What to do with fighter emblems?

So Boldtusk finally ended his holdout and popped out of my TC20 today. :raised_hands: Now, I need to decide how to handle fighter emblems. I have Valen at +20, because I was a long time getting any good fighter heroes. Since maxing Valen, I’ve also maxed Poseidon and taken him to +1, but I left the emblems on Valen because I still need him in fighter class trials. Obviously, Boldtusk will eventually replace Valen in those trials, and I have a reset token to reclaim those emblems. The question is, who do they go to?

I know they will garner more talents for Boldtusk, but Poseidon is the Big Dog Daddy on my roster at the moment (only maxed five-star), and is obviously the one who gets the most use in the most places. Boldtusk already seems like a four-and-a-half star hero, though, so is it more prudent to build some strong depth by giving him emblems? (Also, I’m assuming nobody votes for giving emblems to Colen, who I just maxed yesterday.) My current defense team red is Gormek +14, but I expect Boldtusk to displace him eventually. But then, Boldtusk may be replaced by Azlar, who is next up for leveling in red. Anybody have thoughts?


Congratulation on getting Boldtusk :+1: :tada:
IMO, go emblem to Poseidon as max as you can, and put +7 to Boldtusk.
I know *5 is need more resources then *4, but Poseidon is worth emblem.

Edit: OK as @Keisuk3honda said, +7 for boldtusk (so around 105 emblem).

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BT is excellent as fighter, he really gets a second life if he is charged. BTW, I don’t find Gormek or Azlar as huge threads in defence tbh.

I would take him to +7 before keep working on Poseidon. a fully leveled up 5* hero like him is strong enough

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I was in almost the exact same position a few weeks ago.

I took BT to +4. The second level of revive is worth it. Shoot the rest over to posiden and focus on him moving forward.

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Hmm. I haven’t considered splitting emblems before, but this makes some sense.

Well, Gormek was my first maxed red, and I did a def/HP build to make him my tank for a while. So far, I didn’t think it was worth replacing him with Kelile or Colen. I just drew Azlar, and I don’t anticipate switching him in for a while. However, I eventually anticipate a defense team of Azlar, Thorne, Domitia, Poseidon, and Melendor (no legendary green yet). I think I’ll be better off with a five-star rainbow defense team than an emblemed four-star one. F2P like me play the hand they are dealt.

First it depends on how many emblems you have in total.

My suggestion is to go Poseidon+2 and the rest to BT.

Any roster lacking in depth, would usually bring BT everywhere they go so BT has a very long life cycle.

Azlar is a different animal altogether. If you max him, the emblems from Gormek should go to him.

Focus less on defense. Even if BT may not be on your defense one day, offense is still much more important and BT helps that in many ways.


Congrats on finally pulling BT!!! Yes definitely emblem him. His revive will be a game game saver many times. BT will be much more useful than Valen at your point in the game. Maybe just bring him to +4 for now and give the rest to Poseidon.

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Well, I have 46 fighter emblems unassigned. Beyond that, once I max Boldtusk, I’ll reset Valen. According to this, that will net me an additional 233 fighter emblems. That’s 279 fighter emblems, plus whatever I can pick up in class trials (I am pretty handily finishing both fighter trials now) and other various sources between now and the time I max Boldtusk. FWIW, if I gave all those to Poseidon today, he would be at +6 with 14 emblems left over. If I held them all for Boldtusk, I could take him to +11, with 19 emblems left over.

Yes, I anticipate this to be the case.

No question, but that’s a while down the road yet. Unless I pull another legendary red, I anticipate maxing Azlar after Boldtusk. Gotta play the hand you’re dealt, and I’ve been dealt Azlar and 9 mystic rings.

Understand, but it would be nice to have a defense that can keep me in low diamond. I’ve just peeked into low diamond a couple of times to open a chest, although for some reason, my defense seems to have been slightly more effective lately, despite no real changes, other than more emblems.

Definitely. Have been waiting for enough four-star fighters to pull the emblems from Valen, but I just now got them. (Actually, I have Hu Tao also, but too many good yellows in front of him, so he is still at 1^1.) As soon as BT’s power exceeds Valen +20, he gets reset and demoted.


Based on how you’re talking about your roster (emblems on Valen, Poseidon sounds like head and shoulders above the others), I’d suggest heavily embleming Boldtusk. I find my teams most viable when they consist mostly of heroes of similar-ish durability.

Taking an extreme example, if you attacked with Poseidon, Sharkot, Ragnhild, Silthus, and Needler, Poseidon’t revive ability would be worthless. His teammates would quickly get picked off, and then he’d die due to being the only target for even slash attacks. Boosting his stats would also make no difference. I’m sure your exact situation has stronger heroes :slight_smile: but the point is still that Poseidon is probably fine right now as is with your teams.


