Classic 4* heroes and emblems or Gryphonknight's emblem spending plan EXPOSED

Classic 4* heroes and emblems or Gryphonknight’s emblem spending plan EXPOSED

VIP of Classic 4* Heroes

Monk & Cleric

Players have been asking for 5* 4.80 Versions of these heroes for a long time:

Wu Kong- Monk- nice fit

Rigard- Cleric- Perfect fit for Wu Kong Cascade Squad’s primary healer.

Note: I will most like level Rigard then Hansel to Cleric 4*+1 before leveling Rigard from 4*+1 to 4*+19. Manashield 7% is a decent first class node, no reason not to give it to Hansel.


Grimm- Most versatile Ramming Pulverizer and fits best on a Wu Kong Cascade Squad ( almost as if the Devs read the forum/ use deep learning/ use data mining when first assigning classes).

Grimm- Barbarian - decent fit versus titans and Bosses- loses some usefulness with mobs, War and raids. Ranger would be more powerful ( like Tiburtus ).


Melendor- Excellent healer, compliments Rigard beautifully, also best fit for Cascade Squad.

Melendor- Druid- excellent fit- HP boost very helpful for a glass cannon 42% average mana speed healer.


Scarlett- Red 4*, fast mana speed, Splash damage, enemy attack debuffer, compliments entire team of glass cannons that are the foundation of Cascade Squad.

Scarlett- Rogue- Perfect fit for the most attack heavy, least defense stat, hero among the Cascade Squad.

Note: I will most like level to Rogue 4*+1 Scarlett then Guardian Jackal then Peters to before leveling Scarlett from 4*+1 to 4*+19. Jackal is such a glass cannon that Evade 4% will help keep him alive. Evade 4% is such an awesome first class node, no reason not to give it to Peters.

The Back ups


Boldtusk- Can substitute for Melendor on the Cascade Squad ( or swap in versus green/ red titan or boss ).

If whole team dies, chance of Revive. If Boldtusk revived with 1 HP, use Miracle scroll- they still suck- and then mana items to heal the whole team.

Boldtusk- Fighter- Perfect fit.


Tiburtus- Can substitute for Grimm on the Cascade Squad ( or swap in versus a yellow / green Titan or Boss ).

An enemy defense debuff -10% is better than an ally attack buff +10% because defense curve is non-linear. This means an enemy +10% defense buff is better than an ally attack debuff -10%, so bypassing am enemy defense +30% buff is Huge.

Spirit link and other defense buffs also reduce the effectiveness of Ramming Pulverizer, so Ranger’s Pierce effectively makes Tiburtus an IMPROVED Ramming Pulverizer.

Tiburtus- Ranger - Perfect fit.


Sabina- Can substitute for Melendor on the Cascade Squad ( or swap in versus a yellow / red Titan or Boss ).

Sorcerer can delay enemy buffs, increasing the effectiveness of Sabina’s dispell.

Sabina- Sorcerer - Perfect fit.

Note: I will most like level to Sorcerer 4*+1 Sabina then Ameonna before leveling Sabina from 4*+1 to 4*+19. Delay 3% is a decent first class node, no reason not to give it to Ameonna.


Kiril - Can substitute for Scarlett on the Cascade Squad ( or swap in versus red/ blue titan or boss ).

Kiril Can overwrite ally defense debuffs and ally attack debuffs.

Timing his short attack buff can be tricky, but it goes good with the extra match/ board/ physical damage Jinx can do.

Kiril- Wizard - decent fit. Paladin or Barbarian might be more useful.

Note: I will most like level to Wizard 4*+1 Kiril then Balthazar before leveling Kiril from 4*+1 to 4*+19. Jinx 5% is a decent first class node, no reason not to give it to Balthazar.

The Specialist

Sniper Tank

Sonya- has a higher defense stat than green 4* piercing strike Caedmon. Her high defense lets her anchor a team while sniping moderately and heavily wounded enemies.

Sonya- Paladin- decent fit. Ranger might be more useful for non-dispellable enemy buffs. Druid would give Sonya more HP.



I’ve been thinking along exactly those same heroes.

Only big struggle I have is Wu Long vs Wilbur, I have been keeping both of them on my titan team.

You don’t mention emphasis on Defense/health/attack.

I am leaning toward Attack followed by Defense for the hitters, and Defense followed by Health on healers.

It is situational
Safe rule ( you can always reset )
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These were exactly the same decisions that I made, except for Scarlett. I got Jackal instead.
I will focus first on these powerful and versatile heroes and then move to some 5*s.

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I am also following much the same with some exceptions:

  • caedmon as druid
  • jackal as rogue

The question for me is probably obvious to you guys, but as an alternative to tibby, what about buddy for ranger emblems. His attack is weaker than tibby, but he was kind of incredible in the trials of serenity and I do get more use of him.


I think Buddy is a very good choice. Low attack but high defense and huge HP, plus minions are useful. I use him a lot now.
Even more if you already have Grimm and Gormek.