Trials of Strength - first impressions

Lots of fun, and great to see the new classes in action! Revive had some weird ghosting effect that I did not quite understand. I cleared the first two levels without needing any battle items, but could not beat the final level bosses on my first attempt!
Update: Beat it on 3rd attempt. Team strength 2768 gormek, grimm, little john, colen as below plus valen. 2x health pots, dragon attacks and tornadoes. Had to revive once as well. Difficult but doable:)

I’m level 36 c2p and only have 6 maxed 4*s and 11 that I am currently leveling or have stopped at 3/60. I also have 20 maxed 3’s.

I used Gormek 3/53, Grimm 3/29, Little John 3/60, Colen 3/60 and Rudolph maxed. My team strength was 2768.

I also have other maxed 3*s to choose from: Azar, Nashgar, Valen and an unleveled Gato. If I attempt it again, I will exchange Rudolph with Valen since all three bosses are red. I would also need to take premium battle items. I’m not sure I can beat it with my current lineup though.

Grimm will get my Barbarian upgrades once he is maxed. The Fighter emblems will go to Boldtusk if and when I ever get him… At that point, I think it will be beatable.

I would love to hear if you manage to clear the final level with a team of under developed 4*s.



I thought it was good fun and fairly straightforward apart from the last bosses which took some beating. Used Kageburado Gormek LJ BT and Gretel. TP about 3300 or so. Needed super antidotes, super heals and turtle banners for the boss, took a miracle scroll but didn’t use it. Probably could just carpet bomb them I imagine.


I’m planning on taking time stops instead of miracle scroll

They go easy with the first, because barbarians and fighters are very common, and much people use and upgrade fast Boldtusk.

A cookie before the hammer.


How many maxed heroes are you going to need to be able to compete in all these challenges???

I have like 2 heroes available for this first challenge that are levelled up. 10 classes and you’re going to need at least 3 maxed heroes for each. I don’t think I even have heroes for all categories yet. Guess these challenges are only for people who have been playing for a while or spend $$$

Will have to give these a skip for the time being.


Want to remember this:

Each Class Quest has three stages.
Easy stage that opens on Player Level 15.
Medium stage that opens on Player Level 20.
Hard stage that opens on Player Level 30.

Not at all @Ggbarnum. You don’t need maxed heroes to play the quests. Only one of mine was maxed, and the OP beat the final stage, recommended TP 4000, with a team of 2768 power. It’s possible, have a go. But everything about this game has always been patience.

Think of it like this, 36 guaranteed emblems (if you beat every quest) of each class every five weeks - for free just from quests (quests twice per week, 10 quests in total at 2 classes per quest). Plus more from chests. You don’t have to pay for heroes just plug away with what you have and see how you get on.

Also think of it like this, in not too much time one of your 3* could become as powerful as a 4*. Your favourite 4* just like a 5*. Handy for titans and wars which means better loot which means more emblems and ascension materials and so on!

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I think it was way too easy. I hope they tune up the difficulty level of at least the last stage. Atlantis hard levels are harder than this and in those, you get to choose the team from your whole roster.


Somewhere (I forget where) I read that in beta the final stage was extremely hard, so they may have tweaked it down a bit. I must admit I was expecting it to be tougher as well.

Let me elaborate:
I was really looking forwards to the challenge of having to pass the quests with limited roster and was hoping it would require items to pass this with a 3500ish team, which I fielded. It was a cakewalk. No items required. Hope I am wrong and some of the other quests will be harder, but looks like this will go into the category of “mindless farming”

I think it is totally ok that the goal (leveling say 10 5* heroes with these) takes 10 years or is unreachable . The fun is in the journey, not the destination. Too easy = no fun in the journey. Also I think its fine if some ppl can buy tickets to get to the destination faster. That’s their loss. They’re missing the journey.


@HappyHippo I have not beat the final level yet! My apologies for not being more precise. I’ve edited the op to clear this up.

Whoops my bad! Good luck @QuickBen :slight_smile:

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I just finished it and the team that I brought 3000k :joy::joy:

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I did get to the final stage without using any items. So, I do think it is possible to beat with my lineup. But, it will take a decent board plus tornadoes, bombs etc.

@Elpis It’s all on the wiki, already. :slight_smile:

I’m fairly new, so I only completed the first level of the Trials and have no real chance of any of the other levels for now. All told, though, I liked it. It was straight-forward and not nearly as hard as I expected it would be. Yay for my first earned emblems!

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I’m yet to do the final level but I like how it forces you to make do with what you have

However I can foresee a lot of frustration for players that have classes with a lack of healers or heavy hitters

I keep pulling Kiril from TC20 for example and it’s really annoying!

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I agree. I have a deep bench of maxed 3s and 4s at 3/60, but I still have some holes to plug, esp regarding healers…

Pulling Kiril is at least better than pulling 10x Carver :slight_smile:


And pulling 100 Carvers is better than pulling Friar Tuck Friar Tuck Friar Tuck Friar Tuck Friar Tuck Friar Tuck Friar Tuck Fire Truck - can’t stand his face as he trolls you for not pulling a 5* :joy::joy::joy:


Or Triar F… As I call him. Oh never mind :laughing:


I beat it with a mono red team of 2 4* and 3 3* (Gormek, Lancelot, Namahage, Nashgar, and Azar, all maxed). I used the 2 middle healing potions, antidotes and arrows.