🔵 [Feb 5, 2020] Trials of Strength Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Switch Poseidon with new 2nd Grimm join! (already maxed today) :sunglasses:
On Bench

The Battle

Boss stage, not all mana charged, but with good board.

I should hold for patient to not use items, but some how I use 1 bomb and 4 heal, it should actually done without use items just like before.
Last Elena revive one times, and finished with HERO MISSING tiles :+1:
Double Grimm is somewhat enjoyable, will try for my raid later.

The Reward

Emblem keep inventroy.
Trainer also keep, no red project currently.

Just like your last trial…

:trophy: :trophy: :trophy:
Better is level 2nd Boldie, one costumed and one wihout costume (I mean Original Costume). So that we can stanby both ready at each trial. I wish I have Boldie costume, I have 2 Boldie maxed ready.


Grimm, Grimm+8, Boldtusk+20, Elena, Azlar

I wish I had more blue heroes at a final level, but it worked too, although I used 3 bombs to reduce bosses attack and minor antidotes to remove burning.


Boldtusk +20
Grimm +20
Azlar +5

Easy victory. Only used one bomb because I needed to burn some iron lol


Used Gormek +3, Little John +9, Grimm +12, Boldtusk +7 and Magni +4 and some minor items (banners)


Team as last time, maybe slightly stronger. I must admit, that I even forgot that Miki is now at 4/80, he could have been useful silencing the bosses’ specials, but after all it was fairly easy.
Little John, Boldtusk, Grimm+20, Elena and Hu Tao gave them hell, together with some Mana and 1 Titan Shield. I think Boss Elena’s special got reversed giving my all of my heroes riposte and they went down, I even could not recognize how fast it went. Emblems will be kept for Miki’s 1st tier (not likely that he will get more) and Boldtusk, who will become 1 of my 3 red 4*s to receive full set of emblems. Trainer went to Grazul, who just made it into my war team- now at 4/78.


This is the best I’ve ever done on a trial quest. Beat all three stages. Used one Potent Healing Potion, two Bear Banners, and two Turtle Banners. This was what I had going in:


Nice job. They’re not expensive but you can probably get through that without the banners. Maybe bring antidotes instead for that burn damage (just in case).

Kudos to @D_DI for my favorite action shot so far :grin:

My team (no changes in a while):

No items used but had a nice showdown with Nashgar at the end:

The purple dragon wasn’t enough to down him but I got the next hit as well so I connected the blue tiles to close it out.


My team this time:

  • Poseidon +4
  • Azlar 4^80
  • Gormek +20
  • Boldtusk +20
  • Little John +10

Compared to last time, Poseidon is up one talent and LJ is up three.

This rivals the Trial of Decimation for my favorite. Mobs go down easily, although I did have to heal right before the boss wave, meaning I didn’t have BT charged going into that. What I did have was everyone else charged, a yellow diamond on the board, and a setup for a green diamond. Fired all the specials and made my green diamond, creating a cascade that made a red diamond. Three diamonds on the board, in each of my three hero colors? Well, you can imagine how it went from there. Lots of specials, lots of tile damage, DoT active. None of the bosses fired, and none of my heroes came anywhere close to dying. No items were used. Noble Weasel is a happy dude.

Barbarian emblems take LJ to +11. Fighter emblems stored up for the Big Fish. Trainer hero to Wilbur, who mercifully finally showed up this Atlantis.


Big change
Took out Grimm +7 and a weak Magni
Put in Azlar and 2nd Boldtusk
Fight :fire: with :fire:

Smoked em big time

Just the counter that did a bit of damage

Saving trainers and emblems


Last time:

This time. In spite of my protestations, full rainbow just made the most sense. Why bring a naked Little John when I have a +17 Gretel locked and loaded?


Then several eye popping cascades later…

Nashgar fired a few times, but that’s it. Gretel pretty much kept everybody down while my kill squad murdered the rest.

Kingston not quite there for his node. Trainer likely saved for Jack Sparrow once I get a sixth ring, most likely from Mount Umber instead of path of valor, but we’ll see.

Ty for the resources as always zephyr. Much helpful. So thanks. Orz


Ok battle lost Kingston And Colen right at the end due to riposte basically taking one for the team so Elena had hardly any health left.
Used a few of the items on the final stage.

Emblems in storage and trainer to falcon


Team this time.
(Thanks a lot to @zephyr1 for linking the last Trial. But obviously did not share anything…:worried:)

Was not an easy fight. Had to invest the axes and the flasks for a victory.

Triton; 4.46 now :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope it was a correct decision?
Really do not know.


BT / Grimm / Elena / Costume Richard / Miki

No items used at all


How is your costumed Richard. Just maxing mine now. Is he better as a Tank with or without costume?

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I used same team as last time:

BT +19 / Grimm +18 / Elena 3-70 / Gormek +14 / Colen +4

I think BT and Gormek gained some emblems.

I must be getting better though or just had very good boards) as I used no items for the first time ever in a class trial :+1::laughing:


Dude who does that Star Wars music in that video?

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Same team as last time. This one’s
Pretty straightforward thanks to Miki. So long as Elena doesn’t fire (no dispeller) it’s all
Smooth sailing


It’s a DJ Team


My team and completed.


Went in with high hopes for my rag tag team and got the job done! I managed to keep LJ alive, and between him and Miki, the bosses didn’t fire once. A solid cascade about halfway through really helped, and I somehow managed to take out Elena first.

In order as shown, 3.62, +1, +14, 3.60, and 3.70.

Emblems to Grimm and banked for Kingston; and trainer for falcon.

BT is still avoiding me like the plague :frowning: