🧪 Early Information on New Clash of Knights Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v42]

A hero that has a possible undispellable taunt with an 84% defensive boost in specials and it lasts six turns? What a bunch of nonsensical garbage. Oh and at the end all of your heroes get 100% mana. :see_no_evil:😵‍💫


when is this event schedule for, next year?

I have no official information on this, but I would not be suprised if we will see it in October.
(Like the Tower is released very soon after we have seen it in Beta)
I am not sure will it replace any challange events or SG will find some “empty slot” for it.


They will just push an old event that is not producing money even further

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Most of them are considering their family bonus.

Eh, it’s beta. These heroes will be less powerful at release.

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with too many new events/heroes i feel like watching The avengers Endgame where SG/thanos had found six infinity stone to destroy half of the population…But no worries empire and puzzle will be changing name to ETERNALS and Puzzles!!!

to be honest my head spinning seeing too many heroes where many players dunno what their skills are!!1


At slow speed, this guy doesn’t seem OP. Malosi, lepiota, onix, c. Sabina, mist just to name a few counters. Plus plenty of time to just tile him to death.

Mages are, imo, way more OP than these heroes.

Yeah let’s add more OP heroes while the game has a significant lag issue. Lets work on what’s important first.


At this point, I am not even surprised. Bring on another new thread with new event coming up within two weeks and 5+ OP heroes, and I won’t even blink.

Esme… i just… destroys all fiends + powerful heal. Why did you release fiend heroes then if they are to become absolutely useless? I have never seen such imbalance…

Alliance quest tho? I’m intrigued but not hopeful that it will give any good rewards to smaller guys.


if you bring this event out like this, it will break many alliances as many alliances cannot complete the quest. I would put it as a normal event as usual an alliance task as an event would certainly be grueling for many players

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still… asked for pandas… got wolves and ravens… hhahaha.
ugh … maybe someday … * sigh *


I get it they need money to run… I don’t think it would hurt to … give us a little more space so we can enjoy the game …


Is Quenell’s additional power is undispelled ? Like She just wait 5 turn after first fire, and next fire will be always 320%+200% ?

Wow, I have just tested Ludwig’s mana increase buff. And it is more OP than anything I have seen in the game…
These are the mana charge amounts turn by turn: 17%, 33%, 50%, 67%, 83%, 100%.
So “just” 350% in 6 turns…
And if you have 2 other Wolf family members in the battle, then you have 50% chance that this is undispellable buff. (Like the Taunt).
So if you can not kill the hero or dispell the buff, and you have heavy hitters (Odin, Morel, Frigg) nearby (which can be 4 hero in double formations), then it is game over in less than 6 turns for you…


Wheee!!! A 4* Finley, and. 4* Elena!!! Can it please slow down… :pensive:

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Bring 4 purple and Chameleon???

Better than Elena it seems…

Have so many unfinished heroes that I would like to finish first and yet SG just keeps releasing OP heroes every month… Crazy.


Undispellable buffs?
Guardian chameleon: how adorable, these wolves think they can just set up all over me.
Anyone with g cham should train them now to deal with those BS wolves


Yeah…it’s getting there fast enough…one hero in the mix against you…move a tile or two. Your entire team gets vaporized, …have that hero on your attack mix…move a tile or two…annihilate all enemies.

And Esme is really welcome, viable direct counter to the now rampant fiends dishing heroes…

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