Ramming Pulverizer question

I’ve gotten three heroes, Gormek, Tiburtus and Grimm that all have the same power…Ramming Pulverizer…which along with a big hit, decreases enemy defense by 20%. I haven’t started using any the three because I haven’t gotten them leveled up yet, but I was curious if their special skills stacked or not? If all three went off, would the enemies defense be down by 60%? Or stay at 20%


It will stay at 20%, but if you was lucky last event. And have jackel, falcon or the purple 5* they can stack and bring the defence down, but only for the color.

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Agreed, let me state more crisply: Ramming Pulverizer doesn’t stack with itself. Casting the special restarts the timer on affected foes. (Note that the special affects target and those nearby, not all foes.)

There might be a reason to level up two or even three of Grimm/Tibertus/Gormek, though.

  1. This is a great special against titans and in challenges, but you don’t want to bring the wrong color in. E.g., Knights of the Round is blue reflective, so Grimm could be a bad choice to use.
  2. Having two in the fight increases odds of being able to fire it off quickly and to keep it active. At the worst you can aim the first one to the left side of the field and the the right.

Levelling them brings them to 34% at SL 8.

Still total worth, and as Kerridoc correctly states having at least 2 of them levelled is much goodness… even using both at the same time has some applicability like the rare quest I’m currently doing.


Lol thats a great question! We were thinking of asking the same thing

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Level all three of them. If you dont have any stellar 5*s in those colors they are all very much a good invetment!


For the record, I hate that they don’t stack. If Athena’s and the Guardians’ defensive reductions can stack with Ramming Pulverizer, then firing off multiple Pulverizers should stack, too.

I have no problem with the recent reduction nerf; I think graduating similar effects makes sense, but what doesn’t make sense is having cumulative specials fire off with no increase in effect at all.

(I feel similarly about Joon and Justice and Hu Tao having no added effect.)