Help me set my defense

Was thinking of using something like


How’s inari next to ursena? Conceptually i feel like could be a good pair


From the looks of things you’ve spent some heavy $$ in a pretty short period of time & have a lot of really good heroes!

I’ll offer up some GENERAL advice first:

And also this thread is a good read:

back to your question!

Help you with a defence team

defence now:

`Alberich -> Richard -> Onatel -> Marjana -> Kingston`

Defence Future

Thres options I’ll put forward

Option 1:
Pretty decent one, using both healer and a fair bit of attack power
Alberich -> Tyr -> Ursena -> Onatel -> Kingston

Option 2:
More attacking setup than the last one
Kingston -> Tyr -> Ursena -> Onatel -> Marjana

Option 3:
Makes use of the Y-P-Y defence setup. Can swap alberich out for one of the right wing snipers
Alberich -> Poseidon -> Ursena -> Onatel -> Tyr/Kingston/Marjana

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Thank you pal, which of the three options you think gives the best results?

Try them each out for a day and see, otherwise use the one you have the highest leveled heros to fill out

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A little update…i got mitsuko, magni and telluria…how do they fit in my defense? Where would u use em?
How would u set my defense?
Also, my maxed red are grazul and marjana…where do i use my next lot of rings? Mitsuko , Jf or tyr??

Mitsuko, IMHO.
But leave her alone until you’ve got them.

Telluria is the best tank in the game, but if you use her you’ll have to drop Alby and Kingston… It’s a lot of change.

Guessing no more maxed since the pics in post 1?

In that case…
Alby - Richard - Onatel - Marjana - Kingston

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I have +8ursena forgot to mention her and magni

Okay so Ursena now maxed changes things.

Though TBH it probably just pushes Onatel off defence since she really wants to tank… Ursena just does it better.

Magni maxed is more complicated…
You’d have to take Kingston’s emblems for him to run iy, which pushes Kingston off defence.
If you do that, Magni flanks and Marj wings normally - but then you have two blue flanks which isn’t ideal.

What about poseidon/ursena/telluria/magni/marjana or kingston/onatel/ursena/magni/tyr?i d have to share emblems but that’s ok

Are all these maxed?

If not, play with what you have maxed first… Choose hero’s based on attacking capabilities and build the best defence from what you chose for attacking.

Not yet but i have all the mats to upgrade em…
I just dont know which to upgrade first

I can’t find the prefect fit for your team, however I think that a center of defense with Mitsuko flank - Telluria Tank - onatel flank would be interesting for mana control. With that you could add 2 fast snipers as wings to add a bit more speed and punch.

It’s only an idea though

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