The Best Heroes in Empires and Puzzles 2020, New Hero Grades are LIVE!

Almost two years to the day, the new hero re-grades are now live!

I know quite a bit of you have found out through my live stream that I have released the new version. I want to publicly announce it here. Quite a few changes have been done on the hero grades. I have gone through and re-graded every single 4* and 5* hero (3* heroes will be released soon!). It was important this time around to make sure I gain public opinion and use that to compliment the grades. I have over 20 other people working with me to look over my work and give their take on heroes. I also added a ton of math to the hero guide and have work towards incorporating real math to the grades. ElThamer was the mastermind behind a lot of the math involved with the grades.

Thank you to all the hero regraders! CAPTAINPOOSE, Davesauce, D.D, Epigenetic, Gho$t, Hugh The First, iiiFILTHYY, Jasqua Strange, JeeDee, Julia (KotN), Lipidshk, Lott, MAGS [7DF], NittanyLionRoar, Qboro, Revolutionvl, TheChef, Volsfan, ZR-Nick, and sweet baby Zero and his Steak with Ketchup.

Feel free to check everything out, as always it is free, and free to use with any tool, or shared on any platform, the only thing I ask is for you to share the original link provided below when referencing it and not just the link it self to the google spreadsheet.


Thanks for your (and everyone else’s, all 20 something of you deserve credit) hard work on this project! :heart:

One thing, though. In the description it says that the donate button is above or on the right - on my W10 computer it is below the text!


Thanks @Anchor and all the 7DD guys for this awesome resource!!


Love it! :slight_smile:

One thing though regarding costumes: do your grades for vanilla heroes take into account that their costume is maxed as well? :thinking:

I think I speak for a lot of players when I say that some hero costumes are not really that great compared to their default formes – e.g. Boldtusk has a much better attack buff, so maxing the chef costume is usually done to make his default form better by most players.

How do you take that into account? Or is it taken into account?

Also, just say the word if you want some help with grading the 3*s :smiley:


Amazing! Thank you so much for all the effort you put into this!

I do have one question for ya, with the majority of every hero basically having a B rating, would you ever consider expanding the rating system to more grades (think of the smash bro’s one) all the way to maybe F so that we can really get into the nitty gritty and compare all the B grades against each other?


Are the grades S, A, B and C? Sorry, I had a little difficulty since English isn’t my natural language.

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A = Best
B = Next
C = So-So
D = Bad
E = Worst


Thank you so much dear.

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Yeah @krzysiekx I had some formatting issues, when I first published the site it was on the right but it was formatted weird on phones and made it seem like you had to donate to view the sheets, which was and never will be the case. If anyone feels inclined to donate you can through this link:


@DaveCozy the costumes were taken into account completely separately and independently and you are absolutely correct, some are worse than their original forms and Boldtusks grade is definitely reflective of that, especially on titans.


Awesome question @FroggyRay it was something we discussed when I first made this initially with @Xero786 ‘s help. And I had asked the crew again this time. There was definitely debate about going with an C+,B-,B,B+,etc grading scale. I felt like it took away from the game. The scale was set up just the same as a Titan hit scale because I think it is a great way to envision a hero. Some people on a Titan hit get a C grade and they still contributed a ton to killing the Titan, while a single few were up at the top.

The problem comes in with the fact that SG has done a really good job with heroes and you can see some heroes that were not that great being used for really good things. A hero like Throne can make his way on defense and still be useful. I’ve lost my fair share of times to a hero like Kadilen to not give them some respect.

I have thought about it, but at this time I’ll give the same grading scale with a ton more grading points to give you the all around picture of the hero.


You’re welcome. What is your natural language? We already have quite a few translations at the bottom of the sheet.

Have already been added and we are absolutely open to anyone else that wants to give translations with other languages!


Brazilian Portuguese. If you want, I can start translating it right now! It won’t take me long


@Player16YT go for it, after you have done it, please message ElThamer on Line and he can get it added, his Line ID is below:



Good!! Glad to help. It should be ready in 1 hour or so.


So @Anchor is back with new grades. Has a thread been started on this already? If so please merge…

Do we agree with the new grades?

I had a very very quick look and the only one that I would sort of challenge is Alice’s A+. Perhaps I have missed others. Thoughts?

But the new grades look pretty good from my point of view and sort of consistent with how I feel with many of the heroes.

The ratings for different tourney conditions were a very nice touch.

Well done Anchor, cheers and thanks for your help.

*And well done @Epigenetic and Anchor’s crew who helped piece this together - I do think a majority consensus helped with the bulk of these ratings


Link to the Guide:

Link to the thread:

Old thread:


I respect the hell out of anyone who puts this much effort making content for all you of us. Nobody will ever create the perfect rating system as there are so many variables to consider but Anchor does a fantastic job non the less.

I only have one gripe, I really wish he extended the scale further. Almost every hero is a B grade. It’s hard to differentiate heroes when they nearly all have the same grade. I wish he would extend the letters to E or F, or even a scale similar to the smash bros scale.

One last thing… how in the hell is Alice an A+ rating? I think she’s a great hero but not A+ great.


Anchor was the first to do such a scale and got a lot of hate for it, so much that he got fed up for a while and actually quit the game.

This time, he had about 20 people help with giving opinions on the grades. I was part of the group, and he listened to each and every one of our suggestions. There is no way to get everyone to agree but 99+% of the time a reasonable consensus was reached. Yes, some of us thought Alice was an A, but nothing will be to everyone’s liking. The only thing I would say is that the group was somewhat weighted toward the more experienced players, many with a lot of heroes, and fewer FTPs.

I hope that people can give constructive feedback and spread some of the negativity to the rest of us who worked on the project. Some of the grades on newly released heroes will likely need to be revised in the future. Vela’s grading is not complete, but in general there was a lot of discussion about her, and the many group member’s opinions of her were very different than the negative feelings in the forum thread. Since most in the group do not have a leveled Vela, a lot is based on limited beta play and stats analysis. As people get experience with her, they should give Anchor feedback so things can be improved.


I have looked at the new Anchor grades and really appreciate them. They are a great tool.I do think that some could use D ratings but then again I won’t level a C hero so it’s not a big deal.

Thanks to everyone who helped create this great FREE system.


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