🔱 [September 2020] Atlantis Summon Results

This thread is for posting your Summon Results from the Season 2 Atlantis Portal in SEPTEMBER 2020.

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Atlantis Rises & the Atlantis Portal run from 2020-09-03T07:00:00Z until 2020-09-05T19:00:00Z

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NEXT Atlantis Rises & the Atlantis portal will run from 2020-10-01T07:00:00Z until 2020-10-03T19:00:00Z

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I have Kingstone, Aegir and Mitsuko…then I’ll save Atlantis coins and gems.

But in any case…I catched Aegir in ToL portal. Is it sure Aegir is going to appear in this Atlantis portal?

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I bought 2x Offers.
That meant I was at 99 Atlantis COins. Farmed about 50 energy and got 5 more.

I did 1x Coin Pull = Li Xiu
1x Gem Pull = Chocin

Another Gem Pull = KINGSTON



I had two Atlantis coins…


I’ve never been lucky with Atlantis summons…


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Atlantis coins??? what are they??? ouuuuhhhh yes I remeber… are those old coins the game used to give us when opening chests… no… I haven’t seen any atlantis coin in a very long time… this is a usless portal to me now.


Here is my 10-pull:

Not complaining :partying_face:


It’s really baffling how they consider it unaccaptable that we could get both Atlantis and Valhalla coins from regular loot. What would that be, a one or two summons more monthly? Outrageous, one player in a hundred could actually get something useful, need to be removed from the game!

Anyways, I have three Aegirs, two Mitsukos and one Kingston, one of each maxed. Tarlak is unnecessary due to having Miki. I have zero interest in this portal this time. One and only pull brought me Gill-Ra - I appreciated her appearence so much that I fed her to Quintus.


try to get nother mitsuko… red 5star heroes are very hot items now to pull since telluria release…even most experience players now beggin for marjan which they think easier to get than mitsuko or any other red 5star…

Yeah, no thanks, one Mitsuko is doing just fine. I miss 2 more reds to be able to build a decent second legendary fire stack for wars - maybe then I’ll consider second Mitsuko. I am not a fan of duplicating heroes, that only works for wars and wars are 80% board luck anyways. I prefer to have variety in roster, especially with ascending mats being so scarce… maybe that’ll change though as I am summoning now way less than I used to before this game became a chore.


I got mitsuko

Sadly i used all my rings maxing grazul :sob:

I got my third proteus and yet 0 wilburs lol


I did 2 pulls using coins: 1xFriar Tuck, 1xWilbur - I didn’t have Wilbur, so I am happy with this month Atlantis. :slight_smile:


Aegir and Vivica our of a 30 pull. Wanted Kingston and Mitsuko :smirk:
This game always not gets me what I pine for.
Aegir, Vivica any good?


I did one pull from the coins i gathered from the map and the hotm showed up. When im not interested in getting the hotm it appers lol , when i want it hard like telluria it doesnt show not matter how many times i summon


6 pulls with coins, 10x with gems.
Net result - usual junk :disappointed_relieved:

I reluctantly did a 10x because I still don’t have any Atlantis 5*. I am jinxed…I have done a 10x draw almost every month since Atlantis started

Still don’t! Got 3xMuggy and Gobbler though. Already the whole 10 are fed away. Guess I give up on them.

And yes, I know the odds, but a 10x each month and still none? They do seem to avoid me

Congrats to Mits… I also would like to pull one… I never got her… Six single pulls to Fill the chest, and got this - for me totally useless - guy…

But the chest gave a tonic so I am fine all in all, no further pulls except a free one - in case i am farming enough coins …


Censure method has done it again, so far in 3 out of 4 attempts gave me a legendary hero. More importantly, finally I have S2 legendary hero! :dancer:


Thanks! The good thing about mits is that she will still have value wherever a strong blue will be meta.
The mana cut isnt bad too.

Congrats for your pull too, though you dont see much happy about aegir.

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congrats!! how many pulls ?