Critical Damage - A Short Guide to Understanding

Critical Damage

Short how-to / guide to understanding

So essentially this was triggered by a query & not being able to really find an over-arching explanation of the Critical Damage in game.

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:question: What is Crit Damage?

Essentially Critical Damage is a boosted attack that CAN apply to normal attacks made by heroes. In offence this is Tile Damage (i.e. when you throw tiles / shields at the enemy). In Defence this can come in the form of the Slash Attacks.

Critical Damage is a Multiplier which is applied the BASE damage calculation when successful (NOTE: per post by @Dwimmerlaik, the Elemental Resistance is applied separately).

The Multiple on the BASE DAMAGE (pre elemental resistance) is 2.0 * Normal Damage.

  • For “Strong” elemental hits it becomes: 200 damage, critical hit: 300 damage (100 base * 2 for strong + 100 crit)
  • For “Weak” elemental hits it becomes: 50 damage, critical hit: 150 damage (100 base * 0.5 + 100 crit)

All heroes start with a Critical Damage Chance of 0%. This can then be increased via Troops & special skill buffs.

:grey_question: How do I get Crit-Damage

As stated above, all heroes start with a base 0% chance of dealing Crit Damage (i.e. will always just be a normal attack).

There are 5 ways to get Critical Damage in the game at this point:

  1. By equipping a Crit-Troop
  2. By having a special skill which boosts Critical Chance
  3. Class Emblem “Critical” Node
  4. By having a Family Bonus
  5. By hitting the “weak” or “stun” spot on a titan

:crossed_swords: Critical Troops

Each element has a couple of options for equipping a Crit troop.

  • 2x 3* “Critical Troops” in each colour
  • 1x 4* “Critical Troop” in each colour
Click to see Crit Troops

Graphics made by @N.o.X: Troops summarized
Green Troops:

Red Troops:

Blue Troops:

Yellow Troops:

Purple Troops:

As you level the Crit Troop up, there are a couple ‘break-points’ which increase the chance of Crit Damage (similar to the mana troop)

Click for "break-points" on a 4* Crit Troop

The levels at which the Critical Chance goes up for a 4* crit troop are:

  • Level 1 = 7%
  • Level 3 = 8%
  • Level 7 = 9%
  • Level 10 = 10%
  • Level 14 = 11%
  • Level 18 = 12%
  • Level 21 = 13%
  • Level 25 = 14%
  • Level 30 = 15%

While all Different Crit Boost sources stack, multiple crit troops do not directly stack up (read “add together”)… They do however (essentially) AVERAGE out to overall increase the likelihood of getting a “crit strike”. Read more on this in @zephyr1’s comment below.

NOTE: The Critical Damage is still static at 200% normal damage; More crit troops doesn’t change this.

:mage: Special Skills

Special skills are another way of adding to your chances of dealing Critical Damage. These stack onto the chances added by Crit Troops.

Heroes currently in the game who have a “Critical Chance” buff in their Special Skills:

  • Melia (3* Yellow Atlantis Hero) - +36% for all
  • Shadereave (4* Red Valhalla Hero) - +30% for all
  • Ares (5* Red Gen 1 HotM) - +36% for nearby
  • Gregorion (5* Green Gen 1 HotM) - +30% for all
  • Guardian Chameleon (5* Green Event Hero) - +36% for all

There are also 5x recent Heroes of the Month who have a +10% Critical Buff in the Elemental Link. These heroes are:

  • Grimble - 5* Purple (December 2019)
  • Vela - 5* Blue (January 2020)
  • Jean-Francois - 5* Red (February 2020)
  • Telluria - 5* Green (March 2020)
  • Malosi - 5* Yellow (April 2020)

NOTE: Elemental Link will stack with Melia or Gregorions buff; HOWEVER, Melia & Gregorion will overwrite each other.

:large_blue_circle: Class Emblem “Critical Chance” Node

Each hero now has a Class Emblem Talent Tree. On each tree, there is one (1) node which will grant a passive boost to the “Critical Chance”

Like other Critical Chance Boosts, this Emblem Node will stack with Troops, Special Skills etc… to grant an overall higher chance of dealing Crit Damage.

Click for each Class Critical Boost Node

Following Emblem Costs are for 5* Heroes

Class Crit Chance Node # Emblem Cost Alternate Pathway
Barbarian +2% 10 125 -
Cleric +2% 19 125 Mana Boost +2%
Druid +2% 19 125 Defence Buff +3%
Fighter +2% 19 125 Mana Boost +2%
Monk +2% 10 125 -
Paladin +2% 19 125 Mana Boost +2%
Ranger +4% 20 250 -
Rogue +4% 20 250 -
Sorcerer +2% 8 125 Healing Boost +2%
Wizard +2% 10 125 -

:family_man_girl_boy: Family Bonus

There are two families who include a Crit Chance boost for having multiple UNIQUE heroes from the same family:

  • Wonderland Family (5% / 10% / 15% / 20%)
  • Avalon Family (5% / 10% / 15% / 20%)

This again stacks in with the other Critical Chances

:dragon: Titan Stun Spot

This is slightly different to the above 3 methods of increasing Critical Damage Chance

Reason being that every titan has a “Weak Spot” where, if you throw three tiles, it will stun the titan. In addition to potentially stunning the titan (with 3+ tiles hitting) every tile that hits the “Weak Spot” will deal Critical Damage…

I.e. you have a 100% chance of doing Critical Damage when you hit the Titan “Weak Spot”.

Obviously this has no application outside of Titan Attacks but it is worth mentioning.

