Can't make decision on which red 4* to asecnd first

I have only enough AM for one hero. So please leave your opinion and suggestions.

As you already have Boldtusk in your defense, I guess you are not looking for a defense hero. In that case I will chose Falcon. Falcon is not good for defense so you can keep Boldtusk there. Falcon main selling point is for titan attack and red stack.

Scarlett is also a good option. Gormek should be considered too. But I would say no to Sumitomo or Kelile.

Yes, you’re right. I’m mainly looking for a offense hero. Between Scarlett and Kelile, I personally prefer kelile, cause Scarlett is too fragile and enemy attack debuff is not useful imo. I think I probably will take your suggestion to level up and give mats to falcon. Thanks.

Depends on what you want:

  1. Better titan hits and better hits with Red stacks? Guardian Falcon.

  2. Better hits generally, due to defense down? Gormek

  3. Fast hits that let your team live longer and hit hard? Scarlett.

  4. Fast hits that hit just one target? Kellie. Admittedly I’d would not level her before Scarlett.

  5. The wrong decision? That’s Sumitomo.

Seriously, get Falcon up to 3.60 and decide between him, Gormek, and Scarlett. All 3 of them will be on your titan team for a while.


Thanks bro. Yes, I will go leveling up falcon first and decide later on. I already got Grimm maxed, so I will only use gormek when stacking reds in attack and some tournament forbiding blue. Falcon should be the priority.

I don’t find Scarlett fragile, especially if you get her to fire first. Most heroes become much less fragile when you man them out.

Honestly, Boldtusk-Gormek-Falcon-Scarlett- ( tile manipulator like Wu Kong) is a solid titan team.

Best of luck.

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Where is your Bold Tusk? I I have just a few decent maxed reds, 1 Bold Tusk (and his two lesser brothers), Falcon and Gormek. Falcon is kind of useless without other reds but Gormek (even) mine doesn’t quite cut it either but he has the non elemental defense down.

Instead of Falcon, do Gormek. Falcon is useful IF ONLY you have other fire heroes hitting after him. Otherwise, Falcon’s elemental defense down is only useful on tiles. On the other hand, Gormek hits and defensively debuffs 3 enemy heroes. The defense down inflicted by Gormek can be exploited by other heroes skills and tiles regardless of element.

Gormek is a fine hero, sturdy and beefy. Mine is stuck at 3/60 because of the advent of Wilbur more than a year ago.

This advise is as solid as you could get, except on Gormek once you get Wilbur.

This is my current titan team vs green. I don’t even use Mitsuko/Marjana.

True, Scarlett reduce enemies’s attack thus enable herself and her allies to survive longer.

It seems I should go and maxed Scarlett now.

  1. I don’t have many maxed red hitters, so far I only maxed Boldtusk, then Falcon could be left for future.
  2. I already have Grimm maxed, which is similar to Gormek, the Gormek could also be left for a bit later, only when I am stacking reds.
  3. Even though I have seen many guys in the forum and my alliance saying for Kelile, it seems Scarlett is a little bit more useful than her.

take scarlett she is good for most stuff and due to tile damage, falcon is a hero you will use always, kelile will be useless at some point, gormek is the same.


Depends on your roster.


With your screenshot, none to 4* 4.1 .

Take 1x Guardian Falcon to 4* 3.60 instead, the only 4* elemental defense debuffer.

Leveling plan

But once you have Falcon at 4* 3.60 ,

If you have purple 4* Tibertus at 4* 4.70 then Falcon to 4* 4.70 . Boldtusk, and Falcon, go well together because of very very high defense stats.

If no purple 4* Tibertus 4* 4.70 - and no red 4* Wilbur - then Gormek to 4* 4.70 but even with red 4* Wilbur, you will probably want to level Gormek eventually. Gormek, or Wilbur, gets you a generic / rainbow defense debuff red hero.

After - Gormek 4* 4.70 or Wilbur 4* 4.70 - and Falcon at 4* 4.70 then depends on rest of your roster - including new heroes you acquire - but likely Scarlett 4* 4.70 . Scarlett is a fast attack debuffer that protects your whole team ( I like team heroes better than solo heroes), and herself. But even dead Scarlett increases you red normal/ matching/ tile damage ( grave damage ). Scarlett, and similar hero yellow 4* Guardian Jackal, has a 5* HotM level of attack stat.

Also if you have yellow 4* Wu Kong, leveling Wu Kong - the only 4* mega attack buffer - should be a priority.


Click for notes

Red 4* heroes

(Scarlett or 2nd Gormek)

Basic color stacking

Click for basic color stacking

Advanced color stacking


Mostly for new players lurking and wonder what the heck is going on since leveling plans get complex quickly.


I would rather over explain than assume the OP understands the context of my reasoning.

See also

(4* vs 5* Heroes)

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(Probably an easy question for most of you – Would you take some time and build thing up to level 20 or should I plug away and get my Stronghold to 24 as quickly as possible)


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