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I thought I’d just take a second to throw out some info on at least how I do things that I feel like are beneficial in terms of strategy, knowledge, etc. I’m not saying that any of this is concrete or solid or correct, but it’s at least got me well to where I am. Please add any notes or editing on anything that you feel is incorrect, needs to be changed or that you would like to add. For reference sake, I’m just going on level 41 with my team just breaking 3900 Team Power. My defense team is: Gregorian/Magni/Kashrek\Natalya\Thorne. Kashrek is soon to be replaced with Drake Fong. But anyways, without further ado:

-Wu Kong is a beast, especially for titans
-Feed like colored heroes to the hero you’re upgrading for a better chance to level up their special, especially when feeding 10 heroes at a time, once a heroes special is maxed, still feeding likewise colors will give you more EXP to the hero you’re upgrading
-When you go up an overall level, you earn back your flags/attacks on titans and your overall world attacks as well as your raid energy, with that being said, the best way to use this to your advantage when it comes to titan attacks, use all of your titan attacks first and then go up in level to use three more attacks right away
-When planning accordingly on leveling up your heroes, remember, a maxed 4* hero is stronger than a second to last ascension level 70 5* hero, so unless you have all the ascension materials to ascend your 5* hero right away, in some situations it may be smarter to max a 4* hero first
-Especially when it comes to more end game teams and heroes, BE SMART with what characters you’re using your ascension materials on, things like Tome of Tactics, or 6 Mysterious Tonics are harder to come by on a regular basis, so instead of using your ascension materials on somebody like Obakan we’ll say, you may want to be conservative and wait for like a Sartana or whoever
-When starting, don’t invest too heavily into 2* heroes and especially not 1*, they’ll be obsolete soon enough

Pretty general basic tips right? Sorry if I’m wasting your time so far :stuck_out_tongue:

-When making a raid defense team, take a few things into consideration, obviously you want to make sure that all of your heroes are in their optimal positions, so there’s no confusion moving forward, I’ll talk about the team in a configuration labeled as so: REAR/FLANK/TANK(CENTER)\FLANK\REAR
I hope that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue: don’t put somebody like Magni who’s special ups the defense of those near him in like one of the REAR positions otherwise your wasting 1/3 of his ability, additionally, when picking a character’s position, one thing that I try to avoid is stacking the same color side by side, for example, if you started searching for opponents and came across a team that was set up as: Blue/Green/Green\Green\Red or even Blue/Blue/Red\Red\Yellow, those teams are a lot more easily defeated due to being able to color stack against them, if you do end up having multiple same colored heroes on a defense team, try to spread them out, example: Green/Blue/Yellow\Green\Blue, now it’s not as easy to shoot at a specific color stacked area and specials that do damage to 3 heroes can’t double up on a certain colors weakness, additionally when picking out heroes for defense, there’s multiple different factors to take into consideration, but usually I think some of the easiest general rule of thumb measurements take the following into consideration: Attack/Special/Special Speed/Defense/Health, some of the best characters that you put into the tank position will have a combination of strong Defense and Health with the Special Speed being a consideration as well, some of the best 4* and 5* tanks I’ve come across are: Kashrek, Guinevere, Alberich, Vivica, Hel, Ares, Gravemaker, Boldtusk, Li Xiu, Boril, Cyprian, Justice, at least these are some of the more popular options to name a few, I don’t personally like all of these but regardless.

-Just as a general rule of thumb, I usually like to attack somebody who’s approximately 200 Team Power below me, this almost guarantees victory if played correctly, I’m consistently 2400+ trophies all the time, always in diamond league, another huge plus that you can do when making your attack team, especially when being higher up, is to COLOR STACK, color stacking helps so incredibly much! I usually will do 2 heroes of the same color twice with a 3rd color as well, example 2 blues, 2 greens and 1 yellow, usually I find 3 heroes of the same color to be a little less successful than the 2, but that’s my preference, remember, positioning still matters here too!

-Once you get towards end game, the way I like to level and build my heroes the fastest in my eyes is as follows: you have 4 training camps, I usually will have one running my EXTRA FAST training which will use 2 recruits and your coats (??) while I additionally do FAST training on another Training Camp which uses 5 recruits and a wooden sword, additionally in the other 2 camps I’ll be running an even split of UNCOMMON training which takes 30 minutes, 5 recruits and a backpack, I’ll keep those stocked and keep running the fast and extra fast as I keep earning recruits to fill the training up, and then when I go to bed, I’ll start every training camp on a bunch of EXTRA LOW COST training which only costs 2 recruits and takes 2 hours to produce a common or uncommon hero, that’s what I’ll do to speed level my heroes and then on the other hand when I’ve leveled all the ones I’ve wanted, I’ll do level 20 training until I get another hero worth keeping, here’s what my hero roster looks like currently:

There’s a million more things and subjects I could touch on, but hopefully you get something out of this. If I get good feedback and likes to this, I’ll do another one/do this more often. Don’t hesitate to message me or ask any questions, I’m always glad to help! Thanks again!


A great start and I am sure others will chip in with their own comments or make reference to other guides stored elsewhere on this forum. Well done!

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