Empires & Puzzles - Hero Utility (Bringing it All together for you)


This tool will brighten and enlighten your playing immediately.


  • Immediately be exposed the the hero ‘data’ sheet in full (Mana Effect(s), Passive(s), Resist(s), Class Effect(s), Family Effect(s), Base Card Stat Ranks).
  • Pull Entire Classes of Heroes in FULL
  • Pull Entire Families of Heroes in FULL
  • Select from ANY HERO by Element (Subdivided within Rarity), in FULL
  • Team or Opponent Sim

I’ll be back to gather any feedback or issues anyone found. I didn’t see any familiar names in the recent (old) thread so adding randoms! I’m looking to the FORUM to test drive before a real LIVE push.

Please leave any comments/issues found - thanks ahead for anyone’s assistance. I’LL BE BACK (in the not so distant future) -=RaZoR=-

100% CLOUD BASED - Nothing installs on your devices.

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Empires & Puzzles: Hero Utility v3c

v3c - Official FINAL Release: 12:00pm :clock12: :us: MST - Aug 1st, 2020

Available to you 24/7! A Unique and Mature evaluation tool consisting of 7 valuation methods. It extends to the hosting of Hero current card values, Ranks within Rarities, Special skills, Family and Realm Bonuses, Class & Talents with Costume adjustments, Current and Historical data collected by 100s of fellow E&P players for generating the games most reliable and most quoted Positioning and Ranking data. Its purpose is assisting ANY player or group of players with Hero decisioning and team support. The data is exceptionally organized and presented in a pleasing visual representing every rare to legendary hero from the Empires & Puzzles collection.

Users can select 1-5 heroes for a side by side comparison, as an informative team assembler, for data validation as well historical confirmations and snapshots to increase a player’s knowledge and organizational habits. The Hero Utility has been used by 100s of thousands from the new players to the very seasoned. Over 3 years running and improving!

A note from Razor: To showcase the additions & changes in this version the Heroes used in v3 further below are maintained. This visual with text (click to enlarge) provides you the introduction to its tremendous value, likely becoming your greatest go to utility in the game (a free TM account is NOT needed for its use, its ready for you NOW!).

Be well my friends, prosper and may summons & the boards be good to you!

Note: Please spend a few minutes to review the Proper Use Guidelines of the utility. It will minimize any confusion potential up-front, and put you in the drivers seat ASAP. The v3c Dual Version allows you to switch between the Color and DaRk versions seamlessly



The evolution of building… THE NEXT LEVEL - No player should Class without it!

For the SERIOUS Player: GuiLDWare The Evolution of Evolution…

Developed for the players of Empires & Puzzles by a player.
(Hero Utility) and TitanMafia.com (Users Group/Reporting)

2020-8-1 LINEID: RaZoREnP


V3 - Official Release: 4:30pm :clock430: :us: MST - Dec 30th, 2018


The DaRk VeRsIoN (this version has been replaced with the re-vamped v3c)


Original The CARD Version (no longer supported as of 2019-12-16)



Many thanks! Bookmarked!


Very cool! I’d be interested to know how you calculate the GPA, but I can tell that the grades are from our 7DD guide :slight_smile:


You can click on the link once it displays your results ‘Grading Scale’ and it clearly defines it (well I hope it does lol)


Your welcome! It was very exciting to put it together, more so to see the results :slight_smile:


There is also the ‘latest report’ link that gives detailed information on the defensive statistics. It includes some great information not found in the card based results.

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Interesting tool; thanks, @Razor . One caution I’d place: some of the best defensive heroes (Hel, Alberich, Ares) are also old HotM. A relatively small fraction of the player base has them, so I’m not sure how much confidence I’d place in relative frequency of these heroes in the top 100 teams. The flip of this problem will occur when a new hero is released–say, Aegir in October. Even if it turns out that Aegir is the new meta-defining defensive tank (which is a distinct possibility), his appearance in top defenses will be delayed for most players by the need to train him up.


million thanks Razor ! so does it mean it’ll replace the tables/guides put up by 7dd previously from their website?


Certainly NOT! Anchor and the fellas at 7DD keep a live document - they make changes real-time and when you pull up that document, you know it’s up to date. The last time I sync with them will always be posted. I don’t think there are a ton of changes in-between my data pulls (and I document those that there are) but theirs is still the best Source for Up to the minute Hero Grading.

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Totally hear you loud and clear and great fricken points @Kerridoc. I will be putting together a FAQ document and be addressing this and many other questions. Understand that data collection has just recently started - over time I will make adjustments. I have a lot of ideas and what I want most is to be as accurate as possible. One of the great things about the top 100 - there are 2 kinds of people in that group - players from the start and those that bounce in a couple times a month. The first group tend to have some way of leveling new heroes up within a couple days of release and test them… and if they are great in Defense - they stay, if their not they go. And this same group has all the HOTM (or most of them). Like me I started when Hel was released and she is one of my favorites - she just isn’t defensively the best fit into the top 5 combo of current I suppose (she is pretty solid in all 3 roles - Rear/Flank and Center). Well thanks for the feedback and trust me I will address your points as time goes on and data collection continues.

Last point, if a new hero starts showing up in the - CURRENT DEFENSIVE - then that means they are growing in popularity - so you will be able to see when this starts to happen. It will even out over-time. Again, I’m going to do my best to address. Thanks buddy.

  1. Players with deep rosters just build up feedstock in the TCs, rather than training lesser heroes during the month. Then when a new HotM or Event hero is released, they can pull out all those feeders and power-level them up. They may even be running one camp at TC20 to stockpile food.

  2. By and large the top players are also in beta, giving them the opportunity to test lineups in advance. I think you’ll see some new heroes show up early in defensive squads not because they’re great in defense but because the player wanted to flaunt the new 4/80 hero (or, more kindly, to confirm impressions from beta).


@Kerridoc thanks for the feedback! That makes a lot of sense! Are you potentially one of the players in 1. or 2.? Awesome to get a beta opportunity. Love this game! Much appreciated. Raz


I’m definitely in #2. I’m just doing my last crop of 4* heroes, but I hope to have some new heroes from Season 2 in the next 48 hours.


That is great Kerridoc! Ok, 48 hours - you will do it! Really cool that your in the beta!

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READY FOR ATLANTIS. Looking forward to the 2nd season! I’ve got to get some E&P time in soon!!!


@Kerridoc - HOW Is your position with Atlantis Hero Obtainment going?
@tsoukalos, @Wharflord, @Sorsha,

Heads up on a new mod for the Hero Utility!


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91 pulls later, I have none of the new 5*, nor Drake, nor Hel. :cry: Of the other heroes, I’m still missing Wilbur.


sorry if am slow. couple questions.

wat’s the diff between current & cumulative defense? & what’s totappear?

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Ah man @Kerridoc that flat out bites it. Sorry man. Ok so you didn’t pick up any of the big guns, however, some of those 4*'s from Atlantis I’ve heard are really powerful?