Help with War and Defense

I’ve been playing awhile now but can’t seem to find a consistent team for winning at War and my Defense team seems to be hit or miss.
Could some of you knowledgeable folks help me?


Firstly, welcome to the forum @Yobdab!!

Secondly, I would ask if you can post the rest of your roster (only see top 30 heroes here & so there are 9 missing). Just makes the advice more concrete… I can see a Boril, Kiril, Vela & Grimm (plus a trainer) just not sure what the remaining 4 heroes are.

Some General Advice - Focus on the 4*s

The best advice I can & will give is to focus on 4* heroes & pause the 5* ones (once you finish their current ascension tier). Reasons being:

  1. 5* heroes are very expensive & time consuming to level-up. They need a lot of unfarmable materials
  2. 4* heroes who are maxed are more useful than a 5* stuck at 3-70. 4* heroes can be used in more places (more tournaments & more challenge events) than the 5* who’s stuck. Additionally, the 4* hero can be emblemed up while the 5* hero just sits & looks dopy…
  3. 4* heroes form the base of the game. In wars & raids, most players (except the very very advanced ones) supplement their line-up with 4* heroes.

My advice is to work on 4* heroes until you get 4x maxed rainbow 4* teams. This will allow you to get:
a) a good base roster to work from. Useful in wars, raids, tournaments, events etc…
b) a good understanding of your play style. What skills & hero types are best suited to you.
c) able to stockpile those extremely rare unfarmable 4* ascension materials (Darts, Tomes etc…)

Only once you got 4x rainbow 4* teams (16 maxed 4-stars) would I focus again on 5* heroes.

Back to the OP Questions!!

War Attacks
In wars you typically need 6x strong sets of teams to fully execute all your war attacks. From the looks of things you have 3 strong teams then it falls away pretty quickly.
By focusing more on 4* heroes (as advised above) you’ll be able to bump that number up pretty easily

Some advice while you don’t have all strong heroes for your 6x war flags, maybe look at dispersing your “Good” heroes with a couple unlevelled/weaker ones. So rather than having 2 great teams, 2 decent teams and 2 rubbish ones, have 1 good team & 5 so-so ones… Use the unlevelled heroes to add to a colour stack

Another strategy for your war attack is to use Colour Stacks. Don’t go in rainbow. Use the unlevelled heroes (as above) to push the stacks out & make them go further.

Defence Team
My advice for your defence team would be:
Natalya -> Zeline -> Boril (if he’s maxed & emblemed) -> Seshat -> Leonidas

If Boril is NOT maxed try:
Sonya -> Zeline -> Seshat -> Leonidas -> Natalya

Best of luck :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help. Here are the rest of my heroes


In that case I would suggest the first defence:

Natalya -> Zeline -> Boril -> Seshat -> Leonidas

I would keep piling emblems onto Boril for the time being as you don’t really have a better tank.


I really appreciate your advice and it looks sound. I will do as you recommend and concentrate on the 4*s

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Wouldn’t Natalya be better on right wing? If multiple heroes charge up same time you don’t want her Damage Over Time applied to a hero only to have Seshat or Leo immediately kill it. You’d rather have all the other damagers fire first and then Natalya’s Damage Over Time is guaranteed to be applied to a hero and get some damage in.

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Agree with guvnor. This setup seems the best. Try it

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Ideally you want Seshat & Leo on the same side. If that is on the Left or Right idk :stuck_out_tongue:

But you always wanna put Yellow & Purple next to each other (minimises advantages of colour stacking against them).

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Would a Healer be needed in my Defense?

Theyre not necessary.

Some people swear by them, a lot more don’t bother.

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Zeline is in perfect position on left flank.
Seshat on right flank or corner. But on the OP roster, the best position of seshat is really in right flank.

So the other two spots which are for nat and leo are suitable in corners. Your setup suggestion already pretty

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Leo works much better at flank than wing because he’s average speed. You want him getting hit by some tiles by being closer to the centre so that he’ll fire.

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I would level a couple of healers. That would help you a lot with your offensive war teams. Rigard and Kiril next maybe?

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This is what I did with everyone’s advice. It seems to be working pretty good as a defense and I seem to be winning more raids. Thanks for everyone’s time!

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Protected me from this guy. Lol

It much better if on this setup

Nat - zeline - boril - seshat - leo

Since the AI will fire from left to right, you want zeline in left flank rather than right flank so zeline will debuff enemies first and lowet their attack

Edit: well never mind, i forgot that seshat can debuff enemies too. So ur current setup is also good

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I changed lineup to what you mentioned. I was also advised to do that earlier. But I see the reasoning now.

Leo on the outside is suboptimal. I’d switch him and Seshat. I don’t recommend average or slow speed on the outside or wing. You want fast or very fast there because they don’t get hit by many tiles early (getting hit by tiles charges their mana).

You want your slower heroes closer to the centre. That was bad advice someone gave you imo to put Leo on the outside.

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Thank you for the advice. I switched the two.

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