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RaZoR’s EDge is 1 of the 4 methods the Hero Utility provides it’s users to evaluate Hero’s with the primary goal to assist the user in decision support. I know from my travels in the E&P universe that there are many of us that take time to use mathematics/statistics to attempt to better understand our Heroes performance capabilities - in particular between Heroes. Thus the reason I’m breaking this particular method out into it’s own thread for discussion. My hope is that it will be positively received and bring about some theoretical discussions between members that are enjoyable.

The latest version of the Hero Utility is V3 released on 12/30/2018. You can access it via Browser (Ideally on your PC) @ EnPHero.com - Members of the Users Group have access to H.U.P. which is currently a Members only Feature which has it’s first of many categories to come available.

Thanks for your interest and support!


Posting this late New Years eve probably wasn’t the best idea - for visibility. Regardless I figured - a couple of you fellas might be interested in this data set… @Slingbow @Wharflord @Rigs @Mattman @Eddard @Sword_of_Omens @FraVit93 @AngkorKhmer @Kerridoc


Hello again Razor! Hope you are well. Haven’t been able to catch again in a chat but will try to again soon. My statistics class was a very long time ago so this all looks Greek to me. However I’m sure that is amazing work and useful once you understand it. Thanks for all you do! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Happy Mew Year to you and yours as well! :partying_face:


HI @Alyssaann1014! Happy Happy New Year to you as well sweet Lady! Thank you very much! Once I get this recording software I’ve had my :eyes: on I will put together some videos on using the utility so people understand it better. Though it’s presented in a really well organized format (from my end lol) I know some people just don’t get it - not that they have too - some of it is really straight forward, just want to give that little extra to help out our E&PEEPS. Enough of my rambling. Oh yeah - statistics class - I had QBA (Quantitative Business Analysis) - and oddly it was my only 100% class in College! I don’t recall much of the weird abstract stuff that will and never has been used since LOL - which goes for much of what I studied outside my Major.

BEST WISHES FOR AN AMAZING 2019! Catch you on the next Poll I hope, I’m thinking something up :thinking: that you would enjoy i.e. as I don’t recall catching you during the 4 month one we had: E&P ROYALTY 2018-2019. LOL like I would know what you like. Take care! 2019!!!

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Performing as designed - it’s a Crowning :crown: achievement.

Thans Razor…Love the new layout showing specials and color. Not a math major but try to look at analytics best I can. Will dive into this and give feedback.

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Happy new year @Razor
I love defense musashi ABBA(DA) … Now musashi is a dancing queen … :wink:

More serious, thanks for all your work @Razor

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RAZOR’s EDGE2 (Rarity/All)

Release Date: January 19, 2019 11:30AM USA MST - LIVE NOW!

Hello all - I know that I publicly talked about this potential change in the RaZoR’s EDge. 2 figures are now displayed within the previous space. I dropped the Hash Tag (#) and separated the figures by a ‘Forward Slash’ /. The image and the highlights should make everything very clear. The left figure is calculated by using the specific heroes in that heroes rarity, the right figure is the previous figure where Rare, Epic and Legendary heroes are compared together due to cross over with attack, defense and health. Where the most significant observations will be made is with the Rare and Epic Heroes. For example Gunnar who is in the middle of Ares and Athena in the image below:

Previously users saw Gunnar’s Defense Rank as #73. However within his own ‘Rare’ Rarity his Defense Rank is #1.

I have color coded several additional examples in the image below just so you can get the jist of the 2 figures and how having them both can be much more beneficial!

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Taking an initial Look at the Wonderland Challenge Event Heroes. How do they fair? For the most part Heroes get an overall grade of A, B or C.

The Legendaries fall within the top 45-47%ile based on Card Stats calculated using their Ap and Dh scores. Therefore - Solid A-'s or B+'s (in terms of grades). 53-55% of the Legendary Heroes fall below them (46% rate at A’s Prior to thier existance).

The Epics fall within the top 51-52%ile based on Card Stats calculated using their Ap and Dh scores. Thereofore - Solid B- to C+'s . 48-49% of the Epic Heroes fall below them (25% rate as A’s prior to their existance).


Holy F!

Wish I had a grading curve like this when I went to school!! Eh? Who else agrees?


@Slingbow @Wharflord @Rigs @Mattman @Eddard @Sword_of_Omens @FraVit93 @AngkorKhmer @Kerridoc @Roxy_TM

Those Legends - they deserve special treatment though right??? This was my first trip down the rabbit hole with this information - didn’t get to spend the time I wanted to on it, I wanted to test it out… may be some slight variances or miscalcs but not enough to change the results.

