Hero Properties and Attributes: A Query and Decision Support Engine

Hello Brother and Sister Players! For sometime I have been wanting to know which heroes have which properties and attributes a multiple given decision points and just never had all the information to quickly ascertain the answer to my question in particular at war time, heck tournament time, titan time, challenge event time etc. Well, I finally found the time and have developed the first Engine of the model - which will allow immediate querying to answer such questions.

Initially a small group will be used to test it and then it will be released and like everything else - it will evolve into a valuable tool for the players community. So this is a heads up its coming…

@Wormwood @Anetho @Ender_BattleSchool @nevarmaor @AirHawk @PeachyKeen @Rigs @Guvnor @PapaHeavy @Ranvir

It is the ‘Properties’ that I’m working through solidifying at this point… and there are many opinions around these as well their proper ‘names’.


This looks really useful.

This might be similar to what @General_Confusion was asking about in another thread - a way to list available heroes with specific abilities.


Any input from anyone would be great maybe you 2 would like to be some of the test subjects in BETA? @nevarmaor and @General_Confusion - actually looking for 10 players… just getting to that point actually.

I’m willing to try it out if I have the time (which I may over the holidays).

Would be good to see how it could help me with setting up war teams.

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@Razor, this will be extremely useful. I believe someone was asking if there was anything like this available the other day.
Thank you!

I believe I’m off from the 23rd through the 31st so I may be available if you need any assistance. Be warned, I’m about as sharp as a bowling ball

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Ok, slight delay on this one as I’m building out another project at the moment, however, more than happy to provide some accounts into it to see as is. There will be several hero property renames and likely some deletes and splits. Then we have baseline to build it out do do some cool stuff.

I shut this one down as an EOL project and for some odd reason picked it back up - different that intended but released in its first glorious version!

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