🧪 Early Information on New Clash of Knights Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v42]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on the initial release of the first Alliance Quest called Clash of Knights Heroes.

Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

New Event – Clash of Knights (Alliance Quest) !

:tophat: Clash of Knights Heroes

There are a total of eight (8) new heroes added to Beta for testing; these have been indicated to be for a new Alliance Quest called “Clash of Knights”.

*The names of the new heroes are: Ludwig, Wolfgang, Esme, Quenell, Wren, Ferant, Aderyn and Betulf

:hugs: Family Bonus

There will be 2 Families.
All 4 Legendary heroes are from Wolf Family.
Among 3 and 4 star heroes there will be 1-1 hero from each family.

Wolf family:

Families give bonuses for each unique Hero of the Same Family in Battle.

Bonus for 2/3 Heroes:

  • 35% / 50% chance to make a cast buff undispellable

Raven family:

Families give bonuses for each unique Hero of the Same Family in Battle.

Bonus for 2/3 Heroes:

  • 35% / 50% chance to make a cast ailment uncleansable

Event Hero Bonus:

The members of this family have additional perks in the Clash of Knights event.

5 :star: – Legendary Heroes

  • Ludwig
  • Wolfgang
  • Esme
  • Quenell

Ludwig -- Click for Beta Information (Extremely Likely to Change)

Ludwig – Beta Info & Stats (extremely likely to change)

Rarity: Legendary/5*
Gender: Male
Power: 816

Attack: 723
Defense: 844
HP: 1442

Class: Paladin
Element: :new_moon_with_face: Dark (Purple)

Mana Speed: Slow
Family: Wolf

Special Skill: Defensive Approach Fullmetal Pelt

  • The caster gets taunt that prevents enemies from using Special Skills on the caster’s allies for 6 turns.
  • The caster gets +84% defense against Special Skills for 6 turns.
  • Nearby allies receive mana each turn for 6 turns. Received mana increases each turn until the last turn, when 100% mana is received.

Wolfgang -- Click for Beta Information (Extremely Likely to Change)

Wolfgang – Beta Info & Stats (extremely likely to change)

Rarity: Legendary/5*
Gender: Male
Power: 816

Attack: 768
Defense: 784
HP: 1450

Class: Fighter
Element: :sun_with_face: Holy (Yellow)

Mana Speed: Average
Family: Wolf

Special Skill: Commander’s Action Gauntlet

  • Deals 250% damage to all enemies.
  • The caster reduces all received damage by -50% for 4 turns.
  • After 4 turns, the caster boosts health of all allies by 600.

Esme-- Click for Beta Information (Extremely Likely to Change)

Esme – Beta Info & Stats (extremely likely to change)

Rarity: Legendary/5*
Gender: Female
Power: 816

Attack: 762
Defense: 780
HP: 1477

Class: Sorcerer
Element: :snowflake: Ice (Blue)

Mana Speed: Average
Family: Wolf

Special Skill: Destructive Jinx Fiendslayer

  • Destroys all Fiends from all allies.
  • Recovers 40% health for all allies.
  • If an ally had Fiends they will be immune to new Fiends for 4 turns.

Quenell -- Click for Beta Information (Extremely Likely to Change)

Quenell – Beta Info & Stats (extremely likely to change)

Rarity: Legendary/5*
Gender: Female
Power: 816

Attack: 795
Defense: 760
HP: 1433

Class: Ranger
Element: :leaves: Nature (Green)

Mana Speed: Fast
Family: Wolf

Special Skill: Buffed Up Offense Howling Sword

  • Deals 320% damage to the target and nearby enemies.
  • The caster gets additional +40% power for the next Special Skill they cast. The additional power increases +40% each turn, up to +200% in total.

4 :star: – Epic Heroes

  • Wren
  • Ferant

Wren -- Click for Beta Information (Extremely Likely to Change)

Wren – Beta Info & Stats (extremely likely to change)

Rarity: Epic/4*
Gender: Female
Power: 680

Attack: 675
Defense: 643
HP: 1281

Class: Rogue
Element: :leaves: Nature (Green)

Mana Speed: Fast
Family: Raven

Special Skill: Perceptive Bash Squire’s Squirrel

  • Deals 240% damage to the target.
  • All hit targets get -34% attack for 3 turns.
  • If the target has buffs and is hit, targets another enemy with buffs. If none of the other enemies have buffs, targets a random enemy. The damage is reduced on each consecutive hit. Each enemy can only hit once.

Ferant -- Click for Beta Information (Extremely Likely to Change)

Ferant – Beta Info & Stats (extremely likely to change)

Rarity: Epic/4*
Gender: Male
Power: 680

Attack: 635
Defense: 595
HP: 1474

Class: Druid
Element: :fire: Fire (Red)

Mana Speed: Average
Family: Wolf

Special Skill: Powerful Parry Feral Revenge

  • The caster and nearby allies counterattack with 135% of the received damage for 5 turns.
  • The caster and nearby allies decrease -10% mana from the attacker on each counterattack for 5 turns. The effect gets diminished for consecutive activations during the same turn.

3 :star: – Rare Heroes

  • Aderyn
  • Bertulf

Aderyn -- Click for Beta Information (Extremely Likely to Change)

Aderyn – Beta Info & Stats (extremely likely to change)

Rarity: Rare/3*
Gender: Female
Power: 480

Attack: 451
Defense: 497
HP: 844

Class: Sorcerer
Element: :new_moon_with_face: Dark (Purple)

Mana Speed: Average
Family: Raven

Special Skill: Pain Management Apothecary Kit

  • Recovers 32% health for all allies.
  • All enemies gets -50% decrease for any healing for 4 turns.

