Who to ascend next with my current line up? Wilbur or BoldTusk?

I agree.

In raiding ( multiple rainbow 4* teams ) I will sometimes deliberately trigger the enemy spirit link to take out corner healers. From looking over many of the Atlantis heroes, I want them for war teams or raid teams but not necessarily titan teams. Wilbur’s buffs make him useful even against Titans ( Has anyone tried him against a reflect red titan ?)

I love the Ramming Pulverizer trio ( Notes RP trio ). Against neutral colors it is nice to pick between a glass cannon ( Grimm ), a shield ( Gormek ) or a jack-of-trades ( Tiburtus ). As you pointed out, against their strong color ( Grimm vs Red, Gormek vs Green, Tiburtus vs Yellow ) it is insane.

But the really nice thing is Grimm + Wu Kong is not as useful versus Green ( Grimm weak + Wu Kong neutral ) & Yellow ( Wu Kong weak + Grimm neutral ) bosses but Gormek + Wu Kong versus Green ( strong + neutral ) and Tiburtus + Wu Kong versus Yellow ( strong + weak ) bosses balances out very nicely. Either just luck, or good design.

Personally I have Boldtusk at 4* 3.60 ( maximum for farmable ascension materials ) mainly because his buff is so short ( Wu Kong outlasts it ) and his heal moderate ( Richard/ Melendor/ Sabina all 42% ). But Boldtusk is great for double strong or double strong & double neutral in war attack or raid attack.

RP Trio

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