All Rarities refers to Legands, Epics and Rares only.


I’ve checked both here and on the TitainMafia website, and I can’t seem to find what the boxes in yellow on your ranking chart indicate.

It looks like they might be indicating that a given characteristic is in the top 50%. But I’m not certain. Sorry if I’m being the slow student in the class.


@Garanwyn Ahhh the Yellow Highlights in this image indicates those in the top 20 base stats - get enough of these on a single line and you have a WINNER! Yellow in H.U. v1 (A Grades or high ranking) I know there are other areas in the different apps though… HOWEVER, they have to be calculated appropriately and in this case I’m basing results off of Ap and Dh… again I needed to tidy up and just didn’t and didn’t want the effort to go to waste - data still valid. I’d say get enough of these on the same line in the top 10 and you have a CHAMP, otherwise look what the outcome is… Standard deviations play havoc between composites.

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Are you sure it’s top quintile for yellow? There are 44 Epic heroes, so top 9 are in that top quintile, but CoD health and Dh are rank 14 yet colored yellow. Likewise for Legendary, top quintile has 13 heroes, but Hatter’s #17 Ap is shown in yellow.

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@Kerridoc - Thanks for looking out. NO its not the %ile - thank you, it’s FLAT RANK. So if they rank in the top 20 of N I yellowed them. I have bookmarked. I know I wasn’t real clear on what all I was doing with this… just didn’t want to let it go forgotten! I’ll come back and re-eval after I post the next REVIEW/Data update. Thanks my friend. (Changing my comment that you are referring to on this point at least). RaZ

p.s. and RANK is subjective to ROLLING FORWARD or ROLLING WITH the RANK…

p.s.s. if you may also be wondering about the text on the lower table of image 1 “Top %ile placement” it depends on what an individual considers TOP… I know there are rules that apply to math - I’m not the best follower with terminology. So in the first Ap 82% Dh 7.3% (yes Queen is in the top 82% which is bad, and in the top 7% which is GREAT). The average is simply taking the %ile + %ile / 2 - as all 4 stats are included in the 2 correlated figures (with some mathematical adjustments). Placing her at top 47%ile over all within her Rarity (Legendary). So not the best… from that perspective. Special Skill is another world that is VERY subjective I’ve found from player to player in general… HOW ABOUT THAT FN CAT THOUGH!!! GAME CHANGER!!! Want that CAT!

Let me know if this answered your question… then I won’t keep you on my list. Thanks DOC!


Really wanted Queen but didn’t pull any 5*. Would have liked Alice but she would probably take a back seat to Ariel if I get her in 10 days. Thanks for the break down. Sad that Hero Utility will be going as I used that daily, but understand the incredible amount of time and work it took to maintain that.

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Sling my man! Miss our late night E&P talks in the Chat Room! Hope your doing well - I know you have (are still leveling) an amazing team - hitting No.1 on the LB - your doing awesome! Will stop by your home base soon.

To clarify - The Hero Utility isn’t going anywhere, just a lot of tasks that took me a long time that some people probably enjoyed that were related to it I had to dump… and I’ve already picked up better things that probably take more of my time LOL.

Not sure if I should release it here or under another thread as it’s not specific to any of the them. Catch ya l8r. The Hero Utility is here to stay - I use it all the time. Will make some minor improvements to it here and there for sure.


great to hear Hero Utility is here to stay @Razor–i love it!

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Especially with the news that @Anchor has left the game-- HU utility will be even more important without Anchors Guide, unless someone takes it over

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@Anchor left the game??? ■■■? WHY? I had no idea. Wow - man we are really going to miss him a lot. It was his grading spreadsheet that played a large part in me coming up with the idea of the hero utility in the first place. @Kerridoc are you aware of this? @Rigs are you aware of this? I don’t see Zero’s handle anymore? What’s going on? I import his grades when I do my data collection - I’m going to have to come up with an alternative soon then - I have some ideas…

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Yes, I’m on 7D Council so learned this early. Anchor left a long and thoughtful message to close out his career. Here is his summary:

@everyone TLDR: it’s not worth the time, money, energy, effort, for what comes in return.

I have sent staff the full text of his valedictory.


I’m aware. Just dont have much to say on it honestly. He’s not the first veteran leavin, wont be the last. I’m sure some of the community will miss him.

@Xero786 still exists though so not sure what you meant by not being able to find him


readed it will mis anchor honestly learned a lot from him sad to see him go :frowning: but his points make sense for me

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