I’d take BT to +4 or +7 and then give the rest to Poseidon. Revive on a healer is a gut punch to the attacker

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This makes quite a bit of sense. Thanks for the advice.

After Poseidon, my next tier of heroes is Danza + 15, Sabina +14, Gormek +14, Tiburtus +13, Sonya +10, etc. - so yeah, a Boldtusk +7 or so would be about in line. I do have more legendaries on the way, though - Domitia 3^3, Thorne 2^60, and Azlar 1^9 - and the mats (and intention) to max them. At that time, Danza will get reset for Domitia, Sonya will get reset for Thorne, and Gormek will get reset for Azlar. So only taking Boldtusk to +4 or +7 probably makes sense, as eventually, he’ll need to fit in with my second unit more than my first.



Boldtusk is the only red 4* healer.

Boldtusk 4* 4.70 has Defense 711. Only Marjana ( Defense 712 ) has a similar defense among the Classic red 5* Heroes.

My Boldtusk 4*+18 has Defense 840 and HP 1248. Compare to red 5* 4.80- Santa ( Defense 830, HP 1437 ), Anzogh ( Defense 793, HP1279 ), Ares ( Defense 741, HP 1442 )


Personally, I have Valen at 3*+1. Revive will proc ( see notes )

Poseidon at 5*+1 would be nice, just like Valen at 3*+1.

While Gryphonkit, my wife, has Valen at 3*+20 which is a great for non reflect blue Challenge events

Fighter with Healing

Boldtusk, Delilah and Rudolph are the only fighters that can Revive and immediately gain hit points, even on defense ( see notes ).

Boldtusk and Delilah are the only healers for Fighter class quests.

Rumors from Beta say Chef Boldtusk will also be the only healer for class quests in his new class.

Even if you are nuking the Class quest bosses, healers are very handy to reach the Bosses with full battle items.

Boldtusk’s attack buff is also very useful to finish the Class quests.

I often use Boldtusk 4*+18 for farming, Seasonal quests, Challenge events and titans.

So I recommend most people take Boldtusk to 4*+15 at a minimum. Mine is stopped at 4*+18. Gryphonkit is taking her’s to 4*+20 .

Diamond in the rough, er, raid

Depending on the rest of the team, Boldtusk is on several Diamond arena defense teams. IvyData ( see notes ) and several of my teammates.

It helps that Boldtusk

Used to be a red 5* hero until they nerfed him into an actual 4* hero.

Boldtusk 4*+18 is almost as tough as he was before several of the nerfs ( Interestingly Chef Boldtusk nerfs Boldtusk’s attack buff but buffs Boldtusk’s healing past the original amount ).

Boldtusk has a reputation. So many people will reroll if they see Boldtusk on a strong team. Your Onatel would be a nice flank.

I would split the emblems.

Valen at 3*+1 costs 14 emblems. Which you can get back, if a better 3* fighter comes out in the future, without a Reset emblem since it is less than 20 emblems, just by spending gems.

Poseidon at 5*+1 costs 65 emblems. ( Edit: Oops, Poseidon is already at 5*+1 )

I really am a fan of many good heroes at X*+1.

Leaving 200 emblems to get Boldtusk to 4*+8 ( Revive 3/5 or 18% chance ).


Click for notes

Fighters with Healing


Wu Kong Grinder gang


Click for Beta rumors


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That’s pretty impressive. Thanks for that information.

He’s also pretty nice for three-star raid tournaments, but since the loot is going to remain garbage there, and since I only go for completion in challenge events, poor Valen’s days as a superhuman three-star are numbered.

And it’s SUPER annoying when it happens (assuming you are the attacker!)

I did not know that. I can see how that would be possible, though. He’s really good, which is why I’ve been so annoyed that I couldn’t pull him until now.

Except my Onatel is stuck at 3^70 thanks to Poseidon and the rarity of darts (only collected 3 since maxing Poseidon). For a hero whose main ability ceases when she dies, I don’t think that’s ideal. (If I ever get more darts, though…)

This has got me thinking about an eventual defense team of Domitia - Boldtusk - Thorne - Azlar - Poseidon. Firing order is pretty good, and it flanks a blue tank with red heroes, but it wastes 1/3 of Domitia’s substantial defense boost against yellow. Of course, this is based on the heroes I have now and looking down the road a bit to when they are maxed or near maxed. Thorne doesn’t seem to be good for much except tanking, but I can’t assume I’ll pull another blue legendary. Azlar might be kind of squishy for a flank, though.

After reading this thread, I think I will probably take Boldtusk to at least +7. It’s not the revive I want for Poseidon, though. It’s a little more “oomph” behind the Trident of Doom. Right now, the 1-2 punch of Gormek’s Ramming Pulverizer plus Poseidon’s trident is pretty deadly, and I’m loving it!

