[Feb 13, 2019] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Dawa 3^50
Kelile 4^70+2
Quintus 3^40
Scarlett 3^55
Sabina 2^18

Less than optimal, especially on the healing side because Sabina was under leveled and would’ve acted as the same role as Melendor for his whole party heal. So protection for her is priority. Dawa, was actually wipe out in the first mob after the enemies seem to have singled her out. I didn’t bring Carver because last time he was a disaster, and didn’t bring Graymane because I can’t trust him to keep up his own health. And of course this board has to be Green/Blue friendly, go figure.

Two bosses that can dodge specials at a semi high clip. Not good odds that I will be able to rely on my specials to deal with them. As evident that at least 3 of 4 of my Kelile / Scarlett snipes were dodged. Board being unfriendly to anything but Green/Blue and Sabina now being the weakest link means I have to finish the battle fast. So I had to use a bit more Dragon/Bomb than I normally would like, at least they can’t evade those.

Every time I see them dodge a special like Agents dodging bullets in the matrix, I kind of just wanted to quote Trinity when she says “Dodge this” and fired on the agent at point blank range.

This trial and the previous one (Mysticism) is evident that I really needed to get Sabina up and running pronto, at least she was usable this time, last time she was 1^1.


For some bizarre reason the game hardly gives me purple heroes. I still don’t have Sabina and Rigard, which is really annoying for class quests. Had to do this one without a healer. My rogues and sorcerers are so weak though, that I could only beat medium anyways. In the end immortal Morgan Le Fay killed the last boss in a duel :slight_smile: (Even without Morgan I could have easily bombed my way through medium, but it was more stylish that way - and cheaper.)


Same team except tinier 4* 3.60 Sabina, 5* 2.60 Thoth-Amon ( I love minions for class quests), and no Skittleskull so I brought Guardian Jackal.

I considered Peters at 4* 3.60 but decided his special skill was not worth green being weak against several bosses and one of the mob colors.

In the end used 3x antidotes, and attacks - 3x dragon, 2x bomb, with only Sabina 4* 3.60

Scarlett 4*+3, Kelile 4* 3.60, Guardian Jackal 4* 4.61, Thoth-Amon 5* 2.60 and Sabina 4* 3.60 .


Actually all A.I. Damage, except minions, is colorless. So all A.I. Attacks do neutral damage.


That was hard :hushed:

TP was 2578 and relatively weak.

Ameonna died early in the first mob wave.

But with 9 small mana, 20 small health, 5 axes and 5 bombs I finally did it with a little bit of board luck when facing Scari, Skittles and Domi.

Danza fired 5 times, shielded me twice and was frozen only once. Very lucky also here.

Scarlet and Skittles fired once, Domitia twice.

First two stages were easy, third became a real challenge…


You’re in good company, i dont have any 4* dark heroes, this ish is incredible, no Tib no Sab no Rigard, nothing, but i have 2 Domitias :joy: [my only 5* dark hero too].


I recently got Domitia, too. Also my only 5* purple hero :slight_smile:
I even thought about doing an elemental summoning to finally get those purple healers. But I still hope to get them from TC20 or Atlantis one day.


Yeah thats my hope too, i’ve recently maxed a second TC, i really lack on greens [i have two Skittles and 2 Melendors lmao but recently got a Kashhrek] and i definitely lack on purples. Its ridiculous not having a 4* dark hero :no_mouth:

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That was tough with that team :+1:

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Definitely a good time for the Rummy quote about going to war with the army you have, not the army you might want.

I completed the final level. Now it’s time to go restock on Dragon Bones…


Which reminds me.

People, use your forge now, so you are not rushing this Sunday ( Gryphonknight scurries off to follow his own advice ).


As it doesn’t take nearly as long to upgrade or non-feeder training sessions, Forge is often a forgotten part of the base that frequently open for business.

As a practice, I “almost” always recraft whatever significant item(s) I used in the previous event stage, Titan, Trial, Quest, etc. after I am done so I would have some supply built up (provided that I have the ingredients of course). Also, this may be just habit, for things that are usually in shorter supply than others, even if I may have enough ingredients to craft more, I almost always only craft in small batches of 2-3 (like Dragon Attack, for example) even though I might have enough ingredients to craft like 20. Most likely because the ingredients could be shared with other notable items I don’t want to end up crafting too much of something and do not have enough ingredients to craft something else that I suddenly come up in short supply of. I can’t remember exactly what item requires what, but I know there are certain ingredients that I am almost in short supply of (Firestone is a good example).

I craft in small batches, then play some levels, gather some ingredients, then craft some small batches again.


Started leveling the Ewok from scratch when Trial pairings were announced and I knew I was gonna be weak in Shadows. Then was working on Tibs in Purple for Nature. After Nature (very recently) I started on Sabina from scratch to replace a 3^1 Jahangir that would have been there otherwise. Was very happy to get her up to 3^3 8/8 right before trying the Final Stage. This behavior of quickly trying to level up the heroes needed for the next Trial has been my standard M.O. over the last few weeks. My team powers have been 2400-3100 before Troop buffing.

Beat the final stage with 3 Time Stops, 3 Dragons, and 2 Bombs. Might not have needed quite all those but didn’t want to risk taking any unnecessary hits. The Ewok gave me 5 Bottles and 2 Freezes on the final Stage.


As you can imagine, the last battle took a while. All of my heroes survived though because of my Sabinas, and I didn’t need to use any major items, which was all that mattered for me personally.


Had to be tried. And it was very possible. Healing, axes, bombs, dragon attacks.

Got the whole team through to the boss stage with healing and a couple of axes. Walked away with a bomb and couple of dragon attacks. Might have been able to save more, but if Skittles got her special off it would have been game over – not worth the risk.


I’ve been forgetting to upload my teams here, but I spose I can go ahead and follow suit for this one.

Brought in the best items I could get my hands on, because I wasn’t super confident in this team with Peters not even at 60.

Still wasn’t terrible. Probably could’ve used axes instead of dragon attacks, as no one died and I barely used any items aside from the health pots and a couple of the rest. A few evades, but nothing too annoying.


G. Jackal was the attack MVP, Inari and Sabina keep him alive. Seemed to work. None of these are known for being durable (or at least not durable at the level they are at) so I was a bit worried on how they would handle the final stage.


Made me work but I got em. Replace red potions with the best ones available (I ran out of them last stage lol). Also I used all time stops and bombs too:


Just maxed out Carver, and since I also have maxed out Layla and Shaarkot (with Emblems!), I THOUGHT I could have a shot.
Turns out they are the only ones… :rofl:
Gave up after badly failing the second stage.


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