep the TCs (TC 1, 2, 4, 11, 19 for fodder, TC13, 20 for 4* + 5* heroes) spamming heroes. I always got 1 TC to the max - and 3 producing. You don’t need 4 TC20, but as said before… iron overflow.^^
Other buildings I started improving when I needed them (e. g. troops maxed out on lvl X). But that’s another long story… There are some nice guides on the forum how to get asap to SH20 / TC20 if that’s maybe your way of playing the game.

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I agree with this. SH20 and TC20 is a must for F2P/C2P. SH20 also gets you an additional TC. But I would make sure you also increase your food and recruit storage as well on the way. At least high enough to cover the cost to research TC20 and for the 100 recruits you will need to start your first training.

TC11 comes in handy for making food for your heroes. If you haven’t researched it yet. You could work on your food and recruit storage while the research is going. As research doesn’t tie up a builder. There is a guide on which TCs to level. You really only use 1,2,11,19 and 20 the most once all is said and done. So you can save food by skipping some of the research levels unless you feel you will benefit from them.

==Hero XP==


Without duplicate 3*/ 4*/ 5* heroes from massive amounts of gem summons, you can generally expect to level four rainbow 4* 3.60 teams and two rainbow 4* 4.70 teams per year ( total of thirty heroes ).

==Rainbow 5* 2.60 team==

I have been playing for 12 months and I still don’t have a decent rainbow 5* 2.60 team. RNG.

But I do have an excellent selection of 4* 1.1, 4* 3.60 and 4* 4.70 heroes. The backbone of Empires is 4* heroes.

==Healers rock==


I wish Legendary training had more than one 5* Healer.

Green 4* Melendor and purple 4* Rigard compliment each other so well, especially because they are different colors.

==Barracks versus Legendary training==

3* lvl 1 troops and 4* lvl 1 troops are powerful without leveling them.

I would highly recommend getting Legendary training as soon as possible. Followed by at least a second Training camp level 19 and two training camp level 11.

4* Heroes are the backbone of Empires. Legendary training gives you a 4* hero, on average, every ten days.

Extra fast training, is the most Hero XP per hour in the game, except for gem summons.

Extra low cost training is the most Hero XP per recruit in the game. But it is slow so you need to run multiple camps with Extra low cost training.

Troops take up no space, so when you get all the training camps you need and build your Barracks, you will have a ton of troops to level your best 3* and 4* troops.

Nine Level 20 farms and a level 20 watchtower help a lot with troops since they take insane amounts of food to level.


Great advice @DoctorStrange. I am in an alliance that is currently defeating 6* titans and seems quite helpful to new players. Lots to learn from them. They have also mentioned about 30 heroes for war, which is what I started focussing on, realised the effort required - that’s when this initial question popped up. Thanks for adding your thoughts.

Wise words… i will try my best to keep this in mind throughout the process. Thank you.

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Targets modified to the reality. Thanks for your comments.

Thanks for this point. I think everyone keeps talking about reaching level 20 as the main goal, but there are more points to consider, as you have mentioned. I need to think about it more after i reach SH15 to unlock more slots.

Seems different people are suggesting different routes, and both seem logical to me :thinking:. I am currently trying to get to SH15 to unlock more area, and will decide then. The troop upgrade does appeal to me more than 5* heroes.

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Great points @Alyssaann1014. I am currently facing iron shortage, but try to sneak in food upgrades when i can. In addition to the levels you suggested, I unlocked the one that generates NATURE 2* heroes. This is because I pulled Buddy and without a TC constantly churning out Green heroes, it seemed impossible to upgrade him (finally have him at the 4th tier).

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Big thanks for sharing your thoughts and so many useful links. Excellent points about TCs, healers, feeders, and the links have some excellent discussion. Thanks once again - am off to reading these links now. :slight_smile:

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Regarding wars, don’t break yourself trying to rush to level a full set of teams just for them. Concentrate developing the primary use teams for map (resource farming), titans (resources and chance of ascension mats), and rare quests/events (guaranteed ascension mats if you can finish them) first, and just let the rest of the 30 for wars wait until you get to them in their turn.

Even the few points from using unlevelled 2* feeders on a cleanup, if that’s all you have to work with on your last flags at the end, can be the difference in winning a war.

This is a game designed to be played at the speed of life. It takes time to absorb all the possible choices of heroes & playing styles. Give yourself this time to discover, enjoy the journey. I believe you will find the best thing about this game is the people you will meet.


@Paulon, @Azure: Agree with your points. I don’t intend to play this game all day long. Where all the advise in this thread and forum helps is making me good use of my time while I am on this game. So, I will keep looking for any advice on how to make the right choices and progress efficiently. At the end of the day, there is a little rush when you know you have made it to the upper tiers of the game and are competing in the top layers. That’s the main reason I am playing any game. So, always on the lookout for useful tips.