Thanks, as always, for the solid analysis.

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Personally I would not even care about the loot if it was fun. But the way they have implemented it - one Tourney per week, 75 gems to continue, 5 attacks per day, points for broken defense matchmaking, etc. is a real lost opportunity.



Then take Boldtusk to 4*+1 and give the rest to Poseidon. You can always give Boldtusk more emblems later.

Have fun.

DO NOT click, save yourself, have fun, enjoy the game. Leave your regrets in Season 1. MOR POWR. The Devs have collected enough gamer tears for 2019.



Poseidon 5*+17 only gets Attack +75 ( a 10% increase in tile / matching power ).

Especially with elemental damage, tinted damage, team synergy, color stacking, and the iron loss from resetting emblems ( 3+ million iron for a 4* hero ), I have changed my emblem strategy now that I have 8x 4*+18 heroes and many X*+1 heroes. Now I go the DEF and HP path and give emblems to heroes I want to survive longer versus Bosses and Titans. I am concentrating on 2x rainbow 3* team and 3x rainbow 4* team to help get emblems from Challenge events.

It is a really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really realy really really really really boring strategy.

And it hurts my modder sensibilities. Emblems had so much potential.

I would love to make Wu Kong, Grimm, Scarlett, Melendor, Sabina, all attack, but the way the Devs designed the Class system makes it hard for me to justify to myself. While I still love the class system, especially with the rumors of costumes changing classes, I am still very disappointed in how the class system was implemented. Just shows me that I can both love, and hate, something at the same time.


4* ascension items

I have been playing for 2 years now, and only have 18 darts because my alliance is stuck fighting 5* / 6* titans.

If you want 4* ascension items, as soon as possible, you need Titan loot tier 9+ every day ( generally 9* titans)


I find the tournaments fun-ish, especially the three- and four-star limited events. I get blown away by the spenders when 5-stars are allowed. One of the ostensible purposes of tournaments was to allow players at lower levels to access better loot because they would still be maxing and actively using lower star heroes, where the whales would have moved on to the latest HotM. And to an extent, it has done that, although I’m shocked at how many people seem to have entire rainbow teams of highly emblemed 3-stars. But the purpose of making loot more readily available has clearly been unceremoniously abandoned. 2% chance of a 4-star mat for making the top 1% is not just a joke; it’s an insult. Everyone knows those are the materials that eventually cripple progress… not limit - cripple. I’m not there yet, but I can see it on the horizon. Unless the devs do something to actually make high level loot more available - instead of just talking about it - there is going to be a high burnout rate at some point in the future. Of my 8 legendaries, 4 are yellow. How long will it take to max them with current loot availability? Three years? I like the game, but probably not that much. And two of them are HotM that I will probably never get the full potential from. OK, enough of that rant.

This thought has definitely crossed my mind, but I also want Boldtusk to be part of my high-level war depth, which is why I was thinking about going to +7 with him, at least.

Obviously blowing by the spoiler warning…

That’s good context. Thanks.

I was actually considering such a strategy myself at some point in the future. I would like to get a competent diamond defense team going at least and, as you mentioned, have some fun embleming my first rainbow 5-star team (only missing green now!) But I think it is a sound strategy to have at least 1, if not 2, lower tier rainbow teams for challenge events and the aforementioned fun-ish raid tournaments. Unfortunately, the need to emblem costumes may delay this plan. It may be boring, as you say, but it also might pay off in challenge event loot, which is really quite good near the tippy top. I think those need to be percentage tiers like raid tournaments, but I’m far from the first to say that, either. I might spend some time and effort on a challenge event to make the top 1%, but the top 1? Out of 1.5 million players worldwide (I’m guessing)? Forget that. I’ll take my completion and move on.

Agree. I had hoped for a bit more customization, and I was bummed to see the rather skinny emblem trees on release. I use the def/HP path for almost every hero, except the ones (like Poseidon) who are at their best when they pack a punch.

This also irks me. With all this stuff to do in the game, why are high-level titans basically the only way to consistently get 4-star mats outside the rare quests? Why should I need a giant alliance to access them? I’m in a small friends and family alliance, and apparently, I don’t have nearly enough nerdy friends. I know the devs want to encourage P2P socializing, and that some folks really enjoy that, but the Internet can be a big, scary place, and not everybody enjoys the idea of talking in-game to random strangers who may or may not be across the globe and may or may not be who they say they are. (I realize that I’m doing that on a message board, but what I say and what gets said to me is all public here, and the communication is moderated by some guidelines.) So, we’re going to put out this awesome game, with tons of stuff to do, but the only way to not get stuck waiting on near-impossible drop rates is to join up with a bunch of strangers that you’ll have to explain yourself to if you don’t interrupt your life enough times a day to play this one tiny aspect of the game. It makes no sense.

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