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Hi everyone!

I decided to work on a database to make it easier to categorize all the heroes. As of today, wikis lack some information like “Heroes that debuff defense” or “Heroes that damage all enemies” for example. Then I thought it was fair to make it open and share with the community.

I hope you all find it helpful:

Empires & Puzzles Hero Database

Suggestions are welcome. And if you find any mistakes, tell me so I can correct them.

May you all have a nice time with the game.


That’s a very useful tool. Thank you so much for sharing it!

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Some preliminary feedback;

It might be more useful to “List” all the results down the page rather than having to click the “Next” button a million times…

Would also be more useful in terms of comparing the heroes as you can then “see” the options all at once rather than having to flick back & forth between the options.

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Seems like a fun project :slight_smile: Couple of the icons look familiar. Hit me up on Discord/Line if you want me to ship you the ones I create before heroes are released.

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Thanks for the feedback! @Guvnor

Initially I listed all in the same table, but it was difficult for mobile users to navigate the scrollbar. Maybe I’ll make two versions… One for desktop users and another one for mobile users.

That’s a feature to think about. It’s not difficult to add the option of comparing 2 or more heroes. Maybe I’ll continue working on the project if the community thinks it’s interesting.

Thank you again.

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Hi @GDIBass! I like your tool very much! I just accessed my database from the mobile and noticed the comments with the credits and URL address don’t pop up when we hover the images. I’ll make sure to make the proper credits visible.

As of today, I don’t use Discord nor Line, but be sure I’ll hit you up there if I start using these apps.


Lol no need to. Only a few of them are generated by me.

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