Then I logged on and somehow I pulled Kiril from TC13 and the rest is history

Now I have all the vanilla healers :grin:. Healers are probably the most important aspect of this game actually. We can talk about snipers and damage but nothing beats a good heal in a challenging event!

I agree. Healers are so important, I dont think people realize they’re as important or more important than some of othe other things we obsess over.

Up until the past 10 weeks or so I had an extremely hard time pulling great high damage snipers (especially fast ones) and internally I was all “woe is me” about it because I had a much harder time getting things done than other people.

I failed to see how lucky I was in that I actually was able to complete things I wanted at all because of my healers.

My first 4* ever came from an epic token I got and it was Boldtusk. I was excited to have a 4*, especially one that was a decent tank but I didnt realize how great it was that my first 4* was a hard to kill healer. I probably should of recognized my luck considering I didnt even have Hawkmoon or Belith at the time. My first 5* took longer to get, but I did just one pull from either a holy or event summon just to see what it was like and got Vivica. Ecstatic to get a 5* yes, & I liked her but I still failed to see that she was probably the best 5* for me to hope for at my point in the game. I didnt take noticr she was the only normal 5* healer for quite awhile afterwards


Search for Avicious, GryphonKnight, & Npinky posts.

I also noticed biting the bullet and spending too soon or too much seems to take away from the game for some people. This forum helped me see that

So many people spend a substantial amount on epic/elemental/event summons when their account is 3 weeks to 3 months old and they end up with a roster of a bunch malnourished 4* heroes and a few 5* heroes. Very few of their heroes are at viable levels so they get killed quickly, they can’t decide who they should focus on, they start developing 5* teams before doing most the first map with a couple 3* teams and a 4* team and they dont “learn” how to use new heroes the best way.

They still have enough fun to keep playing, but i feel like newer people should look at them with a humble but cautionary eye. Many of these early big spenders express having trouble color stacking, finishing challenge events, and doing well in wars because of their overrun of heroes who take too long to level instead of focusing on the weaker heroes first— but they still feel reluctant to focus on developing their lower bench because 5* heroes are cool. You can much more easily get 30 viable heroes for war if you let atleast ten of them be 3* heroes. (I have like 16 and I still wouldnt mind about 3 more to make color stacking in wars easier in a quick way but I have decided to focus on 4* heroes I have)

Also imo, a lot of the fun of this game is the satisfaction of getting a long awaited hero, leveling it, and slowly seeing your bench get better and better as time goes on. Spending too much too soon would take away from that thrill. Improvement is fun and if you have too many heroes you’ll feel you “arent getting anything of value for what you’re paying”, because only select heroes will improve your bench.

I hope this didn’t come off as shaming people for spending btw. I also find this game fun enough, engaging enough and distracting enough to spend an allotted amount w/o any regrets. I just want to express i think its best to enjoy the fun of the game and slowly advancing and improving early on instead of worrying about competing in the big leads while your still a small fry.


It really all depends on what your idea of catching up is… as the game currently is there’s not much to catch up on really. Once you are able to complete the ascension item quests and monthly events you have caught up… then it’s just about farming as much as you can for crafting materials and recruits.

As for alliance wars that’s where you will be far behind as you need 6 teams of 5 (mostly 4 star heroes) to be on par with most long term players. However, with the matchmaking system you can join an alliance that’s geared towards newer players and you should be just fine.

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Well, I left “decent” out for a reason, because my first rainbow 5* was just crap. :expressionless: And I’m still stuck with crap on several colors. :cry:

Think it was Khagan 5* 80, Zeline 4* 70 (from free epic summon, but missed asc items for months), Obakan/Rigard 4* 70/, Justizia 4* 70 (missed asc items) and Sonya/Kirill 4* 70. Some months ago I could upgrade blue with okay-Dorn 5* 80.
Still having only bad (=slow AoE) 5* choices for red/yellow, so I often switch to 4* in PvE.

playing for 12 months ( 16 since started minus 4 of rage quit ) and still zero green 5* heroes.

Unlike 3* 3.50 and 4* 3.60, there are very very few good reason to level a crappy rainbow 5* team since most of Empires can be done with a Level 17 Forge and a rainbow 4* 3.60/ 4* 4.70 team.

Though I am taking Joon to 5* 3.70 because his special skill is that awesome, no yellow 4* sniper has blind, Joon 5* 3.70 and Jackal 4* 4.70 ( together they fight crime) work well together.


Was reading everything very seriously and that gave me a chuckle :slight_smile:


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