Khagan is of no use?

I went now with bt wilbur anzogh khagan and wu kong against 3550 group. My group is 3020 and i i lost but bt and aegir was left standing and i almost won.

But even then. Khagan never fired…

Maybe i need to rear him until he gets stronger give him Extra protection for now. Or just bench him…

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The team you just listed is very low on hitters. Using Wu to raid up is a gamble but can work, especially with decent troops (even more important when you go without hitters). You didn’t show yours, but maybe they could use some leveling too?

Might be a good choice to bench Khagan until he’s stronger. My GM for example is only used for war cleanup atm, he won’t be allowed out to play for real until close to 4th tier.

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If i can fire wu bt wilbur then anzogh shine even at this level becuase all depends in his attack stats

Maybe i will pull out khagan and put 4.50 hansel

Ace, what Kitten tries to explain to you is that Khagan needs to be more evolved before he starts to perform on a decent level.

I do not know you bench but first develop a good 4* bench and max the hero’s. This will benefit you more than using a half leveled Khagan everytime in all circumstance.

Make sure you have all the maths for Khagan and then up him to the maximum and you will see he will be a lot better than now using him.


I hear you and maybe i need to take him to tirr three. I will yhink ablut it. But i need red stacking from time to time and then i ask myself who will be next to bt

If i can bring wilbur then anzogh is realy realt good even in his low acesnion level. Khagan perform worse. So he cant be used as 4 even 3
Red which is weird. He has strong specials…

Of course when all of them will be leveld that will be very good…

This is my rainbow

3* ascension items

I strongly recommend leveling 3x to 4x rainbow 4* 3.60 team before using any 3* ascension items, but it depends on your roster.

Red ranger

I am leveling Khagan to 5* 2.60 specifically for Trials of Serenity ( green / blue mobs with yellow / green / blue bosses ) and Trials of Nature ( green / blue mobs with yellow / green / green bosses ).

Khagan does strong damage against green mobs and bosses even while dead ( grave damage ). Even his weak damage against blue mobs is better than the 1 point of damage for a missing red hero. The only other Red Rangers are 3* Squire Rabbit ( Spring ) and 5* Red Hood ( Challenge event ).

I also find slow heroes less of a problem for Class quests, because many accounts cannot field a rainbow 4* 3.60 / 5* 2.60 team of good heroes for each class quest. So even fast heroes can take a while to charge if you are forced to run a team with 3x yellow 4* Chao or 3x green 3* Berden.

Scarlett and Gormek, together they fight crime

Scarlett and Gormek are very good red 4* heroes, though players who buy IAP often replace Gormek with Wilbur ( see Wilbur below )

( Two Rogues or comparing Guardian Jackal and Scarlett ( with a mention of Grimm ) )

( Ramming Pulverizer-Who's your favorite? )

Red 4* roster example
( Gryph, Doc - Can I get your advice? )

Boldtusk and Wilbur, together they fight crime

Boldtusk, especially at 4*+1, and Wilbur are very good heroes

Fighter Boldtusk
( Boldtusk or lancelot- for fighter class? )

Poor Gormek
( Gryph, Doc - Can I get your advice? )


If this is your main team my advise to finish 4* hero’s first is the most valid advice I can give you.
4* hero’s are cheaper and faster to finish than 5* (that need those pesky special maths).

I agree that some 5* hero’s can perform on lower level but most of the 5* hero’s need to be minimal (!) 3/70 before you can somewhat use them.

Khagan is a hero that you will need to max fully (or 4/60 and up) before using him to full effect.

So for now make sure you max those nice 4* hero’s first.


But you divert to other discussion… i dont realy understand

Lets assume khagan will be maked. So his enemys will be maxed too… its all relative in raid and wars

So in titan he wont be good i think unless its of mana

And when he is maxed he will face gravemaker maxed so again he wont be fast or good enough. Or i am not getting something?


By the way i finish most tournament and trials with this team or the variety if the heroes


Your mistake is in assuming that the change in effectiveness of a 5* hero is linear. It isn’t.

Why would you look at a bunch of 10-year-olds fighting on the playground and think that will tell you how well they will fight as fully-grown adults?

Khagan is one of the weaker red 5* heroes. But he definitely isn’t useless.


I was hoping to hear i was wrong… but yoyr answer says that relatively in any level he is a weak hero. Bt at any level is good one

Hoped this red will be good forvthe long run

I have him at 3.70 and after recent update that boosted his damage I think he’s pretty decent hero. Not the first in line for rings, but I definitely wouldn’t regret ascending him.
And yes, slow heroes need support from the rest of the team to use effectively.


Your team shows mostly not fully ascended heroes, why not concentrate on the 4stars for instance and get them fully ascended. At the stage they are right now it is faster to focus on one at a time. for instance take BT and max, then Rigard, after that Hansel. Then take the 5 to the next hold point 3/70.

As mostly advised, most heroes don’t perform optimally until they reach higher ascensions,

Khagan is good and at appreciable level it has synergy with other heroes, boosting mana by 24% and def by 63%, but on its own, becomes less effective when the def parameter is still very low.

The advise remain that you keep leveling up, and imo,before engaging in raids, I usually try out my team combinations on the map, feel their synergy to a good degree from one difficult level to another, you may need to do that particularly for slow manas in order to improve your timing sequence. Needless to say, there are videos of raids won with 2/5 of the team slow manas, howbeit they were well ascended.


I have Khagan at 3/70 and I never use him, not even at wars, because I have a wide red 5* roster at 3/70.

Most times I take him out for a raid or two, I lose.

Khagan usually dies before he can fire his special, and he is in a loooooong line for the rings, so that will not change.

Recent changes in the damage didn’t help much because the main problem is his slowness, not the damage. In raids against Khagan, he poses no threat at all.

I guess he is OK if you don’t have lots of other options, as a part of red mono team, but otherwise I don’t really see any use of him.


I’ve got a fully maxed Khagan (no emblems), and he’s a part of my def team that keeps me safe in Diamond.

No complain for his slow mana; you’ve got to learn to handle him the right way: that’s all.

You’ve got def shield, mana regen, and after the recent buff a pretty huge damage amount, in one hero…well, not so bad…agree? :wink:

Up The Khan!



Any 5* hero will be punished by better teams .

Her point was very reasonable, walk in w a group of 5* heroes at 2nd ascension and expect them to get hammered.

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Khagan is bad, and you should feel bad ( \ / ) ( ; , , , ; ) ( \ / )


Frida is amazing at second tier
Anzogh good with wu kong
Elkhanan not so much
Justice is solid

I have 2 Kagen at 4/80 and am currently using them on both flank positions in the current raid tournaments - its driving opponents crazy


At second tier, Frida hits less than a fully maxed Sonya although Sonya hits just one target, I didn’t see appreciable impact from Frida until I got her to 4/80., now compare Frida at 3/70 to a fully maxed Grimm, they both hit at 3, but Grimm attack becomes more superior.
While some 4* may be lower on def and HP, a good number of fully maxed 4s when rightly used will.make minced meat of most partly ascended 5s.

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