First Challenge Event, Pirates of Corellia, starts today!

:crossed_swords: Our very first Challenge Event, Pirates of Corellia, starts TODAY, so get ready to battle! Compete with other players for amazing prices. You can find the Event on the Quest map.

:crossed_swords: Please remember to check out the Rules and our new FAQ on the event below!

:crossed_swords: We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the Challenge Events. Please share your feedback on this dedicated forum thread: Challenge Events Feedback.


Challenge Events - Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is also available on our official Quick Help & FAQ page.

What is a Challenge Event?
Challenge Event is a limited time Quest where all participating players compete for a high score.

When do Challenge Events happen?
Challenge Events appear once a month. A Challenge Event lasts for about 3 days.

Who can participate in a Challenge Event?
All players who have unlocked the Quests can participate. The separate difficulty tiers of a Challenge
Event may have additional requirements that need to be fulfilled.

What should I do in a Challenge Event?
Your goal is to play the stages and defeat monsters to increase your master score. The better your
Master Score is, the better your placement is in the leaderboards.

What is a Master Score?
Master Score is the combined score from all stages (completed or not) within a difficulty tier. Your
Master Score defines your ranking on the global leaderboard.

What affects the Score gained from a Stage?
Many factors, such as how much health your heroes have at the end of a stage, affect the score you get.
The results screen at the end of a Stage shows the factors affecting the score in more detail.

Can I get a different Master Score on different difficulties?
Each difficulty tier in a Challenge Event has a separate Master Score, leaderboards and rewards. You can
try to reach the top position on all difficulty tiers if you so choose.

The stages are very difficult! There’s no way I can complete them all.
The stages in Challenge Event, no matter what difficulty you choose, are much more challenging than
elsewhere in game. Even the most powerful heroes with the best tactics are intended to face very tough
battles in a Challenge Event!

Is there any benefit in completing all the Stages?
Completing all stages of a specific difficulty will give you a one-off completion reward. You can check the
contents of the completion reward from the Challenge Event menu.

The bosses in the Challenge Event are cool! Is it possible to get them as Heroes?
All bosses faced in a Challenge Event are also available in the Event Summon. The top Event rewards
also include some of these Heroes.


Challenge Event - Rules & Tips

The goal of a Challenge Event is to get a high master score. The players with the highest master scores win exclusive loot at the end of the event.

Master Score is the combined score of all stages within a difficulty tier. Each difficulty tier has a separate master score. Stages can be replayed for the best possible score.

The score from each stage is defined by the enemies defeated, speed of completion and the amount of hero health left at the end of a stage. Big combos and great matches are also taken into account. Using Continues has a negative effect on the stage score.

The different Difficulty Tiers have limits on what heroes, troops and battle items can be used in the fights.

Challenge Event Requirements

There are three difficulty tiers for the upcoming Event; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. This event has limitations on what Heroes, Troops and Battle Items you can use each tier. Here are the full tier requirements:

  • Beginner: 3* heroes or lower, 2* Troops or lower, 2* Battle Items or lower
  • Intermediate: 4* Heroes or lower, 3* Troops or lower, 3* Battle Items or lower
  • Advanced: 5* Heroes or lower, 4* Troops or lower, 4* Battle Items or low


  1. Using Battle Items can be extremely effective in Challenge Events.

  2. Some enemies in Challenge Events have an Elemental Barrier. These enemies reflect all damage back from their own element.

  3. Completing a difficulty tier for the first time gives an extra Tier Completion Reward that is not tied to the score.