Empires & Puzzles - Hero Utility (Bringing it All together for you)



Will check it now.
20 :sunglasses:


Boss Rising…love it! Great work again @Razor


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Adding you 10 selected from another post who may have interest in something like this…


An additional 5 of you from the same topic…
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Will deffo check this out. Was following silently for some time after being refered by @WuMac to Titanmafia. Love the data based approach as it gives a more orchestrated view of a complex structure of team building, now with classes added on top its like an icing on the cake. So many possibilities of different team builds taking in consideration short, medium and long term hero building due to emblem drop rates. Will be a fun few months and I will be sure to chip in when I can also



I have been a visitor to your site at least once a week for a while. I believe you are doing a great job and you are one of just a small handful of resources I depend on for straight data.


Thanks @Razor for again, always trying to help each of us improve our game. This looks like a helpful resource, I can see myself referring to it, though not near as often as hero utility, of course. HU is a staple of my existence lol. Interesting no purples in left flank.


Do you think using stars might be confusing, since that is how we rate heroes? Dunno, just a though. Maybe a $ sign :smiley:


How did you choose the 10%?


Love this! Very concise and easy to understand. Great visual.

I do agree with @General_Confusion perhaps could consider using ••• or :black_small_square::black_small_square::black_small_square:


Roman Numerals might be good for the talent thing. :slight_smile:


@Rigs - it was a completely RANDOM set set of data (which now looking at it isn’t a very common set LOL - though very qualified - I’m a stickler/strict with that). :sunglasses:

@Anetho - cool! Feel free to hit me up anytime, @WuMac - is a great guy. It sure will be fun and interesting. Classes/Talents adds so much diversity and complexity to the game!

@Hcmitchellr - thanks! It’s knowing this sometimes that keeps me going!

@Slingbow - Man you know it… Yes I am already really excited about this report - will take some key feedback and spruce it up. I appreciate you man - and the 5 RINGS!

@General_Confusion - I thought you of all the Generals on this battlefield; would appreciate the thought of / concept of this general confusion capable star use???
:crazy_face: The ORB of confusion is more my style.

Thanks MrsBCW! So your very cool visual options are ‘dot’ and ‘black_small_square’! Hmm, which one is more exciting to me? Basic sometimes just works - and I can likely spot count/compare a 100 sets of 0-17 squares easier than dots!

@CheTranqui that is a good suggestion! Would you consider Roman Numerals a more internationally accepted visual for numbers than Hindu-Arabic/European numbers? III vs 3 II vs 2 V vs 5 etc…

ok @General_Confusion I guess now that the Mrs. has agreed - I remove the confusing potential of the stars… LOL. Tanks buddy. I knew the stars would be temporary through maybe level 5…


Hi Razor, wouldn‘t it be cool if the troop type and level be included in the statistic? E.g. C30 for Crit-30, M20 for Mana-20, L20 for 3* and below.

The troop could be displayed left of the talent stars.
Additionally a aggregate sum over center, left/right flank, left/right wing could be added on the right regarding the type. E.g. 70% uses a Mana troop on left wing.


@MacKenzie that would be fricken awesome MacK! I want to at least get out what I have now however so it can be useful/used as is only because I have a laundry list of items for work WORK and for E&P I have a Class/Talent project on my plate and 2 additional projects - but let’s keep it on the burner eh? Great idea - you might cut/paste it into the Members Lounge Feedback/Suggestions so It’s permanently logged! Thanks! :sunglasses:



There is one thing that crossed my mind.

I don’t know how easy it would be to implement or if you plan on making this board larger than 10% of the top 100

But instead of just relaying a total from each element used, would it be better to somehow relay the total of each element in each position? Green is dominating left flank, blue and purple are tied on right flank, then green, purple, blue are dominating the wings and of course yellow is dominating tank. Sure it’s easy to see that by looking at only the 10% but if this table expands to full 100, may be something worth adding.


thnx razor this is some awesome work by you guys. much appreciated


I never mentioned to do it immediately. The day after tomorrow would be completely okay :grin:


Ok guys - I placed this under its own category as it is unique! First version is ready! RaZ

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much better representation as before with the stars below of the hero name.