Ramming pulverizers

Class Quests

I would recommend leveling one, or two, Grimm to 4* 3.60 for Class quests since Barbarian quests are both triple red Bosses.


Personally I have

Barbarian Grimm 4*+13 ( original Wu Kong Cascade squad),

Grimm 4* 3.60 ( for Barbarian Quests triple red Bosses),

Ranger Tiburtus 4*+11,

Monk Wilbur at 4*+1 ( Wu Kong has Gambler’s Stance, so Monk Wu Kong 4*+9, but hope to get rumored Druid Ranvir in June ),

Gormek 4* 3.60 ( unlike Wilbur does damage and defense debuff lasts longer but lots of 4* reds in front).


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