[Guide, Camps, Roster] What camps to run, and for how long, often depends on your roster

Map Season 01 Elite Mobs

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To pass Map Season 1 ( MS01 ), Elite mobs


10x Antidotes ( Forge 3 ) helps versus status ailments

20x Heal 100 HP also a big help

Basic Color Stacking ( see notes )

1.5-5, 1.8-4 Purple Elite Mobs, stack Yellow

1.6-3 & 6, 1.7-5 Green Elite Mobs, stack Red


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Basic Color Stacking

First 3* team

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Always hit the titan or Escaped / Reduced / Titan loot tier 1

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As a Teeny account ( Legendary recruit training ( RT20 ) not yet unlocked ), ALWAYS hit the Titan at least once

100+ k is my main account, It should be a percentage of your maximum storage for food and iron

You are still getting 100+ k of food and iron even if the titan escapes, you get reduced loot, you get Grade D, you get Titan loot tier 1, etc.