Where are the tutorials?- Forum badges

So there are two badges in the forums, one for going through the tutorial, another for going through the Advanced Tutorial. I looked for hours but couldn’t find the list of topics I’m supposed to read. I read all the stickied topics, but they apparently aren’t a part of this.

Can anyone help me? I’m a sucker for badges and achievements.

:warning: Moderator edit by Coppersky to summarize how to access tutorials

  1. Access your in-game mail and scroll through to find your welcome message from Discobot

  2. tag discobot and then type which tutorial you want. Just like this:
    @discobot start new user
    @discobot start advanced user

Discobot will reply and start your tutorial. Just follow the steps to learn more about what you can do in the forum and get some shiny new forum badges! (Certified or Licensed)

(Yes, you can put these commands in this thread as well, but it will keep bumping an old topic.)


When I signed up for the forum, I received a private message from DiscoBot. That message was the start of the new user tutorial, and you get a badge for completing it. I’m not sure about the advanced tutorial, though.

Yeah, I clicked on every link in that message but to no avail.


Try bookmarking the message and see if that works. When I did that, the next part of the tutorial came via a new message.

Oh, awesome. Thanks.

I’m have the same situation. It’s not giving me any opportunity to find of view the tutorials. :persevere:

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If you bookmark the message you received from. Discobot, you’ll be able to start the tutorial. I’m still looking for the advanced tho

Edit: found the advanced one. Let’s see if you can find, it’s included in the new user one.


Maybe I’ll actually be able to find it when I’ve had more than 4 hours of sleep 20 hours back. :slight_smile:

Edit: And I did eventually figure it out, once I was awake enough for actual logical thinking. :grinning:



I can’t find it - is it a puzzle ? Can you give me a clue ? :grinning:

Discobot tells you the form of what you need, but not the exact wording. Extrapolate from what it’s already done for you.

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Hmmm (20 characters)

I found it !

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20 chars added.


I’ve never received a message from Discobot. I wonder if that was added after I was here? Hmmm!

goes in the hunt for the elusive bot!


Found it. Gave it decent burial.

(After x months, it still works!) :wink:


I’m glad I found this topic! :slight_smile:

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Ah. That was cute. Would not have gotten it without a this topic.


All you have to do to summon it is to stare at the screen and mention its name…




Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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It was added somewhat recently. Wasnt here when i first joined forum. But was here when i rejoined