Bertulf -- Click for Beta Information (Extremely Likely to Change)

Bertulf – Beta Info & Stats (extremely likely to change)

Rarity: Rare/3*
Gender: Male
Power: 480

Attack: 491
Defense: 460
HP: 820

Class: Monk
Element: :sun_with_face: Holy (Yellow)

Mana Speed: Average
Family: Wolf

Special Skill: Magnificent Meal

  • All allies get +100% normal attack for 4 turns. This effect can be active in addition to effects that alter attack in general. Normal attacks can have a total maximum of +160% increased power while this effect is active.

:mantelpiece_clock: Beta Updates

  • Sep 15, 2021 – added for first look testing.

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Ludwig is a purple BK, but is mana based.

Esme, neat fiend counter, which is needed


Lol what a joke seriously…

Undispellable 6 turns taunt + 85% + mana gain def possible on the purple 5* WTF…

Hard counter to Elizabeth and Blue… it was really not necessary as there are already too many existing counters.

Other 5* are also broken but why bother comment anyway :roll_eyes:


The insanity continues…


The 3 star Tarlak (Bertulf) is also nice :slight_smile:
But I agree most of them are OP especially if the buff / ailments will turned to undispellable/uncleasable.


These heroes are actually comical. I was ok with the slayers and even the tower of magic. They had some things where I found more faults. A few of these are simply berserk and OP.


Stop with the new events already for gods sake! There’s so many new heroes already in the game it’s not even possible to remember them all, and most importantly the ascension materials are as rare as they used to be, so its impossible to even ascend anything anymore or you have to hold your ascension materials. Also roster space is getting so tight. I dont like to pay 300 gems (does it get even more expensive at some point?) per 5 slots which just fills with new 3* heroes that I have to wait months before I can even level them up, cant keep up with food and feeder heroes for everything.

Edit: Yeah I agree with @ProfLoki, new events are cool, but new heroes aren’t needed for every damn new event. There’s been too much of them lately and too little you give us so that we could even use them. I haven’t still levelled the 3* heroes from first Villains event and barely any of the 4* heroes from any of the new events, I just dont have enough feeders&food.


New events are cool. New alliance feature are extremely cool. But does it need to add yet another new summon?


Yes the cost to expand you roster goes higher then 300 gems, currently for me it’s 500 gems for 5 slots, currently at 353 slots. Screenshot_2021.09.15_10.24.29.561


Ludwig is a nice twist on a taunt hero. This is a powerful skill. It does match his mana speed. Good luck in very fast wars. The chance for undispelable is going to be the most annoying part here. You have to kill him and then dispel his allies. That won’t be easy.

Wolfgang: at first I thougth he might be a wing hero and last man kinda guy. That heal after four turns is interesting. I can’t imagine planning for it, but it could be a savior.

Esme: hey a fiend destroying hero! But yet another blue healer. Definitely something we need. Not sure we need another blue healer though.

Quenell: that’s a lot of damage at fast speed. And she gets more powerful as the fight goes on! @JekylandHyde might have to replace costume Elkanen (if you can get her to 7 tiles).

Wren: a four star Finley but gives attack down instead. This will be a decent hero for buff booster tournaments. Not only will she hit more heroes, but then also flip their potential attack buff.

Ferant: I don’t need another counterattacking four star (I don’t use any of the three I have to begin with). The second part of the skill is very intriguing. If I understand correctly, it will make it very difficult for an offense to charge a special.

Aderyn: yay a dark rare healer! Interesting secondary effect. Will be nice for raid tournaments.

Bertulf: 3 star attack booster! Obiouviously I want him, but will I find myself using a three star hero on Dark titans?


My God, seriously? Another new event and new summon portal? We can’t even finish a new event without another one already in beta! SG makes it more and more obvious by the day that they will push new summon portals with OP heroes after new portal, before they make any legit QOL improvements. I dont know why anyone would try to be competitive in this game anymore, at this point. Who has the money to try to keep up with the new heroes that are CONSTANTLY being released! And Telluria and Vela are still nerfed into the ground lol. This will never end. Time to cut our losses.


I think it is mana cut.

Agree, I mean, this is a great surprise for alliance to grow titan hit as a Aliance quests, who does not have attack booster heroes, unfortunately it is a Rare not Epic like Sergei in Magic Tower.
My alliance titan is 10*-11*, I still use Brienne for defdown and Nordri for element defdown.


And the hero everyone will want is Esme for their fiend killing abilities.

At first I thought the Ludwig would make Krampy obsolete due to the longer taunt, higher defense and mana but Krampy is average speed, has minions and buffs all others attack regardless of Formation. I can see Ludwig being chased by those without Krampy and those with, if they get him, will compare them to see which one they prefer on defense. I don’t think Ludwig will be the Krampus killer I first thought he might be.

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lol wtf Quenell is broken asfk. 320% to 3 is the highest fast speed hit-3 in game and the does +40% each time up to 520% to 3…

Wolfgang kind of OP as well.


Season 1 hero, Khagan, says hello.

Khagan is slow, very squishy and stops at 360%.


Khagan is slow and has significantly lower attack stat.

Tbh, even Faline was borderline OP and how this hero does even more damage.


Thanks for info. Twenty playing for fun. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Ludwig will be awesome in rush. Either tank or flank. Will need to bring malosi or double dispel. Or just good old mana control and never let him fire.

I’m sure someone will come with 220,000 gems on this portal. Shut up n take my money. Lol.
Im like the yellow 3* atk booster. Nice