👑 [Jul 2020] Knights of Avalon Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

I made several reruns but I don’t skip anything… because I want the stage loot :joy:. I accept all: wooden swords etc!

Holy :hankey: that almost seems like it’s not worth it considering how many items/flasks you burned and what you got in return.

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  • Rare: Top 1k

  • Epic: Top 500 (first time attempting)

  • Legendary: Top 10k

  • Summons: Hoping for Bauchan, Merlin, Lancelot


  • Rare: Used several teams depending on the level including:
    Mono red: Ei-Dunn, Namahage x3, Azar+CB
    Mono green: C.Brienne, Isshtak+CB, Berden+CB, Mnesseus x2
    4-1 Red stack: C.Brienne, Ei-Dunn, Namahage x3,

  • Epic: Boldtusk, Wilbur, G.Falcon, Scarlett, Sumle

  • Legendary: Boldtusk, Wilbur, G. Falcon, Scarlett, Gravemaker+9

Power leveled Sumle, and it was my first time using him for an event. Was frustrating b/c it felt like he missed more than 20% of the time. But if he actually hit when there was only 1 enemy left, he did massive damage.


Only used 2 WE flasks for Rare. I think I could’ve gotten 10-20k points higher easily because I didn’t replay stage 8 and 13-15. Only started replaying and pushing on Epic on the last day and used 18 WE flasks. Unfortunately I had terrible luck with the boards/combos and failed miserably in trying to get to top 500. Also blew like ~250 bomb attacks, ~250 axes, mana potions, etc. Was extremely frustrated and disappointed. Didn’t get to replay or push on legendary at all. Hopefully, I’ll be able to hit top 500 epic and top 1k legendary next time.


If I had gotten the dart from Epic top 500 reward, it would’ve made 12 darts in inventory. Have Vivica sitting at 3/70 (for like 9 months lol) and Malosi at 1/1. The tabard makes 9 tabards total in inventory. Have Freya at 2/60 and Clarissa at 2/60. The 6 ETT’s make a total of 24 ETT’s in inventory. Will probably use them when the next PoV starts; still need a green mana troop.


6 summons total with coins only. Only notable was Sir Lancelot who will be leveled and added to my mono red challenge event team. Might replace BT. Saving gems for Pirates in hopes of Finley, Kestrel or Locke.

Edit: Ugh, based on @vanZille’s scores, I think I only needed 4k more points on Epic to get into top 500 :sob:


I’ve been in same situation where just can’t get to Epic top 500. Congrats on Rare top 1000, and Sir Lancelot though!

Only 2 WE flasks for Rare - wow!

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I competed in Rare for the first time. I’m an inefficient eventer, so used lots of WE flasks but not too many arrows/axes/small mana.

Main team
Wabbit/3 Nama/Wabbit

2 challenge coins pulls: Berden, and another 3*

I got my tabard from Rare! I also got a second tabard from MV a couple of hours later! :exploding_head:


This has only been my 3rd time competing. You’ll get more efficient the more you do it! Great results for first time. If you have the heroes and battle items, I’m sure you can do it for epic too.

Nice for mystic vision too! I remember one time I got darts and rings from mystic vision within the same week. Haven’t gotten anything that good for months haha

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Same, been playing almost 2 years and only one event or seasonal 5*, Gazelle… Used to hand over the cash too but no more!

Is rare too 1000 to get the tabard? On top says top 100

Yes, tabard for Rare top 1000.

I left it late, and was working on Rare until 20 minutes before the event ended! :joy: I’m happy to stick with either Rare or Epic. Thanks for the encouragement though. :smile:

I think you used up your Mystic Vision luck for a while. :sweat_smile:

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Maybe, but all items I used can be forged, the EHT, ETT, 4star mats, Titan flasks etc can’t, so I think it’s worth it :slightly_smiling_face:


I am quite happy with Avalon for my main because this was the first time I was able to complete a Legendary difficulty in any monthly event. For the first 14 stages, I took Kingston +1, Melendor +11, Wilbur +6, Kelile +18, and Proteus +20. For the final stage I took two heroes who weren’t maxed. Costumed Rigard and G. Panther. The complete team was Proteus +20, G. Panther at 4-62, Wilbur +6, Kelile +18, Costumed Rigard at 4-67. Only had to use 2 time stops and 4 Super Mana Potions. I wanted to nuke Guin first so that is why I took the three dark and the two reds were for LoTL. Arthur, I had faith in my triple dark heroes’ tile damage that they would nuke Arthur. Especially with attack up, general defense down and dark defense down.


