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@Gryphonknight is a regular too and has great information also @RandaPandah well player with nice knowledgeof the game, her thoughts will be great to have and there is also @Tpenn and @Kerridoc the beta testers who been close to the classes more than us must have some thing important to share with us on www.TitanMafia.com Chat Event as I really hope they will be there.


I’ll be there. Have had to study up on it quite a bit since release due to me thinkin at one point an alliance of 120+(forgot the vacay alli) was a good idea lol

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Did you mean @Starryeyedgryph? I put her into my original post she is a staple! One hell of a team she is putting together. So is L3athers - don’t see her in the Forum names… @FishDreams, @WuMac @Runecaster @Roxy_TM - Wu might be past your bedtime! Great @Rigs - look forward to you being there! @Kerridoc and @Rook - your always welcome!!! Anyone who is interested is welcome!!! This is for everyone that want’s to be better!


I saw you had put her name in your OP so I just tagged guys who didn’t been invited, and I will love to hear all of them thoughts about classes and talents :smiley:
Ofc @Starryeyedgryph is great part of the team, but you have already mentioned her Raz :wink:


@Razor I’ll be there! I’ll be at work, so my input may be sporadic! I’m interested in hearing peoples thoughts on this new classes thing. This is going to shake up the entire game eventually i think! And thanks about the team I’m putting together!

@Jedon, he was talking about my 5 star team that I’ve been slaving over getting up. :slight_smile: but thanks darlin!


RAZOR's EDGE2 (Rarity/All)

Release Date: January 19, 2019 11:30AM USA MST - LIVE NOW!

Hello all - I know that I publicly talked about this potential change in the RaZoR’s EDge. 2 figures are now displayed within the previous space. I dropped the Hash Tag (#) and separated the figures by a ‘Forward Slash’ /. The image and the highlights should make everything very clear. The left figure is calculated by using the specific heroes in that heroes rarity, the right figure is the previous figure where Rare, Epic and Legendary heroes are compared together due to cross over with attack, defense and health. Where the most significant observations will be made is with the Rare and Epic Heroes. For example Gunnar who is in the middle of Ares and Athena in the image below:

Previously users saw Gunnar’s Defense Rank as #73. However within his own ‘Rare’ Rarity his Defense Rank is #1.

I have color coded several additional examples in the image below just so you can get the jist of the 2 figures and how having them both can be much more beneficial!

@Rigs @Kerridoc @Rook @Slingbow @MrsBCW @SpunkRat @CheTranqui
@FraVit93 @GelatinousPilot @AirHawk

Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!

The Period in Review for Jan 7 - 16, 2019

  • New Section ‘Global Leaderboard’
  • New Section ‘Current and Cumulative’ Alliances
  • New Release of Razors EDge - Rarity/All




Rarity/All is definitely gonna help me out a ton!. Great idea Razor!


Hopefully this will help out… not having to remember what class your hero belongs too…

I already have the Skill and the entire tree to the finish data mapped out - so Mid Feb we can determine how best to place the information in the H.U. to better serve us!


@Rigs @Kerridoc @Rook @Slingbow @MrsBCW @SpunkRat @CheTranqui
@FraVit93 @GelatinousPilot @AirHawk


That is awesome, Razor!!


Perhaps add the class emblem in the upper left of the picture, as in the thumbnails? Less text - wider international audience.


Awesome, great work @Razor


Amazing, Razor!!! Thanks for all your hard work =)


We miss yA, hope too see u soon😊


@Rook thank you ! @Kerridoc I will definitely consider and keep on my list. @Rache thank you! @Slingbow thanks buddy! @Khaleesi01 you are a doll - miss you guys too! I’m assisting @Roxy_TM who is in the process of replacing her phone due to issues and hopefully she doesn’t have issues (I fear this myself as they have a player on the team that lost their account and had to start over). So I’m with them through their next War then will likely be leaving to roam again :smile:


Good morning all , I’m new to the community, I have a few questions about leveling my Warriors up and which ones I should to do it. My name is Tammy , but started going by pegleg when I bring ame an amputee 5 yrs ago. I started playing this game a fewonths back. I really enjoy it, but really don’t know what I’m doing .,like tight now is it ok to just post this out here or do I go somewhere else


Sorry, Razor, I’m going to hijack your thread ever so briefly:

Welcome, @pegleg. There’s a lot of great info on these boards for new (and advanced) players. Start here:

Then browse links here:


Aaaand back to topic. :slight_smile:


THE PERIOD IN REVIEW: Jan 17-31, 2019


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@Starryeyedgryph @WuMac @SpunkRat

Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!

Will check out after work