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It’s time for Trials of Strength!


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This is the First of the Trials in the 12th Cycle!

NOTE: The Trials officially start at 7:00:00 AM (07:00 GMT). This post is scheduled to go live 1.5 hours earlier at 5:30:00 AM (05:30 GMT).

If you do not see the Class Trial in Quests as of 7:00:00 AM (07:00 GMT), force quitting and reopening the app or restarting your device will usually work.

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How did you do last time on Trials of Strength?

  • Last time I beat all 3 stages
  • Last time I beat just the first 2 stages
  • Last time I beat just the first stage
  • Last time I wasn’t playing yet, or was unable to beat any stages
  • Last time…I’m not sure, they’re all a blur

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How did you do this time on Trials of Strength?

  • This time I beat all 3 stages
  • This time I beat just the first 2 stages
  • This time I beat just the first stage
  • This time I couldn’t beat any of the stages

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Did you need to use a lot of items this time on Trials of Strength?

(hat tip to @JAWS_3D for this question)

  • Yeah, I nuked the bosses from space. Ripley would approve.
  • I used some items to finish off the bosses, but it wasn’t the full arsenal
  • I used support items like mana, banners, healing, and maybe a battle item or two, but nothing too crazy
  • I just used some minor items, like healing, mana, or antidotes
  • I didn’t use any items

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Overall, how do you feel about Trials of Strength?

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  • I love all the Trials equally :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • It’s definitely my FAVORITE of the Trials
  • I like it more than many of the Trials
  • It’s about average for me
  • I dislike it more than many of the Trials
  • It’s definitely my LEAST FAVORITE of the Trials
  • I hate all of the Trials, give me my Emblems and let me get back to farming :rage:

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:left_speech_bubble: Share Your Team & Results!

Post your team in a comment down below, and how you did!

:dizzy: Special Questions for Trials of Strength

  • Fighter Boldtusk and Fighter Delilah are excellent healer options, but of course not everyone has them. Do you have one of them available, and did you bring them along? If not, how did you manage the lack of healers?

  • The Barbarian and Fighter Classes have some big hitters — the “Strength” name for these Trials is no surprise. Did you find it helped to have some strong attackers for your team?

:grey_question: Standard Questions for All Trials

  • Did your team change notably since last time?

  • Have Costumes caused changes to your team?

  • Did changes to your team make the Trials any easier or harder?

  • What items did you use, if any?

  • What are you doing with your shiny new Emblems?

  • If you beat Stage 3, who’s eating the 3* Trainer Hero?

  • Anything else interesting to share?

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I would like advice on what you think I should use for this one:

My Max and definites to use:
Miki (max)
Colen +11
Boldtusk +5

Which other 2 to take from what I have below?
I was thinking Grimm so he stacks with Miki, and then maybe Gormek for defense down? Or Little John for Mana control help. I am not sure.

Sumitomo (3/60)
Hu Tao (3/60)
Grimm (3/60)
Gormek (3/60)
Little John (3/60)


Those seem like good options to me, because Miki + BT + Gormek means going after tile damage — so LJ can help slow their charging while you dump into them.

I normally like Grimm far more than Gormek, but at 3-60, he’ll be hard to keep alive without babysitting.


Here is my trials team, with correct items this time. Should go without a hitch as it usually does.


Used same team as before
GM+18, Elena, Miki, Mosandra, Delilah+17

Was very easy fight as the board really went well
Emblems will go to Delilah and i need to reconsider if i want to level Gm to 19 or should i start someone else

Reset emblem NO


Okay, here we go…another trial without me participating in the last thread. Seems I used the same team as in November. So my team last time might have been something like this, only different in emblems:

This time I’m thinking about switching out LJ and putting in BK, but BK is only on 2/47…

I’ll edit this when I’ve done the trials :slight_smile:

Okay I did it and put in BK. Was easy then :slight_smile:

Fighter emblems will got to BT, barbarian stocked for BK. Trainer will go to BK as well :slight_smile:


Trials of Guv - Strength

Last Time

Click to see last team

History of Guvs Strength

Team This Time

Major change is to swap Grimm out for Kingston in… See how it goes…

Other Options:
Not too many alternatives, not compared to other classes… Got Grimm & Miki sitting there who could work well together but…

Tool used to show my team & Options:

HeroPlan.io - Tool for tracking your profile's progress, sharing it & to Plan your Hero Use for Class Trials, Challenge Events, Wars, Tavern of Legends Titans AND MORE!

