Kunchen or Tiburtus

Hi guy’s, I have a set of trap tools at the moment and I’m wondering where I have to put Tiburtus or Kunchen? Now kunchen is a healer and already I have 2 healer’s in stock Max out both of them Boldtusk and Kiril and that’s why I’m wondering if is necessary to build kunchen or Tiburtus. Now Kunchen is on 2/30 and Tiburtus is 3/33 but I can bring him to 3/60 quite quickly and I mention i have Gormek Max out and he does the job. Tks guy’s

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If you haven’t any cleaner like Rigard/Zim Kunchen can be better choice

… And then feed Tiburtus, Boldtusk and Kiril to him.

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I don’t understand what you mean to feed Tiburtus, Boldtusk and Kiril with him?

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level kuncheon his defense down is game changing if you stack him with hitters. he is slow but so are albi and viv. working with slow healers takes a bit of practice, but younhave two other characters, grimm and gormeck, who do the same thing as tibertus. not a ton of heroes with full team defense down ability

kunchen of course. it has vety high defence and it is inmune to lower his defense.
although he is slow, as his defense is very high, it is very difficult to kill before using his healing power.

In my opinion Kunchen 100% for sure. Ribs is good. Kunchen is better

Nice one guy’s, tks for advice

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Tiburtus 4.70 first if u can’t take Kunchen maxed now

Kunchen. Long game. Even 3.70 he has been great for me

Since not everyone will detect the sarcasm here…

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Tks, I’m aware about sarcasm and of course I never do that because I know they are good for the level,but anyway tks for letting me know

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