Help With Forum Issues Available Here!

Please hit reply on this post if you would like to have some help with the forum itself! Navigating, posting, moving posts, and more. If you have questions or comments about game related stuff, use the search feature to see if there’s already a thread started for what you want.

I will make sure I watch this topic for replies, and if someone else hasn’t already answered your question I’ll make sure that I stop by to do so. I’m sure that once some of our regular forum members see this post that they’ll put this on their watch list too! :grinning:

:sparkle: A quick note to users new to this forum! :sparkle:

First, Welcome to the Forum for Empires & Puzzles!

Just a quick note. When you first join your account has trust level 0. You are only able to make replies to existing posts at first.
To remove the new user restrictions (eg, not able to create a topic) you need to do all of the following:

  • enter at least 5 topics
  • read at least 30 posts
  • read in the forum for a minimum of 10 minutes
  • at least click on the message waiting for you from discobot :robot:

Read more about the trust levels of the Forum & what you need to do to “level-up” here: GUIDE: Forum (Discourse) Trust Levels [New, Basic, Member, Regular, Leader] - #4 by angeljenn149

It seems to take a moment for the system to catch up with you meeting these requirements. If you have done these 4 things you could log out and log back in to force the system to refresh. Once you see a notice that you have achieved the Basic badge, you will have had the new user restrictions lifted from your account!

If you are uncertain if you have met the goals, you can click on your profile image, and look at your summary.


Also, I request that you use the search feature to do a quick check to see if someone has already started a thread for the idea or questions that you have. Joining and advancing a conversation in progress is much more useful to the community than starting multiple mini threads on the same topic!


Ideally, as people ask questions I will them in this post and link them to the answers so this topic is as easy to navigate as possible!


Two brief ones:

  1. Is appropriate to tag staff if we feel we have a legitimate question and we’re trying to give it attention?

  2. Is there a place for “complaints” that aren’t bugs or suggestions, and we’re really just looking for constructive solutions? (or does that go in Ideas & Feature Requests?)


I have edited this post, as the forum has grown and evolved, and I feel this is a better answer now.

  1. In most cases I don’t think we need to tag staff. They’re on here often, and read majority of the posts, and they keep up with the bugs and issues category for sure. I will say, that if people like a suggestion, have the same question, etc, that they continue the conversation with more posts or likes. This is probably an even better way to bring attention to a post.

The forum is primarily designed for player discussion, so as such, tagging the community managers Petri and RubiKinga should be limited. If the moderators notice important questions, where the information isn’t in the community, we might boost the signal to the moderator thread. And if there’s a question and the community hasn’t been able to come up with an answer, tag me or another Mod (more coming!) and we’ll see if we can grab the right person. :smiley:

As a note it’s always a good idea to use the search feature before you start a thread. This allows you to join in and further a conversation, instead of having multiple threads on the same topic.

  1. Honestly, depending on the type of discussion you want to start, either the General Discussion or the Ideas & Feagure Requests category would do. Staff and mods can move the topic to a different category later as needed. :slight_smile:

Thank you @Coppersky You’re a refreshing hit of positivity and optimism here on the forums, and always so helpful.


Hello Coppersky, I am new to the forum. I saw your name mentioned in several key areas, so I thought I would ask you my question directly.

How/Can I change my Profile Picture in here? It shows as a green dot. I have tried clicking it and nothing happens.

I appreciate any advice.



Happy to help!

Start by clicking your picture at the top right of your screen. (remember things might be in different places if you’re on a phone. I access the forum from my computer)

59 AM

Hit the gear below your picture and you’ll come to your profile screen.

15 AM

scroll down to profile picture and select the pencil.

43 AM

You’ll be given options there for how you’d like to change your picture. All done! :smile:


and it looks like you already got it!


Yes, another player responded. But I very much appreciate your reply. Keep up the great work!


@Coppersky Hello again!

I couldnt find anywhere else to post this, my apologies if I’m sending it to the wrong place!

As I’m sure you probably know my account was suspended for 3 weeks. I just had my privileges restored today, and the message I got from the system said that I had full privileges and could now post topics and replies. However, I can NOT post topics or reply to anything on here. The buttons are actually missing. Can you please advise?

Also, my in game chat privileges have not been restored at all… The last email I received from support also said 3 weeks. I did send an email to support yesterday, but saw that my privileges would be restored on the 1st, so I didn’t want to bug them.

Could you possibly PLEASE help me???

Thank you in advance!


It looks like users are unable to change their name on the forum themselves.


Hi Coop,

how do I write a personal message? For single user only. Thank you.


Only mods and staff can initiate PMs.


I cant upgrate my troops ! Some body can explain to me how to do that please?


Click on the [orange] Recruitment section and make your Alliance Recruitment post there. :slight_smile:

Edited to show info as of March 2018


Once you are lvl 10, you can select a lvl 5 building (try a forge), and turn it into a Barracks.

Use the barracks to lvl up your troops like you do heroes: feed your lower level troops to the higher ones you intend to keep.

If you intend to use double color heroes, make sure you have two of every color troop; if you intend to play Beginner event, you might also want to reserve a few 2* troops in each color, since you cannot use higher than 2* troops on Beginner Events.

Others might disagree with this tactic. To each their own. :slight_smile:


Back to topic: Help with the Forum. :slight_smile:

Hi. Can you attach a gif file ? I thought I saw somewhere that you could, but I tried adding one and it just disappears afterwards… Thanks…

I don’t believe gif files are possible, but I will double check with @Petri. :slight_smile:


You should be possible to attach a gif - at least from services such as Giphy. Uploading the gif directly here might not work so I recommend uploading the file to Giphy.