Expanded Hero Grading Guide


I’m reading the forum for a long while, almost on a daily basis.
My favorites post is probably Anchor’s Complete Guide to Hero Grades (recently got a 2020 update, the link is still valid) and I thought it could have a couple of improvements:

  1. More expanded data: what is the hero special? attributes? max attack? role? emblem use?
  2. I had a few personal reservations wrt. scoring for a while. E.g. all 4* healers were ranked “B”, although your first couple of 4* healers are probably “A+” - as they are crucial (this was corrected very recently). Tanks are generally graded as “C”, and at first I actually got rid of all C graded heroes, which been clearly a wrong decision I haven’t fully recovered from just yet…
  3. I really looked for explanations of why heroes are graded that way. Sometimes it took me a while to get that.

So… I tried to take all relevant hero grading guides I found on the forum/wiki and combine it + add a personal tilt when I felt it is needed. With no further ado, here it is:

For now, I covered only 3* and 4* heroes (which are more common).

Please consider the guide still in beta for now. I wait for some additional feedback outside my alliance.
Any feedback, corrections, additions - are most welcome.

Brother North

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Have you seen the newer version, The Best Heroes in Empires and Puzzles 2020, New Hero Grades are LIVE!?


Of course I had!
This revision had the fix I mentioned wrt. 4* healers.

Ill try to better clarify that

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Good tool. I loved seeing that “F” beside Renfield.

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