🔱 [December 2020] Atlantis Summon Results

This thread is for posting your Summon Results from the Season 2 Atlantis Portal in December 2020.

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Atlantis Rises & the Atlantis Portal run from 2020-12-03T07:00:00Z until Invalid date

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Well, this month I had enough coins and gems to do 13 pulls.
This is what I’ve got:

When I saw 3rd Gilra and 2nd Namahage I thought that this is the worst 10x pull ever.
But fortunately I got my 1st Proteus and 1st Triton and as a bonus draw Reuben.
Could be better, but could be worse.
Oh, and Chochin is also new. :slight_smile:


Ariel, completed s2 hard recently so had enough for 12 pulls. I also bought the 1.99 deal x 3. I got her from that lot thankfully


Just got my first s2 legendary…and guess who that is…
Yeah freaking mok arr :woman_facepalming:t2:

This game is trolling me. Not gonna level him anytime soon


I just notice the portal odds changed slightly. Everything except the Featured/non-featured 5* rate now matches Valhalla portal.

Is this the first month that has happened or did I not notice it previously?

Asking for a friend that summarizes portal odds…

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First Summon :blush::+1:t3:


Finally…after 2 years my first Atlantis 5*. Single gem-pull. Sitting at 99 Atlantis coins…not finding the last sea- dragon… :sweat_smile:

:partying_face: :heart_eyes:


I spent 5 summons in tokens and never thought I would get her! I’ve wanted her since she was the hero of the month! ! I’m going to level her and run her with neith and guin just for fun


Just finally finished S2 hard. Had around 800 coins and also did a gem 10x pull for a total of 18 pulls.

Chance of S2 featured hero is 1.3% and chance for S2 non-featured 5* hero is 0.3% chance. So the chance of of Vela, Onatel, or any S2 5* hero should be 1.6% chance.
Meanwhile chance of classic S1 5* hero is 0.9%.

And ofc I freakin’ get Domitia as my only 5* :sob:

My first 100 coins gave me another melia, but then the portal went red and out came Reuben. My second HotM, after Telluria.


I got a bunch of Season 2 and Season 1 3 *s and a duplicate 4 *. Oh, well, next time :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone :star2:

Why I stopped paying $$ to summon:
Saved up 3k gems for a 10-summon on Atlantis.
3* x 8
4* x 2
5* x 0

s1 x 7
s2 x 3

9 of the 10 were duplicates of stuff I already had or have been consistently using for leveling up other heroes. The only vaguely decent pull was Agwe and I have better blue heroes to level.

I’ve been hoping for a Proteus for about a year and a half, still nothing. So I’ll just save up another pile of gems from quests again and maybe in a few months we’ll be disappointed again.

I still don’t own a single s2 5* hero. Of the s2 4* heroes I have Agwe, Gadeirus, and Sumitomo. It’s been like 2 years now of lost hope.

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Coin pull. Was very surprised. My first past hotm pull ever if we count ToL too.


Two pulls; Dawa and Mok-arr. Which to keep and which to feed?

Trade you Gaderius for Dawa Gad?

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5 pulls: Mok-Arr, Triton, Mnesseus, Melia and a 3* feeder. Not bad at all.


Yeah @Roland56! Grats

@Blord I would gladly take a Mok!

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1 coin pull: Proteus, very happy.


Thanks buddy! @JAWS_3D
Actually it was 2 milestones in one. First yellow hotm and first past hotm from a pull :slight_smile:.
And I already had Mok-Arr and he was featured too. I would be quite angry if second one dropped :laughing:.