[Play Style] The cascade squad or Wu Kong+ two healers



EP Wu Kong+ 2 Healers

[Play Style] The cascade squad or Wu Kong+ two Healers

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Teams with two healers and Wu Kong, he is a bit squishy, have many advantages.

When you enter a boss, or Titan, battle, use your mana potions to immediately trigger Wu Kong’s Gambling Stance.

You can enhance this play style against Titans by also immediately using arrow attack (less accurate for 4 turns) and axe attack (if they still hit you only 80% damage & lasts for 6 turns) to let your healers gain mana for healing and Wu Kong for another Gambler’s Stance.

Why this works
Using mana potions lets a first turn matching combo/ shield cascade, do tremendous damage to boss or Titan which is Gambler’s Stance main strength.

Your healer’s special skill doesn’t miss so special skill unaffected by Gambler’s Stance.

Matching 3+ shields on the board causes multiple attacks. On average Gambler’s Stance 8/8 boosts your damage x1.938 or almost double damage (x2.85 damage x 0.68 accuracy). But it misses 32% or almost 1 in 3. So the more attacks the more likely you do damage boosted by Gambler’s Stance.

Unlike Healers, a hero with an attack special skill has a 32% chance to miss during Gambler’s Stance. If the attack misses, you lose 50% mana & the time it takes to refill that 50% mana. [Edit] Effectively a 16% mana loss [ 0.5 mana x 0.32 chance ] compared to a healer’s special skill.

Healers can heal themselves and Wu Kong so more likely to be alive to heal Wu Kong (he is a bit squishy).

Healers tend to be tanky (high defense & HP ) so they can survive longer versus boss or Titan letting them heal longer.

Once any hero is defeated there are less targets for opponent’s attacks. With self healing & tankiness, two Healers present the boss or Titan with two targets besides Wu Kong and your other two heroes thus shielding the others simply by being alive longer. Alberich improves on this by reviving fallen heroes.

Keeping Wu Kong alive (shielding him & healing him) is the main advantage with a Titan. But with two healers you have twice the chance of any hero on your team surviving. As long as any hero survives on your team, you can keep attacking, use revive scrolls , use miracle scrolls. As soon as all heroes are defeated the combat ends even if the Titan timer is still going. Alberich improves on this by reviving fallen heroes.

Keeping Wu Kong alive longer gives you more chances for a matching combo/ shield cascade during
Gambler’s Stance which is Gambler’s Stance main strength.

Teams with two healers and Wu Kong are less effected by a match 3+ on the board failing to stun a Titan due to a Gambler’s Stance miss (see above healing, self healing, tankiness, etc.). In fact forming dragon shields (match 4) and power shards (match 5+) are more important that trying to stun during Gambler’s Stance duration since they are more likely to trigger a matching combo/ shield cascade which is Gambler’s Stance main strength.

With team power 2800 my highest Titan damage is 24,356

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I totally agree :). Came to the exact same conclusion… sort of by force, because the only 4* heroes I have are Rigard, Kashhrek, Sonya and Wu Kong. If you got Wu Kong on your team, the only thing that matters is getting him to full mana as soon as possible, and hit the titans weak spot with at least 2 opposite coloured heroes. Also… keep him alive! As soon as Wu dies, my titan damage drops like crazy. And you’re right, he is squishy, so two healers helping him out is nog luxury. I try to bring Ulmer for his defence lowering skills and mana him up first, hit the titan and then use Wu. It takes some practise, but its doable. Even with tiny mana potions :D.

I’ve made some screenrecords just so I could do the math afterwards. I’ve hit titans as hard as 2000 (!) damage per stone. Critital damage, on the weakspot, strong vs weak colour, with 3 strong coloured heroes, Wu’s power on and a bear banner. That was a party to watch ;). Wu is def the most fun hero. If it wasn’t for him, Im not sure if I would still be playing :).

Against a Fire Hydra (with Wu Kong, Wolfmoon, Sonya, Ulmer and Rigard on my team) I hit 34k damage :). And my team is like 27~. Cheers!



==Wu Kong==

Was able to autoplay Halloween event and get 3* ascension item running:

4* 4.70 Melendor, Grimm, Scarlett, Wu Kong, Rigard