EDIT: Unconfirmed/ uncalculated but Titan Stun Spot Critical Damage seems to be larger than normal Crit Damage (250% rather than 200% ??) - Thanks @Star150m

:balance_scale: Critical Damage in the Damage Calculation

Essentially every normal “hit” that is successful (i.e. not reflected or misses) has a check done on it first to see if “Critical Damage” will apply;

Essentially an “If” statement with a “Yes” & “No” outcome; the “roll” for critical damage is governed (like everything else) by RNG using your cumulative applying Critical Chance

If the outcome of the “Does Critical Damage Apply?” question is “Yes” the damage calculation essentially becomes:

Normal Damage Calculation for Reference

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Great guide!
I might add two points:

  1. Guardian chameleon has critical chance buff.
  2. Titan weak point seems to do more damage than the normal critical damage (screenshots below)

EDIT: @Guvnor the weak point have normal damage and critical damage


Nice guide!

Just going to cross quote this info below too.

Common, but incorrect, thought:

Follow up:


Just throwing out that emblems also give crit bonuses to heroes


Nice work. This is useful.

Thanks, I’ve added in an entire section on the Emblem Node too now :slight_smile:


Thats all “Critical” damage, as shown by it being the “Blue” coloured text.

The “1” damage shown in the first edit SS is just as a result of missing the hero (always 1 damage… always)

In terms of the colour indicators:
Grey = missing hero or weak colour
Yellow = normal damage
Red = strong colour damage
Blue/ Teal = critical damage


I miss worded it XD.
I meant normal weak point damage (critical) and critical weak point damage (also critical but more damage)

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Hitting the weak spot means guaranteed critical hit, but it’s damage is the same as “regular” critical hits, no bonus damage happens. What happens on @Star150m screenshot is Theta kicking in with higher value than usual.

I am sure of it because I am tracking titan hits as I’d like to refine damage calculation as it doesn’t work for higher attack/Defense ratios. I already tracked hundreds hits and Theta really can push some numbers out of norm. I’ve already seen some regular damages being higher than critical hits. But obviously that happens very rarely.

And a note for critical damage for weak/strong, it’s a double from base damage, weak/strong modifier is added separately. Example with numbers, let’s assume 100 damage with tile:

  • Strong attack: 200 damage, critical hit: 300 damage (100 base * 2 for strong + 100 crit)
  • Weak attack: 50 damage, critical hit: 150 damage (100 base * 0.5 + 100 crit)

Weak crits are in fact doing triple damage and strong only half more. I definitely enjoy these triple hit while raiding because they saved me so many times. That’s a big argument (at least for me) for using crit troops instead of mana, especially if you are not getting your specials faster.

One other note: seeing titan hits it seems that weak regular and critical hits against titan are sometimes off what I wrote above, the damage seems to be a bit higher than expected and it’s definitely not a play of Theta because it’s too consistent for that. I believe the damage calculation for weak hits is kind of off when higher attack/defense ratio happens. More testing is needed.


Thank you so much for sharing those valuable information!

I’ve heard rumors of things regarding Crits that may also affect damage. The late @Garanwyn had mentioned that their seems to be a “soft cap” on color stacking attack stat where you start to see diminishing returns above a certain threshold which crits ignore.


Crit troops do not stack total percentage, but the way that each matched tile is assigned to the troop of a specific attacker of that color implies that the crit is also probably tied to the crit value of whomever each tile is assigned to. So if you have two blue heroes, one with a mana troop and zero crit chance and the other with a crit troop and 10% crit chance, the effective odds of a crit from any given tile is 5%. Once it is matched and assigned to one hero or the other, it is either a 10% chance or 0% chance dependent on whom the tile is coming from.

At least that is my understanding of how that works. Atk stat is shared, but crit is not afaik. Please correct me if I am wrong because I’ve definitely been spreading that around.

Yes — and that’s how I calculated it.

They don’t stack, they average. So more Crit Troops in a stack increase the average chance of a Critical Hit.

The calculations above are showing how that plays out for a different number of Critical Troops in a color stack.


Any knowledge of the @Garanwyn “soft cap” theory?

As far as I know, he never determined what the cutoff was where the soft cap kicked in.

Right before he quit and left, he had actually come up with a new Damage Calculation Formula that I discussed with him a bit, but he unfortunately never published it.


That’s my understanding as well. But to the best of my knowledge, crits ignore the soft cap in the damage formula, which is particularly for those fighting mono or 4/1 wondering why the damage doesn’t seem linear, or why beefy tanks with emblems cannot quite be one shot with mono, even fully emblemed teams


Wu Kong’s special only applies for the regular attack of allies and not special skills, right? I was just in a raid with a bunch of 4* heroes (in which one was Wu Kong) and Anzogh, and Anzogh took my fully maxed Kingston (1266 HP) and Neith (1299 HP) down to 0 in a single special skill sweep that missed two other heroes while under the influence of Wu Kong’s special. I was floored. I don’t video every raid, and there was nothing amazing about this opponent that made them special other than RNGesus handing over 120 cups of mine with two failed revenges against this opponent that was demonstratably weaker, but more highly favored by RNG due to miserable tile arrangements, but that’s a completely different issue.

Anzogh never causes over 1200 damage apiece on multiple heroes with his special. I feel like something was wrong there.

@Mothra, did you mean to post on this thread? or did you mean to make a new Bugs & Issues?

Nope, Wu Kong applies to anything that uses the attack stat, both Normal Attacks & Special Skills.


Well, I guess that’s good to know, I guess.

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Excellent abstract. I Will share with my alliance!!!

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