Sorry I missed getting this out in time for the event (see my comments for the Pirates one). Here it is for the next time Avalon rolls around.

Expand to copy into game chat

Knights of Avalon
Reflected: :elementice:
[#4396ff]KA = King Arthur
[#ff2508]BK = Black Knight
[#f4d03f]G = Guinevere
[#10ff18]LotL = Lady of the Lake
MLF = Morgan Le Fay
[#ff2508]SL = Sir Lancelot
[#a569bd]M = Merlin
[#ff2508]B = Bauchan

Element(s) for waves 1 & 2 / Boss stage in order
1: :elementice::elementdark: / :elementdark: [#ff2508]B :elementdark:
[#ffffff]2: :elementice::elementnature: / :elementice: [#ff2508]SL :elementice:
[#ffffff]3: :elementice::elementnature: / :elementnature: [#a569bd]M :elementnature:
[#ffffff]4: :elementice::elementnature: / :elementice: [#f4d03f]G :elementice:
[#ffffff]5: :elementice::elementnature: / :elementnature: [#10ff18]MLF :elementnature:

6: :elementice::elementdark: / :elementice: [#ff2508]BK :elementice:
[#ffffff]7: :elementice::elementdark: / :elementdark: [#10ff18]LotL :elementdark:
[#ffffff]8: :elementice::elementnature: / :elementice: [#4396ff]KA :elementice:
[#ffffff]9: :elementice::elementnature: / [#ff2508]B SL [#a569bd]M
[#ffffff]10: :elementice::elementnature: / [#10ff18]LotL [#a569bd]M

11: :elementice::elementnature: / [#ff2508]SL BK
[#ffffff]12: :elementice: / [#f4d03f]G [#10ff18]MLF
[#ffffff]13: :elementdark::elementnature: / [#ff2508]B [#4396ff]KA [#a569bd]M
[#ffffff]14: :elementice: / [#ff2508]SL BK [#10ff18]MLF
[#ffffff]15: :elementdark::elementnature: / [#10ff18]LotL [#4396ff]KA [#f4d03f]G

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It’s absolutely okay, man. Thank you for taking time out to doing this. Really appreciate your efforts! :grinning:

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Out of all the challenge events and special events, Knights of Avalon is my favorite. I don’t know much about the ninjas of the ninja tower, as it is relatively new at the time I am writing this, but all the other genres of heroes from other special events have many great, average and not so good heroes from each rated category. The point I am trying to get across here is that you are only as good as your weakest link, as the saying goes. Of the 5* heroes in KOA, the weakest link is probably universally accepted as being King Arthur himself. And King Arthur ain’t bad. Most of us would find a spot for him in our top 30-50 heroes. Any experienced passionate player of Puzzles and Empires would jumpo at the other four, Guin, BK, LotL and Morgan LF. And as far as 4* heroes go, Merlin is pretty amazing.


I agree. While other challenges like Corellia (where not every 5* are very good), Avalon is similar to Wonderland : full of amazing heroes. I was lucky enough last time, I pulled Lancelot, Merlin, Lady of the Lake and Guinevere, so I’m not sure I will try again to get Black Knight or Morgan le Fay… Even though it’s pretty tempting.

And one of the best red 3* in Bauchan!

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Question is this monster chart up todate? Because on legendary stage one the chart shows Blue and purple monsters. I just played it 3 times and all 3 times I had only Blue and Green monsters no purple at all. :thinking: am I trippin or is there something wrong?

Note I didn’t get any purple playing the game and i got green which shouldn’t have been an option to begin with

Youre on a thread from July 2020.

Here’s the December 2020 version: 👑 [Dec 2020] Knights of Avalon Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

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