The Battle

Autoplay completed round 1 & 2 as usual.

Final Stage Battle - Class Trials, Trials of Strength - 5thFeb, 2020

The Rewards


I just confirmed that I didn’t post on the last trial, thanks to @zephyr1 for a quick access to Jan thread , however the last time team is shown

This time, I swapped out LJ for Azlar 3/60, for two reasons, although LJ mana control could be useful but against 3 red bosses, either he dies so fast or needing lots of items, and comparing stats, Azlar 3/70 appeared better than LJ 3/60. This proved significant in the battle, although I observed quite a number of wasted green tiles, but overall with minimal use of items, Azlar was standing till the end partly also from Magni defense buffs.

The battle

Items used : 3 minor mana pots and 1 minor antidote.

Trainer and emblems banked for now.


My team:

The battle:

Boards were really nice to me this time and thanks to Miki’s special the enemy Azlar fired just a turn before I killed them. No items used.
The new emblems are for Azlar and Magni. Trainer hero to duplicate Boldtusk.


Ah thank you…so I’ll bring BK instead of LJ, hope he can take a hit or 2…but I still have so many revival scrolls :smiley:


At 2/47 BK would be quite weak compared to your emblem LJ, more so if BK’sbspecial skill is not yet maxed, but then it will be fun to see how he turns those damages to just flesh wounds.


I’m not very fond of this trial, because none of my 5-Stars have the right classes, and I don’t have a debuffer either.

My team is same as last time: Colen+18, Boldtusk+1, Grimm+13, Littlejohn+3, and Hu Tao+6.

I was fine until the boss battle, and even managed to kill Elena just as she was about to activate the riposte, but she revived, of course. So I needed 5 super mana pots (for Boldtusk) and then 5 bomb attacks, 1 dragon attack, and 1 axe attack to finish them off without killing myself in the process. The crappy board didn’t help.

I’ll probably emblem Boldtusk and Grimm. The trainer hero will go to the second Guardian Falcon I’m upgrading.

Overall review of this trial: meh.


Forgot about Boldie due to being costumed on the bench. Should be changed, so that one can see all possibilities.

Nevertheless it worked, but only with a bunch of items.

Trainer for Mr. Fireball, momentarily not enough emblems for a decent option.


I see Boomer getting some good use…


Same team as last time, with additional emblem ranks on Kage and Delilah.

  • On the bench: Lancelot, Gretel, Sumitomo, Magni, Poseidon, Panther, BT 1 and 2, Hu Tao, Miki 3.70, Grimm 2, Colen

Got to the bosses with everyone ready except Delilah. It feels good to take boss Elena to half health in your opening salvo. After some tile drops, both Azlar and Elena detonated on me. I just gritted my teeth and pushed forward.

Elena dropped first, finished off with tiles. I then took out the lion in similar fashion. Unfortunately, due to counter-attack and burn damage, I lost Grimm. Press F for respect.

I ghosted tiles until Nashgar’s thorns were gone, and then dispatched him with specials. Before going down, Nash fired his own special at Kingston, which prompted a Nelson “Hah ha!”

Trainer to Zeline, emblems to Kage and… Kingston. I won’t put the next rank on Delilah until she has a troop specifically leveled to take advantage of the mana speed bump, and that could be a ways off.


It was pretty easy with Elena being active when the specials went off. Used only one Tornado.


I did this and did it with ease, only used a fe minor health pots and a mana or 2.

Miki (max - no emblem)
Colen (+11)
Boldtusk (+5)
Little John (3/60)
Gormek (3/60)

Gave the trainer straight to my Elena who I am slowly working on (maxing Wu Kong + Tiburtus first)


Completed it without any problems or items (the board for the bosses was amazing, kept getting red diamonds)

Elena for the fighter emblems. Holding onto barbarian ones as Azlar is one rings away from fourth ascension


Used the usual culprits, they are all pretty strong and gets the job done insanely fast with all the high tile damage. No items were needed for this one. Emblems and trainer hero stored for now. :slight_smile: