Ramming Pulverizer-Who's your favorite?

My favourite pulverizer is Tiburtus because I always use it to counter Vivica’s defense bonus.


Tibs looks exactly like every mad king/prince who abused his wife and kicked a peasant for no good reason. I can’t.


He looks more like the rolling around on the floor eating a cheeseburger in between lifeguards shifts type to me …

I think Tibs being a ranger is very helpful to his skill -

Grimm needs more armor, less leather - he goes down fast …

Not a RP, but i use Wilbur a lot more -


I have them all, and I love them all. Grimm and Gormek are both on my defense team. Gormek was my tank for a long time, too, until I maxed Danzaburo. His high defense and HP plus the rogue skill pushed Gormek to flank. Tiburtus is actually more powerful than both, thanks to me not having a better ranger for emblems, but I have two healers on my defense team (Melendor and Sabina), so he has to sit the bench. He makes a beastly anchor to my second war team, my purple stack for yellow Titans, and he tags in for Gormek during those forsaken underwater Atlantis levels that half his already anemic damage.

I’m to the point now where Gormek’s meager tile damage is starting to get annoying, and I’m kind of hoping to pull Boldtusk, demote Gormek and Sabina, and promote Tiburtus to my first team. But I will always have a soft spot for Gormek after noticing this:

When I saw his appelation was “the Hungry”, I knew I had found my spirit animal! :smile:


I have all 3 maxed, Grimm is the attacker, gormek is defense and tibs is all around. Granted that’s over simplifying but roughly true. Grimm is weak with def but hits hard. Gormek is health heavy but hits soft and def is soft. I gave my emblems to Grimm after reading the thread debating the 2. I tend to use tibs more only because I have kiril and triton for blues. Now real debate…ramming rush, Isshtak or Karil?


Ramming Pulverizer

I have all three at 4* 3.60 or higher. But poor Gormek is the only one left at 4* 3.60 .

Blue glass cannon

I have a Grimm 4*+7 and a Grimm 4* 3.60 .

Blue ( strong versus red ) Ramming Pulverizer really helps for the Barbarian quests ( both have triple red Bosses ), especially Survival trial which has triple red Bosses and red mobs ( use emblems to get more emblems ).

Good Classic blue 4* heroes are limited to Grimm and Kiril. I would use multiple 4* 3.60 Grimm ( and have ) but I tend to run one Kiril ( 4* 3.60 or 4* 4.70 or 4*+1 Kiril. sorry Kiril, Proteus is also a Wizard ). While purple 4* Heroes and red 4* Heroes have a large number of good to insanely good heroes ahead of Tiburtus ( Rigard, Proteus ) and Gormek ( Boldtusk, Scarlett, Wilbur, Guardian Falcon, etc. )

Grimm’s defense stat is lower than Gunnar’s defense stat. Instead Grimm has a huge attack stat which does nice matching/ tile/ board damage even when Grimm 4* 3.60, or 4* 4.70, is dead.

Cascade squad

Click for Wu Kong plus Ramming Pulverizer

My Grimm 4*+7 works well as a blue hero for a the original, insanely over powered, Wu Kong Cascade squad. Use ascension items to get more ascension items.


For neutral damage, Barbarian Grimm does the most matching/ tile/ board damage for maximizing Wound talent.


Click for Gormek verus Tiburtus

After Grimm, I used to like Gormek better than Tiburtus because Gormek was strong versus Green bosses while Grimm was weak. But since Gormek is the same class as Grimm and both lack Pierce, I really like my recent Ranger Tiburtus 4*+9. Especially against yellow centers in raids.


Grimm is squashy with high attack

Gormek is tanky but almost without attack

My favourite is Tibs beacuse he is between them.


I agree. When I Gormek as a tank in gold he doesn’t worry to much because the attack is so low, when I see Grimm I know I can take him out without too much trouble.

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Tibs for sure. Pierce makes it an easy decision for me.

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Grimm is easily the best of the trio…ATTACK!


With my emblems and troops(only a blue 3* l6) I have Grimm at over 1270 hp plus extra defense and attack. I’d emblem tibs but triton got those and when I move them to my 5s or leave on triton and new ones to 5s tibs will still be without emblems. He’s reliable and best all around. But attack is Grimm defense is gormek. Tibs is the middle doing both good. If I could have only 1 with the base stats, no troops or emblems likely itd be tibs for his well rounded use but Grimm would be a very close 2nd.

Shouldn’t we have a vote here? I’m voting for Grimm.

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From a technical standpoint - Grimm hands dowm.
From a visual/artwork standpoint i adore my Gormek.
Never had the chance to meet Tib lol, maybe one day it will show up [dark heroes hmmm - yeah they hate me].

Of the three, I definitely use Grimm the most. When paired with Frida, damage is very nice and the victims are susceptible (if still alive) to being squished by just about anything. Sneeze on them after that and they fall over

Gormek gets a run during wars but for most other uses he has been superseded by Wilbur

Tibs is handy but when I am 3-2 raiding he has been supplanted by Proteus, making the 3 purples Khiona, Rigard, Proteus. Only time he gets a run in raids is if I don’t feel I need a cleanse, or want to go full offence. I also have Thoth up to about 4-30 and he is a nice option too, relegating Tibs further down the pecking order

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I use Tibs the most, but Grimm fits in better with his stack — he’s just squishy in a way I notice :slight_smile:

Love goes to the guy throwing a harpoon wearing ashless chaps over the guy who looks like a Drakar Noir wearing, Feathered Hair having creepy guy stuck in the 80s - but long term - the Hoff has pierce…

Poor Hungry Gormek hasn’t seen much action sense I leveled up Keridoc

Think Grimm will take a breather if I even get serious with Isarnia - she’s cold to everyone…


I wasn’t keen to level my Tibs for that very reason. But since he’s my second of only two purple 4*, I need him. Even if he reminds me of the villain of my all time fave movie.Tiburtus


Not leveling Tiburtus? Inconceivable! It’s a mistake on the order of starting a land war in Asia or going up against a Sicilian when death is on the line.


I’ve fed him enough iocaine powder, I mean other heroes, that he’s close to fully leveled now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ramming Pulverizers: who’s your favorite?


My assessment is biased. I have to give it to Gormek because he was my first fully leveled red 4* and my first barbarian; emblemed to +6. Lately he takes a backseat to Wilbur. I’ve since collected Tibs and Grimm and they’re progressing but